Sunday, October 31, 2004

Talkin' Bout Crazy Cool Medallions

Ah, Halloween. The most fun one-day-only holiday. You know what one of my best Thanksgiving memories is? The Thanksgiving of many moons ago, back in my inexperienced freshmen days. That day was filled with so. much. food. Then, during and after the food we watched Rush Hour. Then, later at home, I watched Legally Blonde and ate leftover pie while lying on an oh-so-comfortable grey couchy/pillowy/futony chair thing. That Thanksgiving also included the first Harry Potter movie, and my first rereading of the books. Yet the second time through did not really draw me in anymore than the first. All it did was make me want to be Hermione for Halloween.

Back to Halloween. So I want to wear my costume every day. If crimping my hair didn't take so long I would probably do that every day. Alas, it cannot be done. And so I must return to everyday life and everyday clothes on Monday. At least sweater vests and cordouroy exist in the world. Hey, who are you calling "nerd"?

OK, I had a horrible experience the other night. I wish I weren't typing this at nearly 1 AM. Alas, such is life. Anyway, I had a dream that I was at home with my sister in the middle of the night. All the lights were out... Must break to put on happy music. Ah, British pop. Anyway, so we were in the house and talking/thinking about The Ring but when we did Samara would appear and be UBER-FREAKY. So we were all "Dude, we have to stop thinking about this!" and I was seriously freaked out. So we walked upstairs and found the piano playing itself. Yeah, Samara again. I got so mad I started smashing the piano bench. "Leave us alone!" and the like. So, then, she begins to materialize on the floor at my feet. She reaches for both my ankles and--I wake up, scared out of my gourd. I was too scared to open my eyes, move or look at the clock. So I laid there for a few minutes and then started hearing these noises...voices. For real. I about had a heart attack but was too scared to get out of bed. So after a few minutes of extreme fear and trying to convince myself the voices were in my head, I realized it was the tv in the living room. "The tv is ON." So that didn't help. More time passes. I can move now, but thinking about the dream sends fear all over me, starting from my ankles. So, finally I realize that it must be my roommate watching tv, I finally check the clock: 3:14. Every month or so she stays up super late watching tv. So this is some comfort and I doze off momentarily, only to awake to footsteps. So, after some panic, I realize it's my roommate, and I hear the bathroom door shut. I fell asleep about two seconds later, but it was so freaky. First the dream, the the voices, then the tv. Oy. When I woke up from that dream, my first thought was "I am never seeing that movie again. Ever. Never. I will never buy it for anyone, ever. I will never, ever experience The Ring again." That opinion has not changed.

OK, happy news for just-before-bed time. Umm. Has anyone seen the new Episode III teaser poster? (As seen here) It's pretty sweet. The Darth Vader head is a little awkward but I like the idea, and Anakin looks pretty cool. Looks like he borrowed Locke's (Lost) scar.

Oy! Best movie news! Sony Pictures is making a movie of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is my favorite Roald Dahl book (not with the Quentin Blake illustrations--the old ones). Not only are they making a movie, it's going to be stop-motion animated movie! Perfect! I hope. The director is Wes Anderson, who made the upcoming The Life Aquatic which looks quirky funny. Perfect! I hope. Such a great book. So sad when he loses his tail though.

OK, I think Mr. Fox, along with Christian/Ewan MacGregor, have cleared up the bad dream blues.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Caves of Polar Bears

So, who watched Lost tonight? I can guarantee one person did. That's right. Me. The original, ran-home-from-class-to-watch-the-pilot fan that converted all around me. Or something. Anyway, so not much happened tonight. I'm little surprised there wasn't more of a hollabaloo over those corpses. I mean, how often do they find 40 year old corpses? Is no one curious? I also wonder if they happened to move them or anything before the Beach Flee-ers moved in. And who else thinks there's something developing between Kate and Sawyer? I think Sawyer will be showing hidden depths as some point soon. Probably just before he gets EATEN BY THE MECHASAURUS REX.

