Sunday, March 27, 2005

I Want to Break Free

Well, since everyone seems to have abandoned the blogging tradition I guess I will carry the torch until Reimburser makes it popular again.

Is it weird to get a word stuck in your head? I have "minorly" in my head, except with a Boston accent. Minahly.

So, I saw some good flicks this weekend. I saw...something. I watched Turtles on Saturday as usual, though it didn't have that great emotional punch of last week. Then I watched some show on ABC called W.i.t.c.h., and, despite its oh-so-popular Saturday morning Anime-ness, it entrances me. Maybe because it looks so much better than Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. Back to movies, I got Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and I watched some memorable scenes from that. Then I saw Finding Neverland today, and it was such a fantastically beautiful movie (and it made me really like Kate Winslet again).

In other news, I have nothing to say. Hmmm. Guess that means it's time for fan fiction!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Supa Fly

I'm kind of on a Harry Potter high right now. Just a warning.

So, I just saw this little promotional poster for GOF today. I think it's funny that they put Hermione in the middle. And that they aren't even pretending anymore that she's not supposed to be pretty. They also used a wretched picture of Ron, and my light just burned out. Hmm. Another interesting fact: it listed Patrick Doyle (Sense and Sensibility) as the composer. I heard that a while ago, but it was just a rumor then. So, John Williams is taking a break, though I guess Patrick Doyle is working around the established Lumos! theme. I'm excited about this because I like Patrick Doyle. I had an awesome thought though: Tim Burton+Harry Potter=one crazy movie

I feel like Dr. Finklestein when he says "Ohhhh my head" except I want to say "Ohhh my stomach."

...hmm. So I found out boa constrictors can kill alligators. I also found out that pretty much the only thing boas don't digest is teeth. Seriously, the animal kingdom has the most random trivia in it.

OK, so my light came back on. I guess it's one of those new-fangled bulbs that turns off and recharges or something.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your Mom Goes to College.

So I was watching tv the other day, and I have to announce that the popular sitcom I was watching contained a horrible wrong fact. NO, Caravaggio was NOT part of the Renaissance! He wasn't even close--stylistically or chronologically! DON'T SAY THAT HE WAS. Who did that research and were they fired afterwards?

I saw Series of Unfortunate Events again last night. That's such a great movie. HOW did The Aviator beat it for costumes at the Oscars? Yes, I'm sure The Aviator had great, historical costumes. But SOUE had INVENTIVE costumes! Inventiveeeeee! Someone PLEASE award them for their inventiveness. I also have to say that Jim Carrey's voice as Uncle Monty's assistant is great.

Well, I hope everyone's seen the Half-Blood Prince book covers. Who else thinks that Dumbledore is going to be a lot more active in this one? For you unfortunate souls, here is the American cover. And because I am generous: here is the UK kids cover and here is the UK adults cover. And the UK adults cover? Ummm, yeah, everyone heard me say last summer that I think Snape is the H-BP right? Just so we're all clear on that.

I heard an interesting theory on Harry the other day. Try this on for kicks: Lily is a descendant of Slytherin--hence, the green eyes that are so important. JKR said something big about Lily would be revealed in #6--maybe this is it? Hmm. And I still say Cho isn't Cho. Just so we're all clear on that.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stick a Fork in Me

I'm done. Can we skip to Friday please? I would like to bypass everything this week except for Lost, and I can tape that and watch it on Friday. Doesn't anyone know a good cloner? Possibly one that uses age acceleration. As a measure of how much this day sucks, I couldn't spell "acceleration" for about fifteen minutes, and was seriously thinking "exceleration" must be right.

So, the Oscars. How unsatisfying and boring were they? I mean, Series of Unfortunate Events goes home without the best costume design award? Did the voters see the movie? Fie on you, Academy.

In related news, I would like one of my teachers to burnnnnnnn. Burnnnnnnnn!

*sigh* So, there's been a lot of debate about movie recommendations lately. All I have to say is, if a movie didn't appeal initially, it's hard to take anyone's recommendation on it. But hey, I saw some Open Water and probably some other stuff. Didn't I? I saw Treasure Planet anyway.
I'm watching Prisoner of Azkaban on Friday. I cling to this thought. Does anyone else get misty-eyed when he flies Buckbeak the first time? Maybe that's just me. Expecto Patronum!