Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Monkey Sea

Well, it's Wednesday again. Lost is on, airing the two episodes I missed the first time around. That's exciting. Also exciting: I finally finished Unfinished Tales completely for the first time. Great stuff in there. I think Turin's story is my favorite out of all the First Age tales. It's so sad for him though.

I have a few thoughts on Prisoner of Azkaban, after watching it this past week. The director, Alfonso Cuaron or somesuch, said on the DVD that he took the story and the central theme and then stripped off anything that didn't add to that theme (the theme being the one about Harry and death etc.). I think in some ways this was an excellent idea that made the book-to-movie transition much smoother. But I also think it cost some characters some very important developments of their own. For instance, it left out Ron's enthusiasm at being the topic of conversation after Sirius's attack. This was really the first time Ron's occasional envy of Harry showed up, before it shows itself more clearly in GOF. Leaving out Hermione's too-many-classes stress doesn't show that she finds her academic limits. And, of course, the abridged Shrieking Shack scene (I go along with 90% of the changes but I still maintain that that scene should be longer) leaves out all of Lupin's development, as well as some for James (and, by extension, Harry). So, in short, it's a good idea that maybe was taken too far in regards to some characters. (And of course I'm not talking about adding lots of scenes, just a small handful of short moments)

That concludes today's Harry Potter thoughts. Oh, and that I rock at the trivia game.

Next in today's business: It's almost 2005. Halfway to 2010! Let us enjoy these single digit years while we can.

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven trailer yesterday. I imagine Ridley Scott had a checklist with him while making this movie. "Let's see...drifting snow, check. Desert scenes, check. Female soloist, check. Battles in said drifting snow, check. Noble speeches by combat leaders, check. Oscar be checked."

Ah! Just what the world needed: another Pride and Prejudice remake.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Swinging Like a Star

Well, it's that time again! Christmas time--the time of nogs and nights before. Hurrah!

It's also that other time again--time to get really excited for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince--in stores July 16th! I'm so excited about this I could eat a whole hippo. Seriously, folks, this is going to be so sweetbees.

In other sweetbees news, the first two official pictures from GOF surfaced the same day. In one, Ron sports his increasinly unattractive haircut and very unpleasant "Ron" facial expression. Of course, this was spurred by his dress robes which, if I were wearing them, would probably create the same expression on my face. I submit this theory: teaser in March. Trailer in late summer. I am eagerly anticipating the first look at Mad-Eye Moody. After seeing SOUE, I think Billy Connelly (Uncle Monty himself) would have been a great Moody, but I'm willing to accept What's His Face.

Speaking of SOUE, I saw it this past weekend and it was fabulous. Of course, it rearranged and added and left out a good deal of unfortunate (and fortunate) events. Still, nothing was done that would make me complain. Well, except for not included Brett Helquist in the design of things. Jim Carrey--not overwhelming and a better-than-expected Count Olaf. The kids were great, the supporting cast (featuring several people from A Mighty Wind, incidentally) was good. If I really can't have Lord of the Rings on the 17th, I will take a SOUE movie anytime.

Speaking of LOTR, I finally watched it, and it was fantabulous. It was already but it was good again. I have been absorbing the extra info on the appendices and here is some random information:
1) For the Mouth of Sauron, they digitally increased his mouth size 200%.
2) Billy Boyd wrote the music for the song he sings at Minas Tirith.
3) Liv Tyler sings the song played during the House of Healing scene.
4) The cascading skulls are walnuts and coconuts.
5) WOW a lot of work went into this movie!

Ah, sweet bliss of relaxation. I've been reading--recreational reading!--Unfinished Tales. I'm currently wading through Turin's tale--so sad and so good.

Well, kids, I think it's time to say Happy Christmas and get back to decompressing. Or peeling wallpaper. Whatever you prefer.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Crimanitly Trigger

I'ver received some harsh accusations against my lack of blogging lately. As some justification for my actions (or lack thereof) let me just say I wrote a whole blog last night and blogger failed to produce it. It included insightful information, like the funniness of the Ralph/Bart play date Simpsons episode. "The pointy kitty took it!"

