Monday, February 27, 2006

Ah, drumsticks...nectar of the gods

That was the best part of King's Quest 6. "Ah, life-giving water...nectar of the gods." Or something like that anyway. Maybe it was "Ah, water, the element that brings life." Speaking of which, I still haven't got my super cheap Mortal Kombat. That was a pretty sweet game. KQ was sweet too. I still want to beat 5, because I could never get past that stupid hole in the wall bug.

So I sp
ent a bit of the weekend with Tolkien and found out that he got the idea for his JRRT monogram from Rudyard Kipling. The style of some of his trees were inspired by Arthur Rackham and he liked Giotto and Van Dyck. Let's see, what else...he never drew figures because all his attempts were horrible. But I guess doing a little Bilbo on a barrel was okay. I love the trees in that one.

So, the Oscars are next week. I'm saving my last bag of popcorn for the occasion. Unfortunately the last drumstick will not last that long. Because I will eat it. The chocolate kind are so good. Why can't they sell a box of just chocolate instead of mixing them in with the variety pack? Is that too much to ask?

Well. In other news. I saw When a Stranger Calls last weekend, but the guy turned out to be Cicero from Gladiator. And Cicero is too good for me to fear so that was the end of that. I did a little research and found out he got those crazy scars when he was attacked outside a bar by some guy with a broken bottle or a knife or something.

Let's see, other news...I have tests this week, that's exciting but maybe. In other news I am now realizing that I never made dinner and it's almost 10. So maybe I should go make something...So, off I go.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Rocketh

You scored as Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica). You are leery of your surroundings, and with good reason. Anyone could be a cylon. But you have close friends and you know they would never hurt you. Now if only the damn XO would stop drinking.
Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Nightmare before Christmas
The story of Halloweentown with it's king Jack Skellington. Your a dreamer and are never really satisfied with what you have until after you make mistakes. You're always looking for something new and different and get bored easily.

Jack Skellington: Sally! I need your help most of all.
Sally: You certainly do, Jack. I've had the most horrible vision!
Jack Skellington: That's wonderful!
What Tim Burton movie are you?

This is the Night!

Well, despite the unfounded claims of "gritness" leveled against my bobblehead, I am blogging again. Let's see what I got in my drawers for today.

First off, there's not much to report today. I watched the Lion King tonight because it is Valentine's Day. I also ate Velveeta with hot dogs to make things a little extra festive. I also discovered some freaky new Harry Potter fanart that I'm not sure if I liked or not. Hmm. I also discovered that the Lion King is just as good as I remembered.

So, I was thinking the other day about possible remakes for The Scarlet Pimpernel, just because. I think Jason Isaacs would be a great Chauvelin. As for English actors who could possibly manage a funny/dumb/hero/genius combination (for Percy of course), I couldn't think of many people. Johnny Depp could pull off the duality just because he's good like that but otherwise he's totally unsuitable. I'd like to see Ewan McGregor try it. And that's as far as I got.

I still have those hershey kiss legs. Maybe one day I will build them a torso and possibly legs or something.

Woahhhhh I just had a dream flashback. It was some movie that totally went off The Icebergs up there, by Church. Except it looked different in my dream. Anyway, it was pretty cool looking.

Well, to end this on a high note, I will end with a quote: "We're actors! We're the opposite of people!"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Copley Copley Copley

John Singleton Copley is great. We've spent a lot of time together recently. That's his half-brother, Henry Pelham, on the right. Nice kid, had an ear problem and died in an accidental drowning years later. This was painted in late 1765, the third portrait of that year to include a squirrel. Of course, at the time squirrels were pets and were emblems that signified patience. But of course this no mere portrait; heck, it wasn't even commissioned. No, it done by and for Copley himself and sent off to England to impress Sir Joshua Reynolds (oops- Mr. Reynolds didn't know what that animal was). This is one of two profile portraits Copley did the entire time he lived in the colonies (until 1774). Yeah, we've been spending a lot of time together. (I love that pink satin, I really do.)

In other news, I have a three-headed Fluffy bobblehead that keeps me company. I also have a box of drumsticks that will keep me company later. I saw some good movies this weekend called Big Trouble in Little China and The 'Burbs. They're both crazy and funny at the same time. This weekend I also made a little set of legs from a hershey kiss wrapper. They stand up and everything. They're kind of like a Copley mascot, just like me.

Well, to round all this out, here's the requisite Harry Potter discussion. Current casting: how much longer do we have to wait for young Lupin and Sirius to be cast? Speaking of OOTP, will Grawp be included? Wouldn't it be lovely if that whole plotline were completely bypassed? Heck, they can just cut Hagrid out of the whole movie and I won't complain. Back to the discussion, I'm happy to hear the dementor attack is going to be in the movie because that part was pretty good. In book news, why why why why does Peter have that silver hand? It's got to be important because, you know, it's a silver hand. He's not going to kill Lupin with it, we know that much. But he has to do something with it. Maybe Voldemort will take it back or maybe Peter will donate it to charity.

Speaking of which, it's Valentine's Day this week, which is always exciting. It's going to be pretty exciting this year, featuring appearances by the chocolate drumsticks and The Lion King. As for now, Copley calls.