Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Part of the reason we picked the house we did was because it didn't need a lot of work, and the work it did need wasn't very intense.  Nevertheless, after moving in we made a list of all the things that needed doing and, what do you know, it was pretty long.  So, slowly we are working our way through the list.  

Let us cast our minds back to the summer of 2010.  Up to that point, I'd always wanted a red front door.  But then we went to the Tower of London and I saw the blue doors and said YES, THOSE.  So, one of the first bigger projects we did here was to paint the door blue, inside and out.  

I wish I had a before picture, because we also got new door hardware and gave the trim and railings a fresh coat of white paint as well.  The door was super dirty too, it took 45 minutes just to clean off all the old tape residue.  Now it is a perfect blue door!

To cap off our curb appeal makeover, we spray painted the outdoor light fixtures.  Everything was just worn and weathered.  

DO I watch a lot of HGTV?  Yes, yes, I do. 

But the very first project was done before we ever moved in, and that was to paint Boo Boo's room.  We decided it would be easier to do that before the move, and so the Saturday before we went to a wedding in Bountiful, stopped at Lowe's to pick out paint and then Drewbles went to the house to paint (I went home to pack).  Can I just say I am good at picking out paint?  It takes me about fifteen minutes. 

Anyway, before it had the same brown walls as the rest of the house:

Drewbles worked hard, with some valuable sisterly assistance. 

And now it is this delightful shade of blue!  It is my favorite room because it is so different from the rest of the house, all light and airy.  Plus you can often find this cute baby running around in it.


(Always watching for cars going by.)

I think Boo Boo really likes having his own space, as do we all.  Sometimes he runs off and I find him sitting in the corner looking at his books one at a time and it's just so cute.  Oh wait, I was talking about paint.  

Anyhoo, it turned out great!  The next painting project will be the Poppy's bedroom--I'm thinking neon green and a violent purple?  Dreamy!