I bought two fantastic Christmas presents today. Guaranteed to impress and amaze. Possibly stupefy.

*drumroll* I bought Extended ROTK last night. Hurrah! I haven't watched it yet, but I should be done packing soon... The excitement is building! Always building! It's such a pretty blue case too. I saw the extra special edition with Minas Tirith. I think more than Minas Tirith I want the Howard Shore DVD. Minas Tirith looked ultra sweetbees, but, just to make myself feel better, I focus on how it's a little dark. Not as white as it should be! I cling to this thought. And the thought that ebay will have them for years to come. *Sigh*

I watched Bourne Supremacy the other day. Such a sweetbees movie.

Well, friends, I think the time has come. Packing must be done. And possibly some eating...and hopefully some RoTK-ing. On the second day, look to my blog.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get Lost!

I know at least one person besides myself watched Lost tonight. And ahhhhhh that was so stressful. Watching that scene (you know what scene!) was like watching Merry die or something. It was horrible. I wasn't sure if Jack was completely out of it for a while, but I'm glad he came through in the end. It was definitely a good episode tonight. And Sawyer didn't even stick Sayid with toothpicks or anything--what a dandy fellow he is. As to Charlie not seeing or hearing or remembering anything... well. That reminds me of an earlier episode when Locke went out to hunt boars. You know he saw something, and yet he professed not to. I think in Charlie's case it's either 1) he's quiet for the same reason Locke is (whatever that is) or 2) he really doesn't remember and he's feeling bad about that b/c he wants to help find Claire. This brings me back to last week. Did that psychic see anything past the plane crash? If so, I'm sure he wouldn't send her there only to have her killed by Crazy Ethan. (Just for the record, I think Ethan's name is Lance) Anyway, I'm kind of upset that it's not new next week. What am I going to do with my Wednesday night? Oh yes. Study like mad.

So, in other news. Last day of classes tomorrow. Wasn't it the first day only yesterday? Where did the time go? I hope next semester goes just as quickly, and I hope it's just as good. I have discovered interests I never thought possible-- physical science and the Maya. Of all things.

I'm supposed to be studying for a non-final test tomorrow. So what am I doing here? Putting it off. Oh yes. And wishing someone would come online and download a song for me. Grrs.
Return of the King is out next Tuesday! It's exciting, but it's also the end, which is depressing. And I have no LOTR to see this Christmas. At least Series of Unfortunate Events will be out. I think the Wide Window hurricane will be pretty good, and I like the look of Billy Connelly's Uncle Monty.

I had a dream the other night that there was a new show out with Deperate Housewives, starring Stacy London. (The Stacy London of What Not to Wear fame) In my dream, I decided it was the best new show, second to Lost. She played a newly released prison inmate who accidentally killed two of her adopted children and their dog (it was supposed to be a prank on her husband). That was after she got out of jail--I don't know what she was in for. In a word: quality.

I'll be true...enough.

Friday, December 03, 2004

The Battle is Won

I'm getting a severe hankering for Return of the King. I'm going to hold off until the extended edition, if I possibly can. Which I can. Because I rock.

So, much happiness today! My defunct-since-August CD Player is miraculously working tonight! I'm very excited, as this means that now computer games and music can coincide. Speaking of computer games, I want to play some Diablo. Hmmm.

More happiness: because my professor has "no life", he graded all our Behemoths in one day. Yes, friends, I have conquered--95%! Victory is mine. My mental comments to him since Bad Test Day--"You suuuuuuuuck."--have been instantly changed "You are most favorite person." So it worked out good for him too.

The Batman Begins teaser poster is out. It's cool--not too flashy. No neon colors. No overemphasis on anatomy. Actually, I'm not sure about that last part because it's just a silhouette. Anyway, it's a nice poster.

Let's see. What else. Oh yes. So I could have watched Hellboy tonight. But I didn't. In doing so I avoided many comments like "He's going to dieeeee." and "What's going on?" Normally I love comments like that but there can be too much of a good thing.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Itchy Ears

My ear itches. Inside. Where I cannot follow.

