Saturday, June 20, 2015


The day has come!  With the advent of the Poppy's third month I can no longer call her a newborn.  Sigh.  It is fun because she gets more fun the older she gets, but she'll never be that squishy little eight pound bundle again.  

She loves this blanket, she loves eating her hands and she loves wrapping her hand in the blanket and eating it.

This past month I gradually moved her from the bassinet to her crib.  I think she likes her bed so it's good for her, but it was sad to move her on.  I may still have the bassinet set up just because.  She keeps getting bigger!  But more fun and cute so I can't really complain.

Sleeping is a work in progress of course, but she's getting closer to sleeping through the night (and did a couple times!).  She goes to bed between 7-8 and gets up for the day around 7 AM.  Naps are getting longer and more regular.  She makes all kinds of sounds, likes bathtime, tolerates tummy time and kicks whenever she can.  She smiles easily, but it's hard to catch in a pictures!  Cameras/phones are instantly distracting.

We've gotten a number of little giggles out of her and of course the smiles are abundant as always.  She also started rolling from back to front, which seems earlier than with Mr. C.  But then again, everything seems faster this time.  

Speaking of Mr. C., he just loves her and she returns his--ahem--enthusiasm with smiles and contented resilience.  He is always asking to "take it?", which means he wants to hold her, or he'll say "sit...wi'you?" which means he wants to sit in the chair with her.  It's so cute I usually oblige.  

It is so fun having this baby girl around the house.  She has her moments--moments that sometimes coincide with toddler moments--but overall we all hum along and have a good time together.

See?  Here's to you, baby girl!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Another year has come and gone, and my what a difference a year has made for this little fellow.  

(Please ignore me and my, like, one week postpartum appearance.)

He's walking, talking and conversating.  He has likes and dislikes, asks for things and parrots like a, you know, parrot.  It's so fun to look back at how little and babyish he used to be, but it's also hard to remember when I see him playing hide and seek games with his car before falling asleep.

Sometimes he gives me pedicures.
Watching the trash truck.
He likes a lot of things but most of his favorite things have one thing in common: wheels. Airplanes, bikes, motorcycles, vacuums, lawnmowers, cars, trucks, tractors, diggers, trains--he loves them all.  Thanks to his generous cousin Jack, he has cars and trucks a'plenty and rarely does he go to bed without one.  

Hey now, those socks are too small!  And for a girl.

Having a Godzilla moment.

Other favorite things include books (especially David Wiesner lately), Kitty, cheese, "treeeeeats?", the Baby Einstein On the Go video, dinosaurs, stickers, nursery and jumping on the trampoline.  (Also various items of clothing that will turn up several times in these post.)

At his two year check up he was 29.8 lbs (72%) and 35 inches (66%).  In more exciting news (to him), I finally let him have a sucker at the end of the appointment.  Though in MORE exciting news (to him), the nurse gave him a car sticker.  

"Cheeeeese."  (Yes, those are Drew's running shorts.)
"Mi-mi-mi MOUse?"

Other recent developments: he is learning his letters!  I'm just amazed at how much he absorbed from looking at the alphabet page in a Richard Scarry book the last few months.  Now he will pick out letters in books or signs or boxes or anything (especially Ds and Ws).  He's also getting the hang of numbers and counting up to 5, sometimes in order (ha!).  I don't know how smart the average toddler is or how he compares, but that seems pretty smart to me and really, does anyone else's opinion matter?  Hahaha.


This bed is just right.

Homemade play doh = infinitely more successful than homemade finger paints.

(Still wearing those shorts.)

Earning his keep!

Anyway, he is just a lovely, delightful boy who sometimes throws ridiculous tantrums but is usually happy and sweet.  He adores his little sister, his daddy and me.  Mostly me.  As he should!  Just kidding, he adores everyone in his family a great deal.  We adore him too.  

Because come on, how could we not?