Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Link: I Like Everything About It

Extra bonus: if you look at some of the file names for the pictures, you can tell someone at the Telegraph website doesn't know much about Star Wars. It's called an Ewok!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mall: I Mostly Like It

I went to the mall today*, primarily to pay off my dress**, but of course I wandered around for at least two hours going into stores, leaving, going back, walking back and forth as is my custom. I really like the mall. I think this is partly because during most of my growing up years the mall was a few hours away, and I only had Wal-Mart and JC Penney during the inbetween times. Whatever it is, I still really like the mall and it's always a little bit exciting to go. But today I decided there are a few things that I don't really like, and even though these things can happen at other store-type places, I encounter them mostly at the mall. Let's review.
  • Interested employees. I can appreciate employees when they ring me up or when they organize things in a pleasing fashion, but mostly I want them to leave me be. The worst place this can happen is at the underwear store. Is it just me or is it a little uncomfortable to have a stranger hovering about when you are rifling through the clearance underwears?
  • The pushy booth workers. There's nothing better than someone just sitting at their kiosk reading a book and completely ignoring me. I don't want a new cell phone plan and I don't care about having fingernails with the sheen of a newly waxed floor. On the other hand, the Hickory Farms people may stop me as often as they please because I'm always in need of beef stick and smoked cheese.
I guess there wasn't much of a point for this blog. Just a few random things that caused me minor vexation for a few minutes. I still like the mall.

*I started this blog on Monday and finished it on Tuesday, so technically I should say yesterday.

** I would love to post pictures of the ensemble, but a certain Intended frequents this blog so you will have to wait until after August 15th.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A request

Dear roommate:

I know we haven't known each other long. Really, we don't know each other at all because you are never home and I'm never home. I'm always asleep in my saggy bed by the time you get home. I like being asleep. It's relaxing and a good thing to do in the night times. So when you come in in the wee hours of the morning and turn the light on, it really angers me in my half-awake, irrational state. I'd really like to get a little more uninterrupted sleep before your crazy alarm goes off with the singing and the sitar. Plus, I don't want to despise you because I don't even know you, but at 5:30 this morning I did feel a little twinge of loathing mixed with my vexation.

The hall light is your friend and mine.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Conquered: That's What I Am

Here's another blog post I don't really know how to start. Hmm.

I went to Disneyland last week. I got engaged. Now I'll tell you how it happened.

The day was Thursday, our first day at Disneyland. I had pretty strong suspicions that there was going to be a proposal while we were there. Nay, I should say strong certainties, though I wasn't sure what the ring status was. I gave D-Rew a little teasing during the day, asking him if he had everything and if he had any souvenirs for me. When we were on Soarin' in the mid-afternoon I went so far as to pat the side pocket of his shorts and lo and behold, there was a small box in there. Then I felt really bad for spoiling things a bit, since I don't ever *really* want to have surprises spoiled (even surprises I'm expecting). As it turned out, he wasn't sure I had felt the box so that was something.

Anyhoo, a little while later, back in Disneyland it was about dinner time and my family was discussing where we were going to eat. The plan was set and we were going to head over there but D-Rew suggested we take a walk first. So walk we did. We walked all the way over to Snow White's Wishing Well by the castle, seen here:

Okay, so you can't see the actual wishing well but we were standing by the railing anyway. There was a goodly number of people standing about just then and so we discussed the color of the water while they wandered away. Finally there were just a few people standing around and Mr. Graham said he did, in fact, have a souvenir for me. And then he pulled out a ring. A ring with a star and Mickey head with rhinestones. Nice, right? Classy. I gave it a few ooo's while I tried to figure out which finger I should put it on. Was it substitute for a real one? Was he just a dense boy? However could I tell for sure? I settled on the middle finger of my right hand for no particular reason. Nice.

But then he said he had something else for me. And then there was kneeling and hand holding and a box with a little sparkly thing for me inside. Words were said, words were said in reply and oh, just look at the reenactment pictures (they are highly accurate, besides our different clothes).

And then we were happy and took pictures of ourselves before getting some handy dandy tourists to take some for us. Here, look at both:

So...yes. That is how it happened, and it was lovely. And soon we shall be wed and that will also be lovely. I went to Disneyland almost exactly a year ago and it is funny how different things were on this trip. Life changes really fast sometimes, but luckily in this case it changed for the better. Is "better" the right word? That doesn't seem to quite cover it, but you know what I'm saying. And as another bonus, now my Mother need no longer despair at my life long lack of interest in marriage.

PS: We've been engaged since March 21st. Did you know I've had a life goal to be secretly engaged? (I didn't know how I was going to do that when I didn't want to get married, but you know. Whatever.)

PS #2: If you want to read this story from a different perspective, you can check out Drew's account here.