Who watched Lost? Dude, that whole "He wasn't on the plane!" thing freaked me out for a minute because I thought they weren't going to give the culprit away until next week. Phew. Seriously though, who is this dude? And freaky freakiness with Locke's eyes in that dream. Eesh. I can't wait for next week. Oh, question of the day-- did the psychic get Claire on the plane so that she would have to raise the baby or did he see her dying on the island and he wanted them both to die? My guess is that he wanted her to raise the baby, but I don't really see how this kid could be significant until it's like a teenager. And, I'm sorry, I don't think Lost is going to be on in 13 years. I mean, they could pull a soap switch and replace the baby with an older kid in about a year... cause, you know...that happens. Obviously Abrams has something in mind here.

Gary Oldman (as Sirius Black) was nominated for a People's Choice award for "Best Villain." I guess the people didn't realize that he's not a villain. I always thought that was the real qualifying trait for that category. My bad.

I think my phlegm-filled head is beginning to empty. That's the good news of the day. My ear still itches though.

And just a treat for y'all, I've got some good links here. Very educational.
The earth is what?
Fuel to the Movie Cynic Fire

Monday, November 29, 2004

I Do Believe in Fairies

I do! I do!

In related news, I am back at school after a blink-and-you-miss-it trip to Seattle that was buckets of fun. Submit an application if you would like more details. Pictures will be forthcoming.

The best news of the day: the Behemoth is vanquished. It is complete, including illustrations, bibliography, a cover sheet, and one more page than was required. Ahhh. I was just thinking a few minutes ago about how fast the semesters finish. You spend the first 2 1/2 months dragging your feet through the week, waiting for the weekend. Then, out of nowhere, the final two weeks are at your doorstep. I like school, but it's always exciting to finish a semester and cross a few classes off the list.

Now for the bad news. I have a cold. ("Oh no." "Oh yes.") Bleh.

So, just as experts like myself predicted, Alexander, did not do so "great" at the box office. Over the past five days it only gathered 21 mill. ($160 mill. to make). HAH on you, Colin Farrell, and your attempts at a legitimate acting career.

I did skim part of a review today that said Alexander was one of the best things since...ever. But then they went on to describe Gladiator as a popcorn movie. Did you hear that whooshing sound? That was his credibility going out the window.

Rumors are persisting that HP #6 will be out next June or July. A bookstore chain employee said they had been notified about a release date coming in January. *rubs hands eagerly*

Please excuse me. I must go and relieve my nose of snot.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Expecto Patronum!

Friday is here at last. As a change of pace, I did homework tonight. Yes, friends, I have begun work on the behemoth that is my Maya paper. I got three full pages done tonight--only 7 more! It's going faster than I thought it would so that's not too bad. I always get nervous about having enough to say...that usually turns out to be a groundless fear though.

I have been listening to the POA soundtrack for many hours since Wednesday. I now proclaim, with the full authority that is Me, that it is the best full soundtrack that John Williams has ever done. Why is this? Basically because it's interesting, even when it's separated from the movie. He does good themes, but, come on, his "filler music" is kind of boring to listen to on its own. These are my current John Williams-related thoughts.

In a related story, much Harry Potter news today. First off, a director has been hired for Order of the Phoenix, and I believe it is set for Summer 2007. That sounds so far away but... isn't really. I'm excited anyway though. So those kids are going to be twenty something by the time they finish. That's fine with me though since they'll just get better at this whole "acting" thing. By the time Harry Potter and the Canonical Prophecy rolls out, they'll be Oscar worthy! (And Dan will have learned how to cry)

Rumor has started about the Half-Blood Prince being released next summer. This sounds pretty logical to me, and I very much hope it is true.

While working on a paper last night I drop a glob of nacho cheese on a paper. Fortunately it was a paper from two years ago. I licked it off anyway. Tasty.

Today I had to staple about 25 pages together and my stapler couldn't handle it. So I did it manually. That is my level of dedication.

Speaking of tasty, I am hungry. Hungry for werewolf.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Commencing Countdown

My head is going to explodeeeeeeee. POA is out next Tuesday! So close, yet so so so far away. I sat in the shadow of three POA posters for nearly two hours tonight. I heard a commercial for it. I am listening to the soundtrack right now. A meltdown is imminent.


