Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pondering the Prestige

Well, I just got back from seeing The Prestige. Of course the Hugh content was completely satisfactory (I had no worries on that score). Beyond Hugh, I thought it was very good. I also thought it was thought provoking--not about the meaning of life or anything, but the story had a lot of layers and parallels and things that I am still thinking about. To be concise: it had meat on its narrative bones. It also had very good acting and lots of English accents. I'm looking forward to seeing it again and noticing more things and picking up on other things.

In unrelated news, I've been buying a lot of movies lately. Cheap movies, of course. I got Girl with a Pearl Earring the other day for two dollars. I haven't seen it, but I've been told to see it just for the visual stuff. And, come on, how often are movies made about artists? Well, so they're not entirely infrequent, but still infrequent enough to make me interested. I'm looking foward to Goya's Ghosts.

I forced myself to watch Fast Forward today, just to get my TMNT fix for the week. It's just so depressingly lame. It's like they either threw out things (Leonardo! Where is your shell damage?!) or they amped them up (Michelangelo! Why are you increasingly dumb?!). Even the colors are off. And of course, you know, there's the robot butler. Anything with a robot butler is on my bad list. So basically this show keeps racking up reasons for me to dislike it. I also watched GI Joe but there was no Snake Eyes. Pfffft.

In non-entertainment news, I am still pushing through Moby Dick. It's a hard book to read because it's not so plot driven, especially compared to books now. You know it's about getting Moby Dick, but there's also a lot of extra information. I don't think it's like A Tale of Two Cities where the information seems unrelated but then is. I think Melville just wanted to write a book about whaling and Moby Dick was his vehicle. But the daily life element kind of kills the suspense because Moby Dick/action scenes just pop out randomly. BUT the characters are interesting, and I'm eager to get to some action. Melville is a good writer, if a little long-winded, and it's surprisingly funny at times. So, not a bad book by any means, but it does make you work for the payoff.

In other news, I'm tired because I stayed up too late watching tv. I saw some news thing about seniors learning to lapdance from a Carmen Electra video. Crazy seniors, I really didn't need to see them practicing. And now to distract myself from that left over mental picture, I'm going to go eat some Pirates cereal.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fluffy McFluffy

Well, I've been done for a while yet, but I still dream about school and writing papers. It's pretty awesome. More importantly, I don't dream about being at work, thank goodness. There are some people there I will be happy to never see again, especially in a work setting. Hurrah!

I haven't seen a movie in the theater since August....25th. It's been so long! Of course there hasn't been anything to see, though The Illusionist intrigues me. Last fall had more good movies in it than this fall though, for me anyway. I am excited about The Prestige. Or is it just Prestige? Anyway. I wonder if Christian Bale will die in the end. Hopefully Scarlett Johanssen won't make it to the credit roll.

In other news, the first pictures from Order of the Phoenix are out and I am generally impressed. Umbridge looks as good as I knew she would. I think Harry's hair is a little too short now...the POA hair was perfect, they need to go back to that. But Ron's improved hair balances it out I guess. Luna looks very young but otherwise I have no complaints.

In non-movie news, there's not much to say. Applying to school is a bore and I would rather play video games and mess with the iPadlet. Oh well, I guess life has requirements.