Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We saw Keane last night!  Here is how it happened: Drewbles heard someone mention the upcoming show on the radio.  He mentions this to me.  I say "Let's go!" in a squeaky sigh.  Drewbles investigates tickets.  Drewbles scores tickets for $10 each.  Huzzah!  So off we went.

We decided to be extra adventurous and take the Trax up to Salt Lake.  It was more uneventful than adventurous but mostly it was successful.  We arrived, staked out our bit of grass and got a dinner of concession food (pizza and nachos--both winners).

First Kiev played.  Look at them, playing music and stuff.

Then after a while Keane came out to play!  Let me say now that I fully admit to not being any kind of dedicated music person.  I don't spend much (=any) time finding new music peeps and I don't really care about seeing people in concert.  It's just not really a big thing for me.  But that said, I did get rather giggly when they came out, maybe because I love Strangeland SO much.  

Anyway, hello, Keane!  Let's be BFF.  

Here's a bunch of pictures:

(Did I mention that there were two very tall people in front of us?  Luckily they sat down for a lot of it.)

I liked their show so much that I even shelled out for the overpriced t-shirt.  Doesn't that say it all?  I confess I was a little nervous--you never know how someone's going to be live--but I was not disappointed.  (Phew.)  You know who else wasn't disappointed?  The mom in her khaki capris and cardigan who was REALLY excited to be there.  Also the dancing guy in the football jersey and black pleated skirt.  In other words, a good time was had by all the different types of people in attendance.   

As a bonus, now Drewbles is their biggest fan ever and they are his most favorite people in the world.  Well, that might be an exaggeration, but he has been won over.  Win win! 

Now, what's that mysterious ticking noise?  It's the countdown until August when we'll go see Harry and the Potters AND Potter Puppet Pals.  Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Place for the Living

More real life stuff!  We moved.  Drew already covered the outside area so I thought I would do a little tour of the innards. are the innards!  We'll start with the living room:
There's plenty of room for, you know, sitting on the couch.  Clearly most of our pillows have not gotten on board our UK theme but 1 out of 5 is, um, some low percentage.  

Next is one of my favorite rooms--the kitchen!  And it has counter and cabinet space to spare. 
It is such a delight to be able to throw things hither and thither while making dinner.  

Speaking of dinner, we have a new table and now it's no longer a choice between eating at the table or watching TV during dinner.  Now we have our cake and eat it too.
 As you can see, Toothless watches over us.  Now let us go upstairs!
It is fun to have stairs!  Sometimes I drop something upstairs or stomp around and, for a brief moment, wonder if the people downstairs heard.  Then I remember that only Drew is downstairs and he'll just have to DEAL WITH IT. 


At the top of the stairs we have our children's library.  
So far one visiting child has taken advantage of it so we will call it a success.  

We also have a bathroom.  
It has a mirror in it!  And toothbrushes.

Lucky little squire Drew now has his own office room for work.  Gone are the days of having a kitchen table office, which is a win-win-win. 
If we were the kind of people to use the term, we would perhaps call this his "man cave."  As it is, we call it the office.  

One of the biggest upgrades here is that no only do we have laundry capabilities, but we have a laundry capabilities ROOM.    

We also have a bedroom!  It features a window nook that is the perfect size for our new dresser.  Did I mention we recently went to IKEA...?
Yes, come morning it is very bright in there.  We are currently pondering curtains, though I always hate to cover nice big windows.  

This room also features a closet, with plenty of room to accommodate both of our wares.
I like not digging around in the dark to find my running stuff.  Actually, I like not digging around period.

And thus concludes the tour!  Of course it's best appreciated in person, where you can see other features like the backyard space, pantry and window seat/ledge/thing.  We are happily settled in and every time the dishwasher/laundry/AC run we do a high five.  Eiffel tower!