As consolation I saw my sister and my rapidly growing nephew (all memory of me was long gone). And I got new socks. Soft, soft socks. And a bagel, which is much more exciting than it sounds.

Oh, on that Christmas-related list, I forgot to put Unleashed Boba Fett.

Back to Harry Potter. This may be a first: a John Williams score I genuinely like. This is not helping to prevent a meltdown though.

Moving, this is so good. I feel like I'm flying Buckbeak. You know, Buckbeak was a really good part of that movie. Such a great improvement (technically) over Fluffy. And the Cave Troll. And Firenze. *flies*

Who watched Lost tonight? I SO figured out last week that it was the French lady that caught Sayid. So, about this "sickness." I mean, clearly she's kind of nuts, but were the other people really sick or was she just really sick out of her gourd? Just another mystery. I bet she knows what the Invisible Dinosaur really is.

This movie is so good. OK, time to be quiet now. Sleep sleep.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Day Has Come...

Yes, my friends. Finally--it is here. Prisoner of Azkaban is out next Tuesday. Equally exciting is that I am going to get it before I go to the airport. (And yes if I am in the terminal for more than a 1/2 hour I will start to watch it on the YumYum.) Hurrah! Also exciting, Collective Soul's new cd was released today. I'm hoarding my wealth for Harry but I'm still excited at the prospect.

In other news, I have begun to delve into the treacherous 10 page Maya research paper. By that I mean I have picked up one book from the library. I'm getting there. I just have to write it before next Tuesday so I don't have a metaphorical Blast-Ended Skrewt to take care of over Thanksgiving.

In a related story, I had a dream last night that Hagrid was sent after an escaped convict (he was a black man--hah, really, he was). He was all Modern Hitman Hagrid in black leather. Still had the beard though.

Prof. Sprout's character has been cut from The Order of the Phoenix movie. It's a shame for Prof. Sprout, but more importantly? They're working on the movie. Huzzah!

Now for some non-HP news. I have received some queries of late regarding my thoughts on Christmas presents. For the record, I will now list a few things off the top of my head that have escaped my possession. The Chronicles of Narnia, the first two Harry Potter movies, one of those sweetbees Sirius Black posters and... let's see. A new shower poof.

Well, kids, I have to go home early, and by home I mean "the library" and by early I mean "in just a second." Stay tuned--Lost is on tomorrow!

Oh, and how long has my sister been gone? At least a year, I'm sure.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blame it on the Bloggster

Something really cool happened the other night. I had a nightmare about Saw without ever seeing the movie. (Well, not the movie per se, but the psycho in it--Jigsaw or whatever) He was chasing me a razor blade and had a scary voice. And I didn't even have any prior fear. Alas, such is life. At least there were no dead Asians involved.

POA and nephews in nearly 13 days!

(Who else thinks that Cat Boy hung his arms out the window on purpose to draw Bill Pullman inside?)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Ah, Classic

You know it's a good day when you find horrendous fan fiction. For example...

"A fourteen-year old girl lay on her bed. Actually, it was just a mattress and a fluffy comforter. This was Harriet porter."

Hmm...sounds like a bed to me. This is another one of those super-original fan-fics that consists of rewriting Harry Potter except exchanging Harry for themselves. This story, chapter and all, is almost as good as this quote from the author:

PS - When I have my first kid, I'm gunna put it in one of those twin strollers and run around the mall looking frantic! "

Yeahhhhh... Anyway, so I watched both Shrek movies tonight. I love those movies! Shrek makes such a cute human with his sticky-out ears. So good. So, so good.

In other news, I'm really excited for Alexander to come out. I just want to see how badly it does. DANG IT!!! I forgot to watch Simpsons tonight! Treehouse of Horror, man! Pffft on me... In other news, I'm really tired and my room is a disaster, filled with de Chirico books. *sigh*

In the countdown news: today is the 7th. This means there are 16 days until Prisoner of Azkaban and Seattle. Hurrah! And only two full weeks until Thanksgiving break.

