Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Why is it that blogs are so much easier to write than papers, even papers that are mostly written? Or is that writing about conflict management is just inherently repellent? Somehow, it will get done, though it may take a few more hours before I start to feel the urgency. It'll get done. Right?

I picked up X-Men: the Last Stand at the library yesterday. Which is good for the following reasons 1) I will get to see the parts (or it is part? I guess there is more than one) I liked 2) I won't have to think about how I paid money for it during all the many parts that make me crazy. One day I will have to make a list of grievances, but it is not this day.

Every morning I walk past a bunch of different flowery trees and bushes, and I only know what two of them are. But there is one bush type in particular next to the BCC* that has little white flowers and it smells heavenly. One day I will get a book about Indiana foliage, but today is not the day for that either.

In other news...going to Seattle this weekend, hurray! Some small part of me wishes I could just hang around for the weekend and revel in my lack of homework and just veg out. But I know that small part of me is awesum** and will change its mind as soon as I get on the plane. Besides, I have a whole summer afterwards to revel in my lack of homework and just veg out. So take that, awesum small part!

*Is that the abbreviation? I don't even know but I know all those letters are in the building's name.

**Is not the same as awesome.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Creativity

While working on a group paper today via email I decided to spice up my section and throw some haiku into the mix. Sadly, I actually had to look up the whole arrangement and syllable numbers for haiku, so I'm not going to promise that these are any good. But they were more fun than the paper.* Anyway, I was in a Jeeves and Wooster mood so I wrote some haiku for Jeeves.

"A Haiku for Jeeves"
Jeeves wears a nice coat
Jeeves is so very clever
I would like a Jeeves

"Another Haiku for Jeeves"
About some jackets
Jeeves is most particular
Who needs brass buttons?

*OK, so this paper is not so boring. It's about readers' advisory! Which is awesome. X-Men: the Last Stand is not awesome. So why am I still tempted to buy it?