Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Winner is You!

So, Oscar noms. Not too much unexpected there. I'm happy Lemony Snicket got a good handful, I hope they win at least two. There were definitely some snubs, which vexes me greatly. I'm hoping Johnny Depp wins, just to see the look on Chris Rock's face, and, you know, because he deserves it.

JK Rowling had her baby this weekend--hurray for the perpetuation of the race of Rowling.

I finished Timeline today, a book that is so much better than the movie it spawned. (Though it's still clunky and one of the most textbook sounding of his books) Still, the fact that Marek decides to stay in the 14th century really irritates me. It was a little more plausible in the book, but still...he was so smart the rest of the book and then he made a dunderheaded move like that.

Speaking of good movies, I saw that film classic called Catwoman this weekend. I mean, how often does a movie with a bad script/acting/costumes/music/cinematography/action sequences/CGI all in one package come along? Not since The Musketeer, surely.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about being addicted to one show or the watching many shows and being addicted to none of them. Having experienced both methods, I find that, in the end, it's better to get into 1-2 shows and in general ignore the rest. That way, you have something regular and planned to look forward to each week.

As for me, it's time to eat and watch whatever's on tv.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Slip Slidin' Away

So about Lost. Here is what I think: Walt is a strange kid. Here is what else I think: there is something about that dog and that polar bear. Possibly the dog and the polar bear (polar bear #2) are the same. Also, what ever happened to the first polar bear? Yes, it's dead, but is its carcass still rotting in the jungle? Maybe that's where the dog went...

I have some thoughts on Paul Walker in Timeline. First, how did Paul Walker manage to sneak his shoes from 2 Fast 2 Furious onto the Timeline set? Seriously, they're the same shoes. Does he provide his own wardrobe? Second, why is his hair so greasy and badly highlighted? Third, how many ways does that movie suck? Many, many ways, but I'll forgive Gerard Butler, since he wears good pants. *cough*

So I just read this gossip blurb that Tobey Maguire dropped out of presenting at the Golden Globes because of his weight problem. Seabiscuit 2? I ask myself. No... apparently he was advised to not show his face until he loses weight he put on. This amuses me.

Another thing that amuses me is tigers playing eenie meenie miney moe. And CGI polar bears.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Greetings, fellow time travellers. We meet again.

I saw the movie Troy last week. While trailers would have you believe otherwise, this movie is about a group of dunderheads with no clear central character. Positively speaking, Eric Bana is an excellent Hector and has better pecs than Achilles "King Dunderhead" Pitt. Paris is a moron and Orlando's hair is too poofy to be proper eye candy. Alas. On the up side, I was happy Andromache didn't die so that some kind of Hector essence would live on. In conclusion, if you want to see Troy, just read it in 15 Minutes, because that is better.

I saw The Village this weekend, which is somewhat better the second time. The music is fantabulous. Joaquin Phoenix is always good, but Bryce Dallas Howard is defintely the high point in the movie.

In related news, as I am currently infected with Gerard Butler-itis, I put myself through Tomb Raider 2 today also. It's always encouraging to see a movie that takes advantage of every second of film to do an action sequence. It also showcased every mode of transportation known to man, including shark and flying squirrel suits. On the up side, there was a some nice scenery (and here I refer to the on location kind, not just the Gerard Butler kind).

So in some non-movie news... Hmm. I keep seeing the Kingdom of Heaven trailer and it is growing on me. I think I have been sucked in by the dramatic female soloist music. The only thing that trailer is missing is Djimon Honsou (who, somehow, got roped into Tomb Raider)--it's even got the Elysium Wheat going on.

Good news for people who care: Hot Topic is carrying the Oliver Wood t-shirt again. Hurrah for minor characters with endearing accents and Quidditch fever!

More good news for people who care: Monday=holiday! Dancing in the streets!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Intellectual Denial

Ah, the second week of school. Normally, homework would be going by now. I actually do have plenty of reading that I have yet to even start. Why is this? Some strange kind of denial and unwillingness to do homework. While this is causing some minor guilt, it's obviously not changing my behavior. So I'll just continue to take long naps and look at random internet sites. After all, there's always tomorrow.

So. Yesterday was a landmark. I bought beef. Raw beef. This is the first time I have bought any kind of raw meat. Naturally, some confusion on cooking ensued but I successfully made myself some Hamburger Helper, complete with hamburger. This is also a landmark as the second time I've made such "food." Sometimes food from a box is the best kind of food.

I just found out that J.K. Rowling's favorite painter is Caravaggio. Ah, the woman has fine taste.

So today in Medieval art we talked about the cult of saints. To make a long story short, it centers around this obsession of relics. This got me to thinking that even now, eons later, not only does this cult still exist (less feverish though) but there's also a cult of celebrity. How else do you explain someone playing X amount of money for a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly has Mary's face on it? Or paying (way) too much money for a cup of water Elvis drank out of (shouldn't this water be evaporated by now? Was it cryogenically frozen?)? Anyone seen the show Totally Obsessed? I rest my case.

I think it's time for me to continue not doing homework and read some more Fellowship. Over and out.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Napoleon Dyanamite
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Wretched Wretchedness

Not to be negative or anything, but one thing I hate beyond all comprehension is waking up in the morning when I am not ready to wake up. Waking up prematurely is bad enough, but when Monday is part of the mix, as well as early morning winter darkness, it becomes the most hated event of my day. If there is anything worse than this, it is the sound of an alarm clock--such an obnoxious sound I would like to take a sledge hammer to it. Grrrrr.

In other news, I also dislike:
  • People chewing with their mouths open (except in the case of stuffed noses, of course)
  • People smacking gum with their mouths open
  • The people's choices in the People's Choice Awards. Favorite female action star: Angelina Jolie. Please.
  • That the movie industry doesn't consult me and, thus, makes some bad decisions about good movies.
  • Other things that will come to me as they happen.

Blarg I'm so bored. I don't have class for another 40 minutes, and there's nothing to do online. What is the remedy, I ask you? Some dude next to me is looking at a diagram of an energy well. So I guess it could be worse.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And Then the Orange Said...

So I'm back where I started. At school. Which is where I started. *sigh* I'm bored already and I haven't even been to class yet. And tomorrow it's back to work--arghhhhh. People shouldn't be allowed to make messes, that's what I think.

I finished The Hobbit yesterday and it was pretty good. Nice little story. Makes me dislike dwarves more, which probably wasn't the intention. Bard was pretty cool though. Have I mentioned that Beleg (of Turin's story) is one of the coolest elves ever? Fabulous.

Lost is on tomorrow and it's new! Hurray! Bright spot in the week. So I totally feel like watching some sort of bad movie. I watched Van Helsing yet again over break. Something in that movie mesmerizes me and makes me want to watch it over and over again. I also watched Timeline. See, that movie is also bad in many respects but...not so much with the mesmerizing.

So. In other news. I can't wait to do my taxes. I'm waiting impatiently for my W2, so I can send them in and get some money back. I'm hoping to put it towards the LOTR posters I had planned for the last return. And maybe a Gamecube is in my future. That could be exciting. I played some Mario Kart recently--that is a fun game.

So, here is what I see in my future. A big bowl of Velveeta. Some comic books. Possibly some slipper socks. Time to get to work.