Monday, November 28, 2005

The Semester of Slackitude

Really, hasn't it been long enough? Isn't the semester over now? I thought that's what Thanksgiving was: an end. Oops, well I guess I really should work on that paper then.

I saw GOF last weekend and it was pretty rockin'. I've heard many complaints about leaving out such and such, but I think POA established that leaving out things wasn't necessarily bad. I only disagree with how Barty Crouch Jr. was treated, but that's pretty minor. The Quidditch World Cup makes up for a lot. And Jason Isaacs. And Fire!Gary Oldman. And Harry of course!

The problem with Thanksgiving food is that afterwards no other food looks quite as good. The only thing that sounds as good is leftovers, which I don't have so I'm out of luck. I mean, what are raviolis compared to tasty turkey? Ramen is no match for green bean casserole. Actually, raviolis are pretty good...

Well, this is the first blog since the summer, and I hope it's not too anti-climactic. I guess my final words here are: The Corpse Bride was really good.