Monday, November 29, 2004

I Do Believe in Fairies

I do! I do!

In related news, I am back at school after a blink-and-you-miss-it trip to Seattle that was buckets of fun. Submit an application if you would like more details. Pictures will be forthcoming.

The best news of the day: the Behemoth is vanquished. It is complete, including illustrations, bibliography, a cover sheet, and one more page than was required. Ahhh. I was just thinking a few minutes ago about how fast the semesters finish. You spend the first 2 1/2 months dragging your feet through the week, waiting for the weekend. Then, out of nowhere, the final two weeks are at your doorstep. I like school, but it's always exciting to finish a semester and cross a few classes off the list.

Now for the bad news. I have a cold. ("Oh no." "Oh yes.") Bleh.

So, just as experts like myself predicted, Alexander, did not do so "great" at the box office. Over the past five days it only gathered 21 mill. ($160 mill. to make). HAH on you, Colin Farrell, and your attempts at a legitimate acting career.

I did skim part of a review today that said Alexander was one of the best things since...ever. But then they went on to describe Gladiator as a popcorn movie. Did you hear that whooshing sound? That was his credibility going out the window.

Rumors are persisting that HP #6 will be out next June or July. A bookstore chain employee said they had been notified about a release date coming in January. *rubs hands eagerly*

Please excuse me. I must go and relieve my nose of snot.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Expecto Patronum!

Friday is here at last. As a change of pace, I did homework tonight. Yes, friends, I have begun work on the behemoth that is my Maya paper. I got three full pages done tonight--only 7 more! It's going faster than I thought it would so that's not too bad. I always get nervous about having enough to say...that usually turns out to be a groundless fear though.

I have been listening to the POA soundtrack for many hours since Wednesday. I now proclaim, with the full authority that is Me, that it is the best full soundtrack that John Williams has ever done. Why is this? Basically because it's interesting, even when it's separated from the movie. He does good themes, but, come on, his "filler music" is kind of boring to listen to on its own. These are my current John Williams-related thoughts.

In a related story, much Harry Potter news today. First off, a director has been hired for Order of the Phoenix, and I believe it is set for Summer 2007. That sounds so far away but... isn't really. I'm excited anyway though. So those kids are going to be twenty something by the time they finish. That's fine with me though since they'll just get better at this whole "acting" thing. By the time Harry Potter and the Canonical Prophecy rolls out, they'll be Oscar worthy! (And Dan will have learned how to cry)

Rumor has started about the Half-Blood Prince being released next summer. This sounds pretty logical to me, and I very much hope it is true.

While working on a paper last night I drop a glob of nacho cheese on a paper. Fortunately it was a paper from two years ago. I licked it off anyway. Tasty.

Today I had to staple about 25 pages together and my stapler couldn't handle it. So I did it manually. That is my level of dedication.

Speaking of tasty, I am hungry. Hungry for werewolf.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Commencing Countdown

My head is going to explodeeeeeeee. POA is out next Tuesday! So close, yet so so so far away. I sat in the shadow of three POA posters for nearly two hours tonight. I heard a commercial for it. I am listening to the soundtrack right now. A meltdown is imminent.


As consolation I saw my sister and my rapidly growing nephew (all memory of me was long gone). And I got new socks. Soft, soft socks. And a bagel, which is much more exciting than it sounds.

Oh, on that Christmas-related list, I forgot to put Unleashed Boba Fett.

Back to Harry Potter. This may be a first: a John Williams score I genuinely like. This is not helping to prevent a meltdown though.

Moving, this is so good. I feel like I'm flying Buckbeak. You know, Buckbeak was a really good part of that movie. Such a great improvement (technically) over Fluffy. And the Cave Troll. And Firenze. *flies*

Who watched Lost tonight? I SO figured out last week that it was the French lady that caught Sayid. So, about this "sickness." I mean, clearly she's kind of nuts, but were the other people really sick or was she just really sick out of her gourd? Just another mystery. I bet she knows what the Invisible Dinosaur really is.

This movie is so good. OK, time to be quiet now. Sleep sleep.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Day Has Come...

Yes, my friends. Finally--it is here. Prisoner of Azkaban is out next Tuesday. Equally exciting is that I am going to get it before I go to the airport. (And yes if I am in the terminal for more than a 1/2 hour I will start to watch it on the YumYum.) Hurrah! Also exciting, Collective Soul's new cd was released today. I'm hoarding my wealth for Harry but I'm still excited at the prospect.

In other news, I have begun to delve into the treacherous 10 page Maya research paper. By that I mean I have picked up one book from the library. I'm getting there. I just have to write it before next Tuesday so I don't have a metaphorical Blast-Ended Skrewt to take care of over Thanksgiving.

In a related story, I had a dream last night that Hagrid was sent after an escaped convict (he was a black man--hah, really, he was). He was all Modern Hitman Hagrid in black leather. Still had the beard though.

Prof. Sprout's character has been cut from The Order of the Phoenix movie. It's a shame for Prof. Sprout, but more importantly? They're working on the movie. Huzzah!

Now for some non-HP news. I have received some queries of late regarding my thoughts on Christmas presents. For the record, I will now list a few things off the top of my head that have escaped my possession. The Chronicles of Narnia, the first two Harry Potter movies, one of those sweetbees Sirius Black posters and... let's see. A new shower poof.

Well, kids, I have to go home early, and by home I mean "the library" and by early I mean "in just a second." Stay tuned--Lost is on tomorrow!

Oh, and how long has my sister been gone? At least a year, I'm sure.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blame it on the Bloggster

Something really cool happened the other night. I had a nightmare about Saw without ever seeing the movie. (Well, not the movie per se, but the psycho in it--Jigsaw or whatever) He was chasing me a razor blade and had a scary voice. And I didn't even have any prior fear. Alas, such is life. At least there were no dead Asians involved.