I just ate a whole lot of graham crackers. Whew!

Movie news: a new screenwriter for Indiana Jones 4 was announced today. He wrote the scripts for The Terminal and Catch Me if You Can. So basically we can assume Tom Hanks will be replacing Harrison Ford in the lead role.

So apparently New Line Cinema--you know, the studio that made such awesomness as The Lord of the Rings--is really serious about making the movie Snakes on a Plane, and got a director today. Snakes. On a plane. I bet it won't be as funny as the SNL cobras-on-a-plane skit. "You put your AI Steak Sauce on...ME!"

There are three new pictures from Episode III out today. The trailer comes out the with The Incredibles, but that's not enough to get me to see The Incredibles. Something about those character designs... Anyway, Revenge of the Sith pictures. Here they are. Pretty cool, though I maintain my feelings on Anakin's greasy hair.




Prisoner of Azkaban comes out next month! And next month is less than a week from now!

Expecto Patronum!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It ain't real but it's still so good

Velveeta, that is. What is it about that stuff that makes me want to eat it all the time? So cheesy, so yellow. Just right! I have a granola bar with me and that just isn't as appetizing. The orange wrapper does match my sweater though. That is not as good as Velveeta either.

So I'm supposed to be finding out about notary officials right now. Notice how I am still here. I got some time right? I was going to go see a stuffed elephant, but I never had time for that anyway. I've had the word "pachyderm" in my head this morning. How do words get in your head anyway?

I just took a test and the girl next to me kept moving her gum around in her mouth. This has made me vow to never chew gum again. This resolve will last approximately 20 minutes, until after I have eaten my non-Velveeta granola bar and don't feel the need to spread my peanut butter breath across the landscape.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hats and Ponytails

If only it weren't Monday again tomorrow. Monday must be the most dismal day of the week. Fortunately, it's the last week of October--fortunately, not b/c I dislike Oct, because then it will be November and almost Thanksgiving break and then almost Christmas break. Ahhhh. It's so close I can almost kind of taste it. But not really.

Time for the weekend box office. The Grudge won out in a big way with 40 million. Whew! it definitely benefitted from The Ring and, you know, the season. Sounds like Sarah Michelle Gellar is on her way to, like, a movie career. Hopefully she gets a bit of fat on herself in the process. In the sad news of the weekend, Ben Affleck had his worst movie opening, I think, ever with Surviving Christmas at #7, with 4.5 million. This is why 1) Christmas movies don't come out before November 2) ANY non-Halloween holiday movies should never start out against a scary movie. Success is just not possible. So, the Ben Affleck backlash continues. It's too bad, because he's still loads better than J-Flo (even if only by Matt Damon association) and she's doing all right. Pffft on Flo.

I carved a pumpkin tonight! It's totally Halloween time.

I just glanced at a few prelimiary reviews for Alfie and it's not looking good. Any surprise? Mmm.... no. I'll take About a Boy. Did anyone else find the Jude Law/Sky Captain skit on SNL last night fantastically hilarious. "Why would I want to take a bite out of a fireball?"

Speaking of SNL. Wasn't Ashlee Simpson's performance great? Loved that lip synching. Loved that "My band did it ahhhhhh." Pfft on her. What makes it even funnier is her little quip on lip synching from Lucky magazine (or something):
"I'm totally against it and offended by it. I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me."
Good job, you know, documenting your non-lip synching-ness.

Almost Halloweeeeeen! Wheeee! (And POA comes out in less than a month! Wheeeee!)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Watch out for Cat Boy!

So today was so of the awesome. I only worked for two hours, and was running frantically to get bathrooms done, so that went super quick. Then I went to a wedding and sat around with thecutestboyeverohmygosh. Then I got to eat buckets of food, including way too many of those Hickory Farms mint-y things. Then I saw The Grudge (more on that) and then I watched some Friends (as usual--the day ended in 'y') and ate a ginormous hamburger. I've had enough beef this week to top out my protein levels for the next month. If beef weren't so good, I might feel over-beefed.

