Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Monkey Sea

Well, it's Wednesday again. Lost is on, airing the two episodes I missed the first time around. That's exciting. Also exciting: I finally finished Unfinished Tales completely for the first time. Great stuff in there. I think Turin's story is my favorite out of all the First Age tales. It's so sad for him though.

I have a few thoughts on Prisoner of Azkaban, after watching it this past week. The director, Alfonso Cuaron or somesuch, said on the DVD that he took the story and the central theme and then stripped off anything that didn't add to that theme (the theme being the one about Harry and death etc.). I think in some ways this was an excellent idea that made the book-to-movie transition much smoother. But I also think it cost some characters some very important developments of their own. For instance, it left out Ron's enthusiasm at being the topic of conversation after Sirius's attack. This was really the first time Ron's occasional envy of Harry showed up, before it shows itself more clearly in GOF. Leaving out Hermione's too-many-classes stress doesn't show that she finds her academic limits. And, of course, the abridged Shrieking Shack scene (I go along with 90% of the changes but I still maintain that that scene should be longer) leaves out all of Lupin's development, as well as some for James (and, by extension, Harry). So, in short, it's a good idea that maybe was taken too far in regards to some characters. (And of course I'm not talking about adding lots of scenes, just a small handful of short moments)

That concludes today's Harry Potter thoughts. Oh, and that I rock at the trivia game.

Next in today's business: It's almost 2005. Halfway to 2010! Let us enjoy these single digit years while we can.

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven trailer yesterday. I imagine Ridley Scott had a checklist with him while making this movie. "Let's see...drifting snow, check. Desert scenes, check. Female soloist, check. Battles in said drifting snow, check. Noble speeches by combat leaders, check. Oscar be checked."

Ah! Just what the world needed: another Pride and Prejudice remake.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Swinging Like a Star

Well, it's that time again! Christmas time--the time of nogs and nights before. Hurrah!

It's also that other time again--time to get really excited for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince--in stores July 16th! I'm so excited about this I could eat a whole hippo. Seriously, folks, this is going to be so sweetbees.

In other sweetbees news, the first two official pictures from GOF surfaced the same day. In one, Ron sports his increasinly unattractive haircut and very unpleasant "Ron" facial expression. Of course, this was spurred by his dress robes which, if I were wearing them, would probably create the same expression on my face. I submit this theory: teaser in March. Trailer in late summer. I am eagerly anticipating the first look at Mad-Eye Moody. After seeing SOUE, I think Billy Connelly (Uncle Monty himself) would have been a great Moody, but I'm willing to accept What's His Face.

Speaking of SOUE, I saw it this past weekend and it was fabulous. Of course, it rearranged and added and left out a good deal of unfortunate (and fortunate) events. Still, nothing was done that would make me complain. Well, except for not included Brett Helquist in the design of things. Jim Carrey--not overwhelming and a better-than-expected Count Olaf. The kids were great, the supporting cast (featuring several people from A Mighty Wind, incidentally) was good. If I really can't have Lord of the Rings on the 17th, I will take a SOUE movie anytime.

Speaking of LOTR, I finally watched it, and it was fantabulous. It was already but it was good again. I have been absorbing the extra info on the appendices and here is some random information:
1) For the Mouth of Sauron, they digitally increased his mouth size 200%.
2) Billy Boyd wrote the music for the song he sings at Minas Tirith.
3) Liv Tyler sings the song played during the House of Healing scene.
4) The cascading skulls are walnuts and coconuts.
5) WOW a lot of work went into this movie!

Ah, sweet bliss of relaxation. I've been reading--recreational reading!--Unfinished Tales. I'm currently wading through Turin's tale--so sad and so good.

Well, kids, I think it's time to say Happy Christmas and get back to decompressing. Or peeling wallpaper. Whatever you prefer.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Crimanitly Trigger

I'ver received some harsh accusations against my lack of blogging lately. As some justification for my actions (or lack thereof) let me just say I wrote a whole blog last night and blogger failed to produce it. It included insightful information, like the funniness of the Ralph/Bart play date Simpsons episode. "The pointy kitty took it!"

I bought two fantastic Christmas presents today. Guaranteed to impress and amaze. Possibly stupefy.

*drumroll* I bought Extended ROTK last night. Hurrah! I haven't watched it yet, but I should be done packing soon... The excitement is building! Always building! It's such a pretty blue case too. I saw the extra special edition with Minas Tirith. I think more than Minas Tirith I want the Howard Shore DVD. Minas Tirith looked ultra sweetbees, but, just to make myself feel better, I focus on how it's a little dark. Not as white as it should be! I cling to this thought. And the thought that ebay will have them for years to come. *Sigh*

I watched Bourne Supremacy the other day. Such a sweetbees movie.

