Saturday, December 19, 2015


At the end of her last update I wondered how many teeth she would have by the end of this month.  The answer is six!  It still sometimes surprises me to see all those little teeth in her smile.

Anyway, here we are at nine months--nine months in and now nine months out.  You know, I remember our pre-baby days quite vividly.  But I have a harder time remembering when we just had one baby.  It feels like she's always been here!  I'm pretty sure Mr. C. doesn't remember life without her.  

(I love her round, round head.)

She's had a pretty productive month.  She started crawling on all fours more often and is getting faster every day.  She's cruising and climbing and pulling up--she is a very determined girl and will use all her methods to get what she's after. 

Food was a bit hot and cold this month.  Crunchy things were a favorite, but she rejected a lot of softer foods she'd been eating.  Yogurt disgusted her, soup revolted her, vegetable purees repulsed her.  Her four incoming teeth might have been the culprit but she also loved sweet potatoes and applesauce.  So who knows.  She eventually came back around to liking more foods again.

As for sleep!  Well.  

Once her teeth were through she eased back into sleeping through the night, going to sleep on her own and not making a single peep until morning.  But naptime was a different story.  She used to happily lay there and fall asleep.  Then she started just sitting up.  And sitting.  And sitting.  And sitting some more.  Until she either fell asleep sitting up or eventually flopped over.  

(Yep, she's asleep.)
(Yep, also asleep.)
We're still working it out.  Naps are rough these days for multiple reasons.  But I am SO glad she sleeps at night.  
I found her like this one day after nap.  Like the view??

Anyway, she is a funny thing.  Always making faces and sticking out her tongue or snorting at me.  Her sounds are all over the place.  Often they are cute little na-na-nas or squeals.  This month she also came up with this horrible banshee shriek for her more angry moments.  She and Mr. C. make each other laugh and laugh.  She makes all of us laugh and laugh.  

I love this stage of her babyhood--still very much a baby but with a clear personality and fun interactions--but I'm so excited to see her grow.  

And how many teeth will she have next month??