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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


My blogging rate always goes up when I have a paper to write. I just can't suck it up and do it without being distracted. *sigh* It's going okay, I guess. I don't feel very organized, probably because I'm not. Blogging right now...probably doesn't improve that. My fingers are itchy for a pencil and my sketchbook but instead they have to go to work in the Egyptian slave trade.

*sigh* I really don't like deviantART's new layout. It's so...BIG and the information/links are harder to get to. I liked the neat little boxes of thumbnails with all of the other links at the top in that nice box. It makes me want to spend less time there. Equally vexing is when good artists disappear. It's so sad to not see what things they could come up with. I wonder if I did commissions if anyone would pay me anything. Not that I even have an account or that anyone's even seen anything of mine.

I was walking with a ghost in Paris today and her name was Antigone. And she's the most irritating little Greek brat I've ever had to read about. I don't care about the canon elements of tragedy or existentialism. She's dumb and that's really all there is to it. Pffft on dumb Greek girls in French plays.

This is kind of a negative blog. Let's find something nice to talk about. I'm looking forward to wearing a headband tomorrow and maybe wearing my ROCK THE LIBRARY! t-shirt since I haven't worn it yet. Then coming home from class and slaving over The Paper until the wee hours. And then going to French. And then going to the Last Day of Work! And then slaving over French. And then watching What not to Wear. And then going to bed. And then watching the angry-fying TMNT Fast Forward. Followed by a French test. Followed by a French paper. Followed by beaucoup de questions. Hopefully interspersed with the zoo? *sigh*

I think it's really dumb how people add "le" or "la" in front of words. "Le sigh" Why would you write that? And why do people write "teh"? Haha, funny typo for like .005 seconds. Whatever. People write dumb things with keyboards.

Oh yes, something good. Let's see. Oh, I did eat a vanilla drumstick a while ago. That was good. And I had a dream about some international mystery with clues in letters from Russia, Keane song titles and skylines of national monuments. I'm not sure what these clues were adding up to though. This dream also involved a small plane flying on the streets and a break dancing baby. You can't make this stuff up.

I win!

Social Life at Hogwarts

Everyone, except the Slytherins, like you. You are friendly, nice, and a well-rounded person. Your studies aren't that important, but you pull of decent grades. You live your life with risks and don't think about the consequences. Friends mean a lot to you. Your friends love you because you are always the one who they can talk to.

Harry: He is in love with you. You're the one he wants to be with forever. He's tried to push you away, but you refused to leave him. Despite the danger that comes with being his girlfriend, he's too smitten with you to let you go and is glad you are willing to face the danger to be with him.

Ron: He loves you as a little sister. He admits to having a crush on you before, but has stronger feelings for Hermione. He acts as an older brother to you.

Hermione: She is one of your best gal pals. She always scolds you for not doing the best in your studies, but she is your friend just the same. She's very happy for you and Harry. She secretly has a crush on Ron, but she won't admit it. And neither will he. You're the one who's going to put them together.

Ginny: She secretly hates you. You stole Harry and one of her older brothers too. She knows she's overreacting, but she doesn't care. She hates you and shows it when no one is around. But when someone is around she acts like the sweetest little girl.

Neville: Thinks you are great and has a crush on you, but he's too shy to do anything. Plus, you're with Harry now.

Fred and George: They love you. As a friend though. You're one of the few priviledged people who get to help them with their pranks. They are glad you are with Harry, but sort of wish you ended up with Ron instead.

Oliver Wood: He knows you, but doesn't really talk to you. All he knows is that you are Harry's girlfriend.

Cedric Diggory: Him, like Oliver Wood, knows you, but doesn't talk to you. Or should I say he knew you. That is before he died.

Cho Chang: She is slightly jealous of your relationship with Harry. Cedric died and she was left alone, and her and Harry didn't work out either. She is nice to you, but doesn't really like or hate you.

Lavender Brown: She doesn't like you because she thinks Ron likes you more than a friend. She hates Hermione more than you though, if that helps?

Draco Malfoy: He doesn't like you at all. You seem like a goody-two-shoes to him. He dislikes you even more because you're Potter's girlfriend. All in all, he doesn't talk to you or have any contact with you whatsoever.

Pansy: Doesn't talk to you and hates you. Period.

Crabbe and Goyle: Don't know you.

Dumbledore: He likes you and thinks you are strong-willed and perfect for Harry.

McGonagall: She thinks your an average skilled witch, she doesn't really notice you that much.

Hagrid: He adores you and constantly invites you to help him with his creatures. He loves that you and Harry are together.

Snape: He hates you. Loathes you. Despises you. He thinks you are very poor skilled and dislikes you even more for being Harry's girlfriend. He loves taking points away from you.

Voldemort: You are on his list of people to kill. You make the top 5. Not exactly a good thing, but what'd you expect being Harry's girlfriend and all.

Reputation: Harry's Girlfriend.
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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Bad Beginning

This is a pretty small image but it's what I'm going to be writing my research paper on right now. It's hard to see the details but all of the animals are painted in a very realistic way while the people are painted in the traditional Egyptian way (though more natural than in previous years). Why is this? I don't know but hopefully I will have some idea by the time I finish the paper.

Anyway, so here I am, working or something. Well, I haven't started yet except making an outline and titling my paper "Nebamun and the Kumquat of Power." I have exactly five classes left until graduation, a week left of classes, a week until I pick up my robes (I love saying robes because it sounds like a Harry Potter reference) and less than twenty days left in Utah.

In other news, I am really upset about this new Fast Forward TMNT show. First I'm confused. Is this replacing the regular series for a season? If so, why? It's kind of weird because the voices are the same but there's a new opening and Leonardo doesn't have his attitude or shell damage. And the animation is like 10% simplified and all of the characters are exaggerated. The whole thing is sillier. It's so disappointing. I want my regular series back! I want to know where they were going on that leaky boat. I want to know what happens with those elemental guys. *sigh*

On a related note, Half-blood Prince will be out on November 21, 2008. Sweet! Which would mean the last movie would be out in the summer of 2010. That's a crazy number. Well, I suppose this paper isn't going to write itself. Maybe You Know Who would write it for me.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Argh, avast!

Heath Ledger as the Joker? Noooooooooo!