Tuesday, April 14, 2015


And just like that, the little miss Poppy is a month old.  At the time the month didn't fly by, but looking back now it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital.  

Before she was born we used to wonder what she would be like.  Mellow and happy like the Speck?  Loud and fussy?  Somewhere in between?  You just never know.  But we are lucky because so far she is mellow and happy (and cute).  She's sleepy and mostly quiet but is becoming more vocal with little coos and sighs.  She's still wearing some newborn clothes but is getting into the 0-3 month stuff more.  I haven't tried to put her on any kind of schedule, but she's settled into a pattern of waking up at 4 AM and again at 7, dozing until 8. 

Naturally I take a lot of pictures when she's sleeping:

Happy in her hand-me-downs.
Happy in her new things.
We have a nap every afternoon.
I still love the baby nighties.
Another binky baby.
So what it is like with two babies in the house?  Mostly it is fun and fine.  It is hard sometimes when they both need something at the same time, but we make it work.  What helps the most, I think, is that Mr. C is such a reliable sleeper.  No matter how the morning goes, I know he'll be in bed just after noon and we can all take a break. 

But really, she is just a delightful little baby.  She smiles often, sleeps well and eats well, if rather indecisively. 

Plus the hair!  And so far there is no sign of cradle cap.  HURRAY.

(Seriously, that was the worst last time.) 

I'm also happy to say Mr. C seems to have adjusted to having baby around now.  He kisses her good night and is always interested in what she's doing ("Ky-ing!").  He's also always ready to put the binky in her mouth (and only rarely in his own...) and only sometimes takes it out again.  When she touches him, he thinks it is SO funny.  

I still think they look a lot alike, especially when they sleep--you can see his first month pictures here and here--but when she opens her eyes she's got her own look.

(I wish I had bought her some ears too)
I think they will be great friends one day and I can't wait until she's big enough to laugh at his antics the way he laughs at hers. 

(But also I can totally wait because she's so little and cute right now.)