POA and nephews in nearly 13 days!

(Who else thinks that Cat Boy hung his arms out the window on purpose to draw Bill Pullman inside?)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Ah, Classic

You know it's a good day when you find horrendous fan fiction. For example...

"A fourteen-year old girl lay on her bed. Actually, it was just a mattress and a fluffy comforter. This was Harriet porter."

Hmm...sounds like a bed to me. This is another one of those super-original fan-fics that consists of rewriting Harry Potter except exchanging Harry for themselves. This story, chapter and all, is almost as good as this quote from the author:

PS - When I have my first kid, I'm gunna put it in one of those twin strollers and run around the mall looking frantic! "

Yeahhhhh... Anyway, so I watched both Shrek movies tonight. I love those movies! Shrek makes such a cute human with his sticky-out ears. So good. So, so good.

In other news, I'm really excited for Alexander to come out. I just want to see how badly it does. DANG IT!!! I forgot to watch Simpsons tonight! Treehouse of Horror, man! Pffft on me... In other news, I'm really tired and my room is a disaster, filled with de Chirico books. *sigh*

In the countdown news: today is the 7th. This means there are 16 days until Prisoner of Azkaban and Seattle. Hurrah! And only two full weeks until Thanksgiving break.

Frizzle frazzle.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tick Tock

Day two of the 70% Aftermath. Slide quiz today. Not too shabby, but not too splendid. I guess all there is to do is write a top-notch paper and completely spaz out about studying for the final. I got a 9 1/2 (out of 10) on the last paper so that's something. It'll boost me up at any rate.

Yesterday morning I saw the music video for a song so bad I thought the only possible explanation was some kind of joke. A really bad joke. What do Shania Twain and Mark Mcgrath make? A party for two is what they want you to think. A really, really sucky song is the real answer. If anyone needs a laugh, I recommend watching the video (the double whammy of picture and sound is really great) pronto.

On my way to class today I squished a sizeable spider. I was walking on past but it started heading towards an unsuspecting hall sitter. So I casually "looked at a poster" and put the smack down. I'm still waiting for my medal. I'm also still wondering if anyone saw it and cleaned it up. I sure as heck didn't.

I have too much to do this weekend. Well, I guess "too much" implies impossibility, which it isn't. But it seems like too much when all I want to do is sit around and read Harry Potter, possibly while consuming mass quantities of Velveeta. And ice cream. Pumpkin ice cream. Mmm.

I have reached the conclusion that, in general, Progresso soups are better than Campbell's Chunky soup. At least the cream/chowdah kinds are better. Progresso's New England Clam Chowder is splendid, while Campbell's ham and potato chowder is...average. This is my recommendation.

Oops, wait... Erm, you're breaking up... *Fzzzt* --you say? *Snazzzt* I-- *Fritzzzzzzzzzzz*

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reluctantly Floating On

Well. I took my second test for Maya art just now. It took 2 hours, after 6 hours of studying today. I've done all the reading. I've never missed class. I take copious notes that take me much time to read through. You'd think this would warrant some kind of...something. Turns out it warranted a 70%. Yeah, a freaking 70%. OK, OK, so that's not taking the short answers, dates and essays into consideration. There's also a slide quiz tomorrow that is tabulated. Still, this is not going to get near an 80%. This is very depressing to me. If I weren't so tired and hungry I might be angry enough to pop corn out the Maya people.

To make things worse, I was taking the test tonight and missed Lost. So I don't know what happened, and I missed my little ritual of Lost and clam chowder night. I only get half of that now. *sigh* It's a good thing I have ice cream.

I saw the video for the new Modest Mouse song this morning. I was kind of confused until I realized he was the crow, and not just a random body in the corn. I want to hear the song again. I can't remember it now, and there's no one online to hunt it down with mysterious methods. That is exactly why I need to be taught the Mysterious Methods.

Oh, and I, too, gave the enthusiastic metaphorical hat-throw-in-the-air this morning when I turned on CNN.

I don't want to study anymore. I want to sit in my bed and read Harry Potter. Is that too much to ask? I'd at least like to get an e-mail or something sometime. Maybe a song or two. Maybe a missil to launch at Palenque and Copan.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Some people think I don't blog anymore. Some people think I haven't blogged since the fall of Rome. Some people are crazy.

Unlike a lot of people of my acquaintance I voted. I sent in my ballot last week and I feel pretty pleased about that. We'll see how it turns out. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I like Harry Potter.

In other stupid news, I love that MTV has these "Inform your Vote" things that are all "impartial" and stuff. After this speal they show two anti-Bush videos in a row. I mean, I know there aren't any anti-Kerry videos but Keane is always a nice alternative. In short, when MTV trys to be "intelligent" it is always much of the suck.

In other cool news, the Do Not Disturb sign disappeared from the Mysterious Door on JKR's website. So after much cheating, I got past the riddle and read three of the chapter titles. Hurrah! I have no idea what Draco's detour is, I think Felix Felices (sp) is a spell and I have no idea who/what the spinner is and what its end is. (Though my first thought was Aragog. My second was Trelawney but I can't explain that one)

I was reading a HP fanfic once upon a time, involving much death and intrigue. Unfortunately, someone slacked off and the end will forever be a mystery to me. I am currently considering posting it in some sort of fanfic community, just to get a reaction. Perhaps that will cause an ending to be written--pleadings from confused readers!

Doesn't a bagel with cream cheese sound perfectly lovely? I drool for it the way I drooled (gracefully, mind you) for Ritz sandwiches this past weekend. *Drools*