Friday, April 09, 2010

Something to Make Your Weekend

I follow a few art blogs. Partly because I have a thing for following the lives of strangers, and partly because I like to see new art from people with skillz I envy admire. Just tonight I was looking one artist's* blog because she recently had a contest for funny Disney fanart and I hadn't seen most of the entries. Some were funny, some were stupid and some were just...peculiar. But these...these are gold (gold, Jerry!).

If you're interested, you can see all the entries here, and while these didn't win, they won in my heart (aw). Semi-relatedly, I have been going back and forth for a long while about starting an art blog of my very own. Yes, there is the Deviant Art, but I like the idea of something more casual. But do I really need one? And should I have it on blogger or livejournal? And what should be the name, most importantly? These are the occasional wonderings of my art brain.

Back to the funny things, they made me laugh so hard and just now they reminded me of this, which is also hilarious to me:

*She of the Potter Puppet Pals.


  1. So, so hilarious. My favorite is Gaston for sure. I could look at his sweet little face and chuckle all day long. Also, all those Edwards were inspired.

  2. !!! Ariel kind of freaks me out but in a good way.

  3. i love that ariel.. she looks like an anime character or something with flounder's face. AWESOME.