Well, friends, I think the time has come. Packing must be done. And possibly some eating...and hopefully some RoTK-ing. On the second day, look to my blog.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get Lost!

I know at least one person besides myself watched Lost tonight. And ahhhhhh that was so stressful. Watching that scene (you know what scene!) was like watching Merry die or something. It was horrible. I wasn't sure if Jack was completely out of it for a while, but I'm glad he came through in the end. It was definitely a good episode tonight. And Sawyer didn't even stick Sayid with toothpicks or anything--what a dandy fellow he is. As to Charlie not seeing or hearing or remembering anything... well. That reminds me of an earlier episode when Locke went out to hunt boars. You know he saw something, and yet he professed not to. I think in Charlie's case it's either 1) he's quiet for the same reason Locke is (whatever that is) or 2) he really doesn't remember and he's feeling bad about that b/c he wants to help find Claire. This brings me back to last week. Did that psychic see anything past the plane crash? If so, I'm sure he wouldn't send her there only to have her killed by Crazy Ethan. (Just for the record, I think Ethan's name is Lance) Anyway, I'm kind of upset that it's not new next week. What am I going to do with my Wednesday night? Oh yes. Study like mad.

So, in other news. Last day of classes tomorrow. Wasn't it the first day only yesterday? Where did the time go? I hope next semester goes just as quickly, and I hope it's just as good. I have discovered interests I never thought possible-- physical science and the Maya. Of all things.

I'm supposed to be studying for a non-final test tomorrow. So what am I doing here? Putting it off. Oh yes. And wishing someone would come online and download a song for me. Grrs.
Return of the King is out next Tuesday! It's exciting, but it's also the end, which is depressing. And I have no LOTR to see this Christmas. At least Series of Unfortunate Events will be out. I think the Wide Window hurricane will be pretty good, and I like the look of Billy Connelly's Uncle Monty.

I had a dream the other night that there was a new show out with Deperate Housewives, starring Stacy London. (The Stacy London of What Not to Wear fame) In my dream, I decided it was the best new show, second to Lost. She played a newly released prison inmate who accidentally killed two of her adopted children and their dog (it was supposed to be a prank on her husband). That was after she got out of jail--I don't know what she was in for. In a word: quality.

I'll be true...enough.

Friday, December 03, 2004

The Battle is Won

I'm getting a severe hankering for Return of the King. I'm going to hold off until the extended edition, if I possibly can. Which I can. Because I rock.

So, much happiness today! My defunct-since-August CD Player is miraculously working tonight! I'm very excited, as this means that now computer games and music can coincide. Speaking of computer games, I want to play some Diablo. Hmmm.

More happiness: because my professor has "no life", he graded all our Behemoths in one day. Yes, friends, I have conquered--95%! Victory is mine. My mental comments to him since Bad Test Day--"You suuuuuuuuck."--have been instantly changed "You are most favorite person." So it worked out good for him too.

The Batman Begins teaser poster is out. It's cool--not too flashy. No neon colors. No overemphasis on anatomy. Actually, I'm not sure about that last part because it's just a silhouette. Anyway, it's a nice poster.

Let's see. What else. Oh yes. So I could have watched Hellboy tonight. But I didn't. In doing so I avoided many comments like "He's going to dieeeee." and "What's going on?" Normally I love comments like that but there can be too much of a good thing.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Itchy Ears

My ear itches. Inside. Where I cannot follow.

Who watched Lost? Dude, that whole "He wasn't on the plane!" thing freaked me out for a minute because I thought they weren't going to give the culprit away until next week. Phew. Seriously though, who is this dude? And freaky freakiness with Locke's eyes in that dream. Eesh. I can't wait for next week. Oh, question of the day-- did the psychic get Claire on the plane so that she would have to raise the baby or did he see her dying on the island and he wanted them both to die? My guess is that he wanted her to raise the baby, but I don't really see how this kid could be significant until it's like a teenager. And, I'm sorry, I don't think Lost is going to be on in 13 years. I mean, they could pull a soap switch and replace the baby with an older kid in about a year... cause, you know...that happens. Obviously Abrams has something in mind here.

Gary Oldman (as Sirius Black) was nominated for a People's Choice award for "Best Villain." I guess the people didn't realize that he's not a villain. I always thought that was the real qualifying trait for that category. My bad.

I think my phlegm-filled head is beginning to empty. That's the good news of the day. My ear still itches though.

And just a treat for y'all, I've got some good links here. Very educational.
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