Frizzle frazzle.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tick Tock

Day two of the 70% Aftermath. Slide quiz today. Not too shabby, but not too splendid. I guess all there is to do is write a top-notch paper and completely spaz out about studying for the final. I got a 9 1/2 (out of 10) on the last paper so that's something. It'll boost me up at any rate.

Yesterday morning I saw the music video for a song so bad I thought the only possible explanation was some kind of joke. A really bad joke. What do Shania Twain and Mark Mcgrath make? A party for two is what they want you to think. A really, really sucky song is the real answer. If anyone needs a laugh, I recommend watching the video (the double whammy of picture and sound is really great) pronto.

On my way to class today I squished a sizeable spider. I was walking on past but it started heading towards an unsuspecting hall sitter. So I casually "looked at a poster" and put the smack down. I'm still waiting for my medal. I'm also still wondering if anyone saw it and cleaned it up. I sure as heck didn't.

I have too much to do this weekend. Well, I guess "too much" implies impossibility, which it isn't. But it seems like too much when all I want to do is sit around and read Harry Potter, possibly while consuming mass quantities of Velveeta. And ice cream. Pumpkin ice cream. Mmm.

I have reached the conclusion that, in general, Progresso soups are better than Campbell's Chunky soup. At least the cream/chowdah kinds are better. Progresso's New England Clam Chowder is splendid, while Campbell's ham and potato chowder is...average. This is my recommendation.

Oops, wait... Erm, you're breaking up... *Fzzzt* --you say? *Snazzzt* I-- *Fritzzzzzzzzzzz*

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reluctantly Floating On

Well. I took my second test for Maya art just now. It took 2 hours, after 6 hours of studying today. I've done all the reading. I've never missed class. I take copious notes that take me much time to read through. You'd think this would warrant some kind of...something. Turns out it warranted a 70%. Yeah, a freaking 70%. OK, OK, so that's not taking the short answers, dates and essays into consideration. There's also a slide quiz tomorrow that is tabulated. Still, this is not going to get near an 80%. This is very depressing to me. If I weren't so tired and hungry I might be angry enough to pop corn out the Maya people.

To make things worse, I was taking the test tonight and missed Lost. So I don't know what happened, and I missed my little ritual of Lost and clam chowder night. I only get half of that now. *sigh* It's a good thing I have ice cream.

I saw the video for the new Modest Mouse song this morning. I was kind of confused until I realized he was the crow, and not just a random body in the corn. I want to hear the song again. I can't remember it now, and there's no one online to hunt it down with mysterious methods. That is exactly why I need to be taught the Mysterious Methods.

Oh, and I, too, gave the enthusiastic metaphorical hat-throw-in-the-air this morning when I turned on CNN.

I don't want to study anymore. I want to sit in my bed and read Harry Potter. Is that too much to ask? I'd at least like to get an e-mail or something sometime. Maybe a song or two. Maybe a missil to launch at Palenque and Copan.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Some people think I don't blog anymore. Some people think I haven't blogged since the fall of Rome. Some people are crazy.

Unlike a lot of people of my acquaintance I voted. I sent in my ballot last week and I feel pretty pleased about that. We'll see how it turns out. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I like Harry Potter.

In other stupid news, I love that MTV has these "Inform your Vote" things that are all "impartial" and stuff. After this speal they show two anti-Bush videos in a row. I mean, I know there aren't any anti-Kerry videos but Keane is always a nice alternative. In short, when MTV trys to be "intelligent" it is always much of the suck.

In other cool news, the Do Not Disturb sign disappeared from the Mysterious Door on JKR's website. So after much cheating, I got past the riddle and read three of the chapter titles. Hurrah! I have no idea what Draco's detour is, I think Felix Felices (sp) is a spell and I have no idea who/what the spinner is and what its end is. (Though my first thought was Aragog. My second was Trelawney but I can't explain that one)

I was reading a HP fanfic once upon a time, involving much death and intrigue. Unfortunately, someone slacked off and the end will forever be a mystery to me. I am currently considering posting it in some sort of fanfic community, just to get a reaction. Perhaps that will cause an ending to be written--pleadings from confused readers!