OK, so I read today some quip from Kate Winslet about her willingness to "doff her duds", as they say. So if I were one of her kids in like 15 years, I think it would be really strange that everyone had seen my mom naked in a movie or what have you. I mean, yeah, it's a movie and she's acting--it's not like she's walking around town naked just for kicks and giggles. I just think it would be odd.

I also think it's odd that all of's news articles start out with "X blasted Y for *insert statement/incident/etc.*"

OK, so about this Grudge thing. I got in trouble for revealing too much about The Village so I will keep my thoughts more concise. Yes, it definitely had its scary moments, and I will not deny that I tended to mush myself back into the chair at times. But one can't help comparing it to The Ring, which just had better: 1) story/script 2) cast 3) cinematography 4) characters 5) villain...*shudders*. All of this just added up to a better made, more quality flick. The Grudge is good for scares, but it's just not really good. Partly because it left some confusion also. Question: what was up with the mass of in the corner, the night the old woman dies? I mean, of course it goes along with Dead Woman's hairstyle of choice, but...what did it mean? Also, what did the old woman see when they first looked at the house and why could she see it and not her oh-so-unfortunate kids? And why did it take Dead Woman so long to kill the old woman anyway? So many mysteries with this old woman... I found out earlier that there is sequel to the Japanese original. Just a sidenote. (Also, The Grudge never made me mush as much as The Ring did.)

On the topic of scary movies, I'm going to be travelling at Thanksgiving time, and I think maybe someone I'm visiting should watch Signs whilst I am visiting. It's so good, and really not that scary. Just...good. So good! They should also watch About a Boy because it is absolutely hilarious in a smarter kind of way.

Luc Besson is making an animated movie. OK, I love Fifth Element as if it were my own and I like The Professional more everytime I see it, but ummmm... the Joan of Arc movie was an absolute CATASTROPHE and Madonna was just cast in a lead role in this movie. I mean, she can't act in a live-action movie, what makes them think she'll be better doing this? Shame on you, Luc Besson. Shame on you.

I miss my bed. So. So. Much.

Red Fish Blue Fish Superman Fish

I just watched Van Helsing again. I notice more and more flaws everytime I see that flick...and yet I watch it again. For example, how does the Heroic Trio get out of Castle Roxula? I mean, that mirror/map/transport/thing was all about the one-sidedness when Carlmir tried to get back through. Just one more question we will never know the answer to.

So, this has to be some of the oddest movie news I've heard in some time. The only reason I didn't mention it earlier is because I thought it was completely untrue. Apparently, Franz Ferdinand, those guys who want you to take them out, are going to be writing some music for GOF, for the Weird Sisters to play at the Yuletide Ball. But get this, they might actually play the Weird Sisters. Yes, I, too, am scratching my head.

So about this Superman kid, Brandon Routh... Pfffft. I'm still bitter about Bryan Singer ditching his "beloved" X-Men. But check out the list for the "front runners" for Lois (insert pffffts): Mischa Barton(The OC), Charisma Carpenter(Buffy-Angel), Mia Kirshner(The Crow sequel), Evangeline Lilly(Lost[!!]), Natalie Portman(Star Wars) and Keri Russell(Felicity). Yesssss, I'll see ya there.

Oo, who watched Lost last night?! WHAT IS UP WITH THE EMPTY COFFIN?! Did the airline not let him fly with the body (but why would he take an empty coffin back and why would he frizeak when he saw it was empty?)? His pops can't be alive... BUT, I read an interesting point last night. OK, the criminal (Kate) has become the lawmaker (with the sheriff's badge) and the paralyzed man (Locke) is now Mr. Survival. People are becoming the OPPOSITE of what they were before. So... does the previously dead father now live (in some form?)? PLUS did anyone else find it freaky and ominous that the Pops was being shown FROM THE BACK? Gahhh... I also read some interesting theories about the animal noises (from people who obviously watch more closely than I). The theory goes that the "roar" is made up of two noises--one natural, one not (metallic). Perhaps this means a creature is let out (the metallic noise being a door/gate being opened) and then the noise of the actual creature as it is let out. Oy. I can't wait to see this whole mystery be unravelled. I am hooked.

And now I am hooked into the idea of going to bed. Night, y'all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Face Your Enemy

Well, it's that time again. Time for everyone to notice how long it's been since the Green Bottle's been refilled. Tsk tsk.

So today on they were boasting about having an EXCLUSIVE first picture of Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four. Yeah, maybe this would have been cool if it weren't just a picture of Mr. Nip/Tuck in a nice suit. That's why got this "exclusive"--no one else wanted it.

OK, this is really weird. The bass from the subwoofer is making a spot of on my leg vibrate. Just a spot. Time to move that leg.

Well, Bryan Singer cast Superman. It's some guy named Brandon Rockemsockem with the impressive credits of One Live to Live and Will and Grace. Score! Can't wait for that. I suspect Lois Lane will be played by Lisa Brenner, formerly of Another World. "Here's your precious baby, Superman!"

I saw my first ten minutes of Walker, Texas Ranger today. Yes, it was as bad as I thought it would be, and yes, it did have some of the worst fist fight SFX I've ever heard. Like someone slapping a raw steak with a spatula.

Lost is on on Wednesday! It's so close I can taste the polar bear now.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Flourish and Bloxxes

Ah, what a fine day Friday is. I wish I were at home right now to enjoy it. But campus is my second home so I guess it makes sense but maybe.

I'm so very hungry. I've hardly eaten anything all week except crackers, Honey Bunches and the occasional ramen. D'ohs on me--I need to go grocery shopping.

So there are these new official POA style Gryffindor purple and gold. Doofs.

I have a great quote from school this week (from a live person, not readings) and I just want to hear some guesses about class and context. This was totally on topic by the way, not some crazy tangent. Here it is:

"This is menstruation envy!"

Any guesses?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

All Your Weight, it Falls on Me

Hoorah! Collective Soul is releasing a new CD on November 16th called Youth. I wish Colplay would follow their example. My roommate's birthday is somewhere around Nov. 16th, and I think I might just have to get myself a present. This is the best news of the day!

In related news, I don't know where my copy of Seven Year Itch it is, and it makes me sad because I like the "left me for the government" song. D'oh!

Lost is on tonight. Maybe some unlucky sucka will get eaten today. As long as Dominic Monamerry and Mercutio get off the island I will be happy so Lady Beastie can have a field day. I kind of miss Mercutio's dreads. Cutting them off aged him at least five years. Maybe that was his point, but it won't get rid of the image of him in drag, singing at a Capulet party.

If anyone here hasn't heard Collective Soul's Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, should.

See's Candy is so yummy. I wish I had some.

Hot Topic came out with a new Harry Potter shirt this week, with the most unlikely character. Oliver Wood, aka Sean Biggerstaff! I want that shirt! I mean, OLIVER! If only they had a Hermione shirt. Come on, Oliver gets a shirt and not Hermione? *Sigh*


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

49 Away

So I don't know what's up with everyone being "too cool" to blog or whatever. Some people think you actually need "something" to talk about. Pfft on them.

I've had Jekyll and Hyde music running through my head since Friday night. I'd probably be going crazy if I didn't like it so much. I still can't believe it was filmed on Broadway...with David Hasselhoff. With that thought, here, everyone, have a shudder.

Breaking news! It's Hugh Jackman's birthday! Hurrah for Hugh Jackman being born.

So Bryan Singer keeps going on about how he's going to cast an unknown for Superman. That's all well and good but I wish he would hurry up and do it just so he can stop saying that. I'm still a bit bitter about him dropping X-Men at soon as Supes came up. I'm voting for Joss Whedon doing it, because I really his writing in Astonishing X-Men.

If any of you might be thinking Jekyll and Hyde isn't worth your time, check out this enthusiastic Amazon review:


Monday, October 11, 2004

The Old Gray Mare...

...she ain't what she used to be.

The only way to improve that song is to have dozens of old men sing it with their pants down. Yep.

Shark Tale was number one at the box office again. Maybe it's good?

I'm supposed to be doing some homework right now. Oops.

So I saw Jekyll & Hyde this weekend and it was so good. Except his wig. That was very bad. But the good far outweighed the bad. Far far far. I bet no one hear knows what movie that's from. Hah! I have the ultimate power!


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Whoozy whatzy?

OK, I just read something astonishing. A new movie of The Merchant of Venice is coming out this Christmas (as far as I can tell, it's not been modernized) and guess who's playing the lead? Al Pacino. Yeah. That Al Pacino.

In the words of that crazy guy in A Mighty Wind: Hey, wha' happened?

Paper Socks

Well, it seems like everyone is too good for for blogs again. But here I am, faithful as ever...

So, in the movie news today. Yet another Asian horror flick is being remade by the US, this time it's The Ghost. The main character is a girl with amnesia who realizes a group of people are being killed of by a "vengeful ghost." Hmm... maybe it's just my amnesia going away, but doesn't that sound familiar?

So. It's going to happen after all. They're making a Wolverine movie and planning on Hugh starring. Mmmm, tasty.

So Shark Tale was number 1 this weekend, which surprised me. I've heard mixed reviews and am not planning to see it. I'd probably rent it, but I can't think of a reason why. Hmm.

I'm excited to watch Lost tomorrow. Maybe another polar bear will show up. The producers swear the big hungry creature isn't a dinosaur. So my next guess is Jim Carrey.

JK Rowling updated her F.A.Q. about Harry Potter stuff. It's the next best thing to reading a new HP book, since whatever she says goes, rather than "I have to do a decision but maybe." If anyone's interested, here's the link (text only version).

*sigh* I miss my bed.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Wotcher, Harry!

I just "read" a chapter about nuclear atoms. Thinking back to that time, all I remember is the name "Rutherford" but don't ask me what he had to do with atoms of any kind. I had high hopes of getting all my homework done for the week tonight. Didn't happen, on account of plane-ticket-buying interlude (still trying to figure what my means of transport to the airport will be *hint hint*), demoreel interlude and loud roommates long interlude.

Speaking of roommates, we've got a significant other here tonight, his first trip to the Hacienda. Now, this isn't about how he's here after curfew. Pfft. But they're going to watch The Fifth Element. OK, I love that movie, the Twins love that movie...the significant other is not initiated. This is the kid who covered Twin #2's eyes during Bagger Vance kissing (OK, so he did that b/c he thought she didn't want to see it...ho-kay!). So now he gets to watch FIfth Element, you know, the movie with Ruby Rhod and naked Leeloo. Yeah. Good luck with that. (This is the kid who though Paycheck was pretty good, BTW)

I received an indirect challenge tonight. Twin #1 saw Ladder 49 tonight and reported: "I HATED IT! DON'T SEE IT." and various other spazzes all relating to an "unnecessary" death. What does this mean? Now I have to see it at some point and not be a) impressed and b) upset about any kind of death, just to prove I can. The Twins in general believe me to be "heartless" when it comes to movies because I don't cry over them. (Just for the record, Bear is the only one that's managed it) I gotta keep my image up.

In a related story, I haven't had anything to eat tonight except a bowl of cheerios and some saltines. I'm starving but I don't really feel like eating at 1 AM. Pffffft. Well, I do feel like eating, but I don't feel like venturing forth into the world. Dang, I want some Velveeta though. Mmmm. Best cheese equivalent food ever.

Oh, story of the night: saw what is perhaps the most random movie ever last night. Shaolin Soccer. Man, what a great movie! I love watching a self-aware ridiculous movie. So refreshing. I recommend it, especially if you enjoy weird, random, hilarious Asian movies.

End of Transmission