Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Office Redo

This past weekend we did our monthly house project but before I post about it I have to post about the one in April!  We decided to redo our office since it's not really an office anymore because Drew works at an actually Office now.  

(Do you have the Office theme song in your head now?)

Now I call it the hobby room, which I'm sure will be a show one day too.  Here is how it used to look, minus Drewbles:

It was a very low key project, and mostly involved rearranging and repurposing things we already had around.  No painting, hurray!  We planned to do something simple this month since we expected to exceed our $100 budget in May (which we did).  Anyway, here it is now:

I had this obsession about getting a chaise, not really sure why I latched on to that.  In the end we did not get a chaise.  In fact we bought nothing, just took this brown chair that Drew's parents were getting rid of.  It fits just right and is pretty comfy.  Maybe I'll get that chaise one day (probably when I'm an old lady).  

The new stuff was the chair pillow, diploma frames, that little fake plant and the longer white shelf.  I've been meaning to hang those diplomas FOREVER and now they look so nice and everyone who comes in this room will know how dang smart we are.  Too bad hardly anyone goes in there...

I had my ma send me all these Star Wars guys so I could finally display them (the other shelf has my Jack Sparrow and Toothless).  Don't they look awesome?  Wouldn't they look MORE awesome with lightsabers?  Yes, yes, they would.  Still waiting for someone to send those to me... (HINT HINT)  It would also look pretty cool to have a Legolas figurine on the shelf too, huh?  (HINT HINT)

Anyhoodle, another project in the books!