Doesn't a bagel with cream cheese sound perfectly lovely? I drool for it the way I drooled (gracefully, mind you) for Ritz sandwiches this past weekend. *Drools*


Sunday, October 31, 2004

Talkin' Bout Crazy Cool Medallions

Ah, Halloween. The most fun one-day-only holiday. You know what one of my best Thanksgiving memories is? The Thanksgiving of many moons ago, back in my inexperienced freshmen days. That day was filled with so. much. food. Then, during and after the food we watched Rush Hour. Then, later at home, I watched Legally Blonde and ate leftover pie while lying on an oh-so-comfortable grey couchy/pillowy/futony chair thing. That Thanksgiving also included the first Harry Potter movie, and my first rereading of the books. Yet the second time through did not really draw me in anymore than the first. All it did was make me want to be Hermione for Halloween.

Back to Halloween. So I want to wear my costume every day. If crimping my hair didn't take so long I would probably do that every day. Alas, it cannot be done. And so I must return to everyday life and everyday clothes on Monday. At least sweater vests and cordouroy exist in the world. Hey, who are you calling "nerd"?

OK, I had a horrible experience the other night. I wish I weren't typing this at nearly 1 AM. Alas, such is life. Anyway, I had a dream that I was at home with my sister in the middle of the night. All the lights were out... Must break to put on happy music. Ah, British pop. Anyway, so we were in the house and talking/thinking about The Ring but when we did Samara would appear and be UBER-FREAKY. So we were all "Dude, we have to stop thinking about this!" and I was seriously freaked out. So we walked upstairs and found the piano playing itself. Yeah, Samara again. I got so mad I started smashing the piano bench. "Leave us alone!" and the like. So, then, she begins to materialize on the floor at my feet. She reaches for both my ankles and--I wake up, scared out of my gourd. I was too scared to open my eyes, move or look at the clock. So I laid there for a few minutes and then started hearing these noises...voices. For real. I about had a heart attack but was too scared to get out of bed. So after a few minutes of extreme fear and trying to convince myself the voices were in my head, I realized it was the tv in the living room. "The tv is ON." So that didn't help. More time passes. I can move now, but thinking about the dream sends fear all over me, starting from my ankles. So, finally I realize that it must be my roommate watching tv, I finally check the clock: 3:14. Every month or so she stays up super late watching tv. So this is some comfort and I doze off momentarily, only to awake to footsteps. So, after some panic, I realize it's my roommate, and I hear the bathroom door shut. I fell asleep about two seconds later, but it was so freaky. First the dream, the the voices, then the tv. Oy. When I woke up from that dream, my first thought was "I am never seeing that movie again. Ever. Never. I will never buy it for anyone, ever. I will never, ever experience The Ring again." That opinion has not changed.

OK, happy news for just-before-bed time. Umm. Has anyone seen the new Episode III teaser poster? (As seen here) It's pretty sweet. The Darth Vader head is a little awkward but I like the idea, and Anakin looks pretty cool. Looks like he borrowed Locke's (Lost) scar.

Oy! Best movie news! Sony Pictures is making a movie of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is my favorite Roald Dahl book (not with the Quentin Blake illustrations--the old ones). Not only are they making a movie, it's going to be stop-motion animated movie! Perfect! I hope. The director is Wes Anderson, who made the upcoming The Life Aquatic which looks quirky funny. Perfect! I hope. Such a great book. So sad when he loses his tail though.

OK, I think Mr. Fox, along with Christian/Ewan MacGregor, have cleared up the bad dream blues.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Caves of Polar Bears

So, who watched Lost tonight? I can guarantee one person did. That's right. Me. The original, ran-home-from-class-to-watch-the-pilot fan that converted all around me. Or something. Anyway, so not much happened tonight. I'm little surprised there wasn't more of a hollabaloo over those corpses. I mean, how often do they find 40 year old corpses? Is no one curious? I also wonder if they happened to move them or anything before the Beach Flee-ers moved in. And who else thinks there's something developing between Kate and Sawyer? I think Sawyer will be showing hidden depths as some point soon. Probably just before he gets EATEN BY THE MECHASAURUS REX.

