Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fresh Creamery Peanut Butter

Is there anything more comforting?  Only fresh, creamery peanut butter on crackers, I'll tell you that much.  In the words of Maggie Smith, yummy yummy yummy. 
So I am really pretty bored and don't have much to say.  I finished a drawing a little while ago so that's cool.  I'm really enjoying these crackers.  Ummm... So not much is happening in that world out there.  Well, probably something but since I've been here all day I haven't heard about it.
So I was thinking about Neverending Story, when Atreyu... Wait, wrong blog.   So I was thinking about something probably, when Atreyu....  What?  Did I mention I am rather bored?  I'm actually supposed to be putting a lasagna in the oven right now.  But I don't want to eat it so why I should I cook it? 


I'm going to buy one of those mind erasing kits.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Batman is a Robot

I just got done watching the trailer for the new Batman movie(  Pre-trailer thoughts: Christian Bale?  Good.  Gary Oldman?  Always good.  Ra's Al Ghul? Interesting choice, much potential.  Michael Caine?  Obvious, not necessarily best.  No Joel Schumacher?  Sweetbees to the max. 

Post-trailer thoughts?  Christian Bale?  Very good.  Tone? Dark, good.  But wait, no neon?  No leather?  No molded anatomically-detailed Batsuit?  Ahhh, such good news.  Basically I see a lot of potential for this flick.  I mean, come on, watch the trailer for Catwoman and just tell me Batman Begins doesn't have potential.  OK, so "Batman Begins" as a title... ehhhh, but if an okay title is the worst thing about this movie, that's not bad at all.

OK, so I fed some dogs tonight that had a new rolled-in-rotten-fish-food scent and now the smell is following and I am seriously going to puke one of these seconds.  Beh.  I mean Blechhhh..

I also caught part of the movie Restoration on Bravo today.  Let's just say two things about that.  Seeing the naked backside of Robert Downey Jr. was not the best part of the day.  Seeing David Thewlis's incredibly weird mouth was also not so great.  (Side note, seeing Robert Downey Jr. in this movie at ALL, not the best part of the day either)

Robert Downey Jr?  Not scrumptious.  Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.  Scrumptious.

Movies Movies and Ketchup

I have just decided what I, Robot was missing.  During the whole movie, filled with talking robots and lots of danger, NONE of them said "Danger, Will Smith, Danger!"  None of the intentional jokes were funny but that one little thing could have turned it into a "rip snorter."

Once upon a time I was asked what my damage about Hellboy was.  Well, children, gather round for story time.  My main gripe about the movie was just that the stakes never seemed all that high by the end.  There's never much concern over who is going to win.  And then it was like, "Oh, the giant squid thing is blowed up... and... and...?"  SO, that is that.  But I think it had great characters and very cute little kitties to boot. 

For those less observant kids in the crowd, John Kerry resembles, among other things, a ketchup bottle.  Scientific tests are pending, but early results indicate this resemblance is unrelated to his wife.  A more likely theory is that he was born with the "ketchup head" gene. 
More on this as it develops. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Chocolate Covered Kitty Litter.. Mmmm...

So I haven't blogged at all today, and since I don't want anyone to think I got too cool to blog, here I am.

I watched Hellboy tonight.  It's got some problems in it, I think, but still a good flick, entertaining and different.  My Pop saw it for the first time and so far all he's said about it is that he watched the previews for other movies and thought that was cool.  So, I assuming he's not so impressed, but judging by the fact that he was saying, beforehand, that it looked "interesting" he was probably expecting something very deep and/or meaningful.  SO anyway, that's my story.  Of course, he found the White Chicks trailer amusing so perhaps I should be worried? 

In other news, I cleaned the cat box--what a fun time that was!  Now I smell like kitty litter (messy kitty litter at that) even though I cleaned myself up.  That's really gross considering the fact that now I'm eating chocolate chips.  Kind of hard to enjoy...

Also, my fellow Hermiones and I have decided that a Gamecube and Animal Crossing are necessary for future happiness.  So please contact me with your donations.  Thanks!

Charizard out.


Monday, July 26, 2004

I am so the Coolest Hermione Ever

You're Hermione! You're smart, clever and full of
ideas. You're always there to help your friends
out of a tight spot using your logic and
intellegence. You have an amazing work ethic-
you'll stay up all night finishing a paper for
class, and it'll be twice as long as it needs
to be! Speaking of... Have you seen my copy of
"Hogwarts, A History"?

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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Another minute, another quiz

I have decided that I must take all the Harry Potter personality quizzes because that is what I want to do.  None of this serious testing business. 

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Look at me, I'm Anime Hermione!

Which HP Kid Are You?

I am a Classic Movie

Matt vs. Halle...MATT WINS

Well, what a wonderful weekend.  Not only was The Bourne Supremacy great, but it shredded Catwoman at the box office.  Bourne took in 53 million, twice what The Bourne Identity  had its opening weekend, as well as about 10 million more than the best opening weekend for a Bond movie (HAH.).  Meanwhile, Halle Berry and her sucky movie are down in third (at least six positions higher than it should be) with only 17 million.  So, let's run some figures here...Supremacy cost around 75 million to make.  Pretty good budget, considering most summer action flicks are 100 mill. +.  Example:  Catwoman cost around 100 million to make.  Who's going to make back their budget faster and easier?  It's all about Bourne, man. 


In other news, JK Rowling is having another baby, and I saw a skunk last night. 

Sunday, July 25, 2004

So, the title of Episode 3 is...

...Revenge of the Sith.  That's remarkable similar to Attack of the Clones  in that it sounds like B movie from the fifties.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Last post of the night, honestly

I was just reading for the second time a list of known facts for the 6 & 7 Harry Potter books, and thought I would pass the link along.  It makes me really excited to read them and find out what all these things mean.  I've really been on about Harry Potter today; I guess it's just a Harry kind of day.

Random Thoughts

As I was cruising the streets tonight I got to thinking.  It's so funny how fast you stop consciously thinking about driving things.  You know, when you're first driving a stick you say "Now, I let the clutch out...this much.  And then I push the gas...that much."  Then, just a short time later you're like "I pushed the clutch in?  I don't remember doing that."  It's just a funny thing that popped into my head. 

Another random thought: as I was lying in bed last night, next to a purring cat with a swishing tail I thought how sad it will be to sleep alone in a bed at college again.  I mean, there's nothing else there.  Nothing to shape your sleeping position around, nothing to wake you up in the middle of the night.  No fur left on the blankets.  So I decided I will have to get married ASAP so there will be someone else around.  Of course, he'll take up a lot more space and I can't kick him off as easy.  There will be no purring and (I hope) a lot less hair.  I will miss the purring, but not the hair. 

Other random thoughts.  A Mighty Wind.  Good movie.  King Arthur.  Not good movie.   Dodgeball.  Sorry-excuse-for-film movie. 

Something that makes me laugh: how many Harry Potter fans conjecture about which characters end up together.  Draco and Hermione?  Hermione and Harry?  Ginny and Harry?  Ron and Luna?  I just can't imagine that characters hooking up will really play a vital role in the conclusion.  I think JKR has said there will be some kind life-after epilogue, but is it really that important?  That said, I will be happy as long as Harry doesn't wind up with Ginny.  I have an inexplicable aversion to her.  Otherwise, he can end up with a doorknob.  I mean, we don't even know how many of these characters are going to make it to an epilogue.  Counting chickens, my friends, counting chickens.

Speaking of chickens, I ate a chicken quesadilla and it was yummy. 

That is all. 

Cho Chang: Sneaker of the Sneaks

I have decided to post one of my Harry Potter theories.  Here goes:


OK, on JK Rowling's official site ( she states there are clues hidden throughout.  On the main center of the page there is a blue butterfly that flies around.  Cho's name, in Chinese, means "butterfly."  Interesting, right?  Well, at night, this butterfly turns a greenish/brown hue.  So, this is my theory.  I think that between the fourth and fifth books the real Cho was switched out by the Death Eaters (or whoever--someone bad) by a metamorph (like Tonks).  Why?  Well, Harry showed an interest in Cho in the 4th book, but he didn't really get to know her.  So whoever is behind this thought "She could get close to Harry, find out information, kill him [fill in the blank]."  This would account for the increase in Cho attention in the 5th book.  But Harry's a little unpredictable and Cho's constant crying, instead of drawing him closer, drives him away.  Now, why Cho?  Well, Harry was interested and Cho knew it.  If one of the Gryffindors or another closer friend were replaced, Harry (or probably Hermione) might have figured it out.  

Well.  This brings us to the DA.  If Cho were a bad witch she would want the DA to be stopped.  Enter Marietta Edgecomb, who is dragged into it by Cho.  Bad Cho would realize that Marietta would eventually crack and tell a professor.  Thus, the DA (she thinks) would be stopped and she wouldn't get fingered for it.  This would account for her taking Marietta's betrayal rather lightly. 

Also, JKR is good at making characters likeable, but I have encountered few people who actually like  Cho.  This makes me think that perhaps we aren't supposed  to like Cho in the end. 

Back to the butterfly, you see the possible significance of the whole "change in color" thing.  First a Ravenclaw (blue is one of their colors) and then a Slytherin at heart?  I think part of the point for having Tonks was to alert readers to the possibility of other metamorphs.  She changes her appearance so often and there usually isn't a real point to it.

Well, that's my theory.  I'm fairly confident, but who knows, really.   It's fun to make theories though. 

Interview with the Hot Vampire

Another Friday, another day.
Well, early as it is, I've already watched a movie today.  I finished reading the book Interview with the Vampire yesterday.  So, today I pulled out our SLP copy from tv and watched it.  Now, clearly it was badly edited because it's very jumpy and a lot of things are never really explained.  Good thing I read the book.  Anyway, so this movie is kind of interesting.  In a way it seemed rather...humorous.  I think that may just be me, though, because I don't take vampires very seriously.   That's all Bram Stoker's fault because Dracula was absolutely silly. 
Anyway, so this movie.  First, Brad Pitt looks exceptionally nice in this movie.  He's completely deadpan, like everyone else and that was kind of irritating, but he's definitely nice to look at.  I found Blonde Tom Cruise kind of distracting.  A bit of poor casting, I think.  He does his best but, come on... Tom Cruise  sucking people's blood?  I think not, friend.  As for Antonio a vampire.  Maybe not.  Actually, his long flowing black hair reminded me of James Earl Jones's character in Conan the Barbarian.  Has anyone seen that movie? 
So this movie involves a lot of blood sucking (because that's what vampires do) and whispering their lines (because that's what vampires do...?).  Oh, yeah, and Brad Pitt.   And that's all there is to say about that.
In other news... If anyone here hasn't seen A Mighty Wind, I say to you "Wha' happened?"  Actually, I say to you: watch it, because it's funny. 
Over and out.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

On writing

So, I recently forayed into the seedy world of Harry Potter fanfiction (yeah, it was a boring night).  First off, to be fair, yes, all writers start somewhere and if these people get some kind of joy out of the process--hurrah for them.  But honestly, if you ever want to feel good about your own skills (or lack thereof) read some of the Harry Potter fanfics sometime.  ( is the best place to start and the place for the worst).

I encountered quite a few amusing little bits, and I'd like to share them with the rest of the world.  First, there are so many Hermione-going-back-in-time-and-hooking-up-with-insert Marauder stories, usually involving Lupin or Sirius of course.  In one such tale I encountered the following sentence (Hogwarts Express is the setting):
"neither Remus nor Hermione noticed. They were too involved with kissing each other senseless."
Now, I have to ask myself: is "kissing each other senseless" really a good analogy for a heavy make out moment?  I mean, why would you want to kiss someone senseless--then you'd just be kissing an unconscious person and really that's just a step away from kissing a dead person (which is only acceptable in things like Moulin Rouge
See, I think it should read "Neither Remus nor Hermione noticed.  They were too busy sucking face."  Maybe it's just me.  At least that way it would have been intentionally funny, right?

Second, and probably worse, I encountered something in a Sirius/Hermione story that is one big sap fest, involving much Hermione/Sirius making out and her saying how she's "not ready" to go further.  Much joy...but I digress.  So, in one very pivotal scene Lily Evans (future Potter) comes to Hermione before the Autumn Ball and says this classic line: "I need a charm...A Contraceptive Charm... I think it's time for me and James. I want to move forward, and so does he, but we need to be safe."  *gags*  Yes, that was much cause for laughter. 

After reading this business you may say "Why on earth did you keep reading them?"  Well... reading bad writing is nice boost to the self-esteem isn't it?  I'm sure all of you, my fair readers, are feeling better about your own writing skills.  Plus, well... I have no other defense other than that they can get rather addicting.  And, you know, they aren't all bad.  I have encountered at least, oh, one or two that got along all right.   You know, stories that didn't include things like "your so cool" or "he through the ball."  In all honesty, I read one of those one or two good stories (ok, so it was sappy...but that was a weird weekend) until nearly six in the morning one Friday night and ate Hagen Daz.  Like I said, it was a weird weekend and has not been repeated.  *phew* 

In short, if you're looking for some poor entertainment but something to laugh about, head on over to  I'm sure there's bad writing to be had in any category.  Heck, there's probably bad writing on this blog...but at least there are no Contraceptive Charms. 



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I like monkeys

I'm a hip, earthy fun loving monkey.


So, as I am an official blogger, I feel it is my duty to post as frequently as possible.  So here I am.   Posting.  Again.
I feel perhaps an explanation is in order to you, my dear readers.  I know you're asking "Hinkypunk Station?  What is this new devilry?"  Well, I happen to like the word "hinkypunk" (for further information, see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)  and it just sounded better with "station" on the end of it.  Hinkypunk Station. Rolls off the tongue, don't you think? 

In other news I had a dream last night about buying bottles at a used furniture store to put my pencils in.  But when I picked up the bottles they turned into hand soap dispensers.  But they were still cool so I bought them anyway.  So that was all pretty exciting.  I also got to fall asleep with a cat batting my face every three seconds with her tail.  That was cool too.  Life is full of cool things, isn't it?  Like frumix and green bottles. 

Earthiness and Lupin-ness

Look at me, I'm an official blogger!

Like the title says, I am full of earthiness and Lupin-ness.  I recently discovered (through a very scientific process involving probs and pH tests) that my elemental is Earth.  So apparently I have things in common with potatoes, earthworms and Miracle Gro.  So that's really cool, I think. 

Second off, I took another highly scientific test and found out that my Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor EVER!  Of course, that conflicts with the other Harry Potter character quiz that said I was Snape.  And the other one that said I was Hermione.  And the other one that said I was the Muggle Prime Minister.  Oh yeah, and another that said I was McGonnagall.  I'm just all over the map. 

So I was going to show off my nifty banner but that's not such with the working.  So pause and take a moment to imagine a Lupin banner.