Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thoughts of a Random Nature

Here's just a collection of a few random thoughts, many dealing with Harry Potter because, well, they do. First, here are just a few theories and such I have about book 7 (which WILL be called "Harry Potter and the Flame of Arnor"):

-Lupin will kill Fenrir Greyback. The real question is, will this kill Lupin in the process? *sigh* I'll only accept that if the alternative was marrying Tonks.

-The Inferi must be more important, but I don't know how. It seems like living wizards would be more useful to Voldemort because, well, they're wizards.

-Hogwarts must stay open because it's Hogwarts! I think Harry will have to go back there too, because of 1) the library, which he will need 2) adult wizardly advice (possibly from Dumbledore's painting) 3) it's Hogwarts! 4) JKR said there would be a new DADA teacher. Maybe this one will last?

-There's just so much to resolve this book will have to be 1,000 pages. I almost wrote "revolve" and that wouldn't have made any sense.

Let's see, what other random thoughts do I have. How about Lost? That show needs to have some kind of resolution soon, just in some small way. It just keeps building the mystery more and more, but at some point people have to start to figure it out. Otherwise it's just frustration 24/7. So, I hope somethings get resolved soon. Also, I don't think the "Others" Jack and co. encounted this last week are part of the same group that attacked Ana-Lucia's group. I think the other Others are more tribal. So, it sounds like the Island is divided up into territories. And the "Others" don't have access to any scissors.

For my final thoughts, I will just say I wish I had some chocolate drumsticks and it's almost spring!

Oh, one more HP thought. Snape is obviously very important. I think he's good, though still a jerk and a Harry hater, and I think he's going to help Harry find the horcruxes (possibly while using the H-BP nickname since only Harry and co. know about that name). But I also think he's going to die in the end, killed by either Voldemort or Order members who don't know he's good. (Plus, assuming Peter dies and if Lupin dies, I would hate for Snape to outlive all the Marauders.) Anyway, back to my original thought: I know he's important, but I think some people are overestimating his importance. He's important but I don't think he's going to kill Voldemort or anything. He's still just Snape. That's all. End of story. Good bye!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Which I Expound on Horcruxes

Well, I've been a'thinkin and I think I have a pretty sweetbees theory regarding Harry and the Horcruxes. There are, as I see it, two possibilities that will basically decide the end of the book: 1) Harry is Horcrux or 2) Harry is not a Horcrux. I think these are both probable--there is evidence for both.

In regards to #2, I am inclined to believe he is not a Horcrux because I think Voldemort would have made his 7 Horcruxes by this point in his career. He would have made them early, before a serious bid for power or the war, as security. Also, Voldemort went to Godric's Hollow to kill Harry, not to make him a Horcrux. Thus, if Harry IS a Horcrux...

...It was an accident. I don't know the method for creating Horcruxes, but possibly it could have been an accident when Voldemort killed Lily (since he wasn't originally planning on killing her) or perhaps when his killing curse rebounded off Harry. So the way I see it: either there are 7 Horcruxes, and Harry is a non-Horcrux or there are 8 and Harry is an accidental one.

So, if Harry IS a horcrux, here's what I think will happen: Harry will have to overcome his fear of dementors (And Lupin will have to stock up on chocolate). A dementor is the only thing, I think, that could extract the portion of Voldemort's soul from Harry without killing Harry in the process. Since the dementors are breeding now they must be in pretty ready supply, too. So, here are some remaining questions:

1) If he is a Horcrux, how will Harry figure this out? Dumbledore told him that Voldemort transferred some of his power to Harry, will this clue Harry in? Maybe the question is: how long will it take Hermione to figure it out?
2) Is Voldemort aware that Harry is a Horcrux? He knows they have a connection, and you would think someone would notice losing a bit of their soul. Still, you may not notice if it happened while you were being ripped from your body.
3) How will Ginny and Tonks die?

And of course there are all those other pesky questions: How will he find them? How will he destroy them? He destroyed the diary, yes, but if it's that simple then why did Dumbledore get a blackened hand? I mean, really, how will he find them? I'm very concerned for young Mr. Potter. Early word is that there's a target release date for July 7, 2007...7/7/07. Hahahah, look at all those magic numbers.

P.S.: Cho is still an evil Ministry infiltrator.
P.P.S.: How will Ginny and Tonks die?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thoughts on One's Almost Profession

So, for various reasons (not really various, for one specific reason), I have been thinking about art and the creation of it lately. I've come to a few conclusions. I think learning to draw things as they are and as you see them (i.e.: realistically) is easier than learning to draw things 1) as you see them in your mind and 2) with your own style (however "realistic" that is). I mean, anyone can learn to draw a realistic portrait of a guy sitting in front of you. That's all well and good, but it's another thing entirely to draw a scene you see entirely in your head, and with your fingerprint on it no less. To quote Mr. Micawber, in short, I think developing your own style is more difficult than learning to draw from life.

That being said, I think you have to learn to draw from life, otherwise you won't know how to draw anything really well and make it look real. But once you know how to look at things and make them come out the end of your pencil, you can really go in any direction you like, and picking the direction is a whole different animal.

So, I'm not saying this to disparage myself or anyone else who obsesses over getting the right hair in the right place on someone's head, because that's fun. But for various reasons, I have to come to respect artists who can dream things up and put them down on paper and make them look awesome and original. And now I'm going to bang my head on the desk because I can't do that.

In other news, phlegm sucks and the aftertaste of cough drops sucks too. I got some lotion kleenexs today and they're pretty awesome. I also announced in my class today that my favorite artist NC Wyeth and the professor agreed that he is fantastic and underappreciated. Hurrah! One less person to convert. Of course, as a non-Western art professor I think he is probably naturally more open minded in his definition of "art." And, really, what is art anyway except what you think it is?

Oh, and just to be clear because I wasn't really: in this case I'm talking about drawing people and people sorts of things. This isn't an argument that abstract art takes more skill than realistic art.