I just ate a whole lot of graham crackers. Whew!

Movie news: a new screenwriter for Indiana Jones 4 was announced today. He wrote the scripts for The Terminal and Catch Me if You Can. So basically we can assume Tom Hanks will be replacing Harrison Ford in the lead role.

So apparently New Line Cinema--you know, the studio that made such awesomness as The Lord of the Rings--is really serious about making the movie Snakes on a Plane, and got a director today. Snakes. On a plane. I bet it won't be as funny as the SNL cobras-on-a-plane skit. "You put your AI Steak Sauce on...ME!"

There are three new pictures from Episode III out today. The trailer comes out the with The Incredibles, but that's not enough to get me to see The Incredibles. Something about those character designs... Anyway, Revenge of the Sith pictures. Here they are. Pretty cool, though I maintain my feelings on Anakin's greasy hair.




Prisoner of Azkaban comes out next month! And next month is less than a week from now!

Expecto Patronum!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It ain't real but it's still so good

Velveeta, that is. What is it about that stuff that makes me want to eat it all the time? So cheesy, so yellow. Just right! I have a granola bar with me and that just isn't as appetizing. The orange wrapper does match my sweater though. That is not as good as Velveeta either.

So I'm supposed to be finding out about notary officials right now. Notice how I am still here. I got some time right? I was going to go see a stuffed elephant, but I never had time for that anyway. I've had the word "pachyderm" in my head this morning. How do words get in your head anyway?

I just took a test and the girl next to me kept moving her gum around in her mouth. This has made me vow to never chew gum again. This resolve will last approximately 20 minutes, until after I have eaten my non-Velveeta granola bar and don't feel the need to spread my peanut butter breath across the landscape.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hats and Ponytails

If only it weren't Monday again tomorrow. Monday must be the most dismal day of the week. Fortunately, it's the last week of October--fortunately, not b/c I dislike Oct, because then it will be November and almost Thanksgiving break and then almost Christmas break. Ahhhh. It's so close I can almost kind of taste it. But not really.

Time for the weekend box office. The Grudge won out in a big way with 40 million. Whew! it definitely benefitted from The Ring and, you know, the season. Sounds like Sarah Michelle Gellar is on her way to, like, a movie career. Hopefully she gets a bit of fat on herself in the process. In the sad news of the weekend, Ben Affleck had his worst movie opening, I think, ever with Surviving Christmas at #7, with 4.5 million. This is why 1) Christmas movies don't come out before November 2) ANY non-Halloween holiday movies should never start out against a scary movie. Success is just not possible. So, the Ben Affleck backlash continues. It's too bad, because he's still loads better than J-Flo (even if only by Matt Damon association) and she's doing all right. Pffft on Flo.

I carved a pumpkin tonight! It's totally Halloween time.

I just glanced at a few prelimiary reviews for Alfie and it's not looking good. Any surprise? Mmm.... no. I'll take About a Boy. Did anyone else find the Jude Law/Sky Captain skit on SNL last night fantastically hilarious. "Why would I want to take a bite out of a fireball?"

Speaking of SNL. Wasn't Ashlee Simpson's performance great? Loved that lip synching. Loved that "My band did it ahhhhhh." Pfft on her. What makes it even funnier is her little quip on lip synching from Lucky magazine (or something):
"I'm totally against it and offended by it. I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me."
Good job, you know, documenting your non-lip synching-ness.

Almost Halloweeeeeen! Wheeee! (And POA comes out in less than a month! Wheeeee!)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Watch out for Cat Boy!

So today was so of the awesome. I only worked for two hours, and was running frantically to get bathrooms done, so that went super quick. Then I went to a wedding and sat around with thecutestboyeverohmygosh. Then I got to eat buckets of food, including way too many of those Hickory Farms mint-y things. Then I saw The Grudge (more on that) and then I watched some Friends (as usual--the day ended in 'y') and ate a ginormous hamburger. I've had enough beef this week to top out my protein levels for the next month. If beef weren't so good, I might feel over-beefed.

OK, so I read today some quip from Kate Winslet about her willingness to "doff her duds", as they say. So if I were one of her kids in like 15 years, I think it would be really strange that everyone had seen my mom naked in a movie or what have you. I mean, yeah, it's a movie and she's acting--it's not like she's walking around town naked just for kicks and giggles. I just think it would be odd.

I also think it's odd that all of's news articles start out with "X blasted Y for *insert statement/incident/etc.*"

OK, so about this Grudge thing. I got in trouble for revealing too much about The Village so I will keep my thoughts more concise. Yes, it definitely had its scary moments, and I will not deny that I tended to mush myself back into the chair at times. But one can't help comparing it to The Ring, which just had better: 1) story/script 2) cast 3) cinematography 4) characters 5) villain...*shudders*. All of this just added up to a better made, more quality flick. The Grudge is good for scares, but it's just not really good. Partly because it left some confusion also. Question: what was up with the mass of in the corner, the night the old woman dies? I mean, of course it goes along with Dead Woman's hairstyle of choice, but...what did it mean? Also, what did the old woman see when they first looked at the house and why could she see it and not her oh-so-unfortunate kids? And why did it take Dead Woman so long to kill the old woman anyway? So many mysteries with this old woman... I found out earlier that there is sequel to the Japanese original. Just a sidenote. (Also, The Grudge never made me mush as much as The Ring did.)

On the topic of scary movies, I'm going to be travelling at Thanksgiving time, and I think maybe someone I'm visiting should watch Signs whilst I am visiting. It's so good, and really not that scary. Just...good. So good! They should also watch About a Boy because it is absolutely hilarious in a smarter kind of way.

Luc Besson is making an animated movie. OK, I love Fifth Element as if it were my own and I like The Professional more everytime I see it, but ummmm... the Joan of Arc movie was an absolute CATASTROPHE and Madonna was just cast in a lead role in this movie. I mean, she can't act in a live-action movie, what makes them think she'll be better doing this? Shame on you, Luc Besson. Shame on you.

I miss my bed. So. So. Much.

Red Fish Blue Fish Superman Fish

I just watched Van Helsing again. I notice more and more flaws everytime I see that flick...and yet I watch it again. For example, how does the Heroic Trio get out of Castle Roxula? I mean, that mirror/map/transport/thing was all about the one-sidedness when Carlmir tried to get back through. Just one more question we will never know the answer to.

So, this has to be some of the oddest movie news I've heard in some time. The only reason I didn't mention it earlier is because I thought it was completely untrue. Apparently, Franz Ferdinand, those guys who want you to take them out, are going to be writing some music for GOF, for the Weird Sisters to play at the Yuletide Ball. But get this, they might actually play the Weird Sisters. Yes, I, too, am scratching my head.

So about this Superman kid, Brandon Routh... Pfffft. I'm still bitter about Bryan Singer ditching his "beloved" X-Men. But check out the list for the "front runners" for Lois (insert pffffts): Mischa Barton(The OC), Charisma Carpenter(Buffy-Angel), Mia Kirshner(The Crow sequel), Evangeline Lilly(Lost[!!]), Natalie Portman(Star Wars) and Keri Russell(Felicity). Yesssss, I'll see ya there.

Oo, who watched Lost last night?! WHAT IS UP WITH THE EMPTY COFFIN?! Did the airline not let him fly with the body (but why would he take an empty coffin back and why would he frizeak when he saw it was empty?)? His pops can't be alive... BUT, I read an interesting point last night. OK, the criminal (Kate) has become the lawmaker (with the sheriff's badge) and the paralyzed man (Locke) is now Mr. Survival. People are becoming the OPPOSITE of what they were before. So... does the previously dead father now live (in some form?)? PLUS did anyone else find it freaky and ominous that the Pops was being shown FROM THE BACK? Gahhh... I also read some interesting theories about the animal noises (from people who obviously watch more closely than I). The theory goes that the "roar" is made up of two noises--one natural, one not (metallic). Perhaps this means a creature is let out (the metallic noise being a door/gate being opened) and then the noise of the actual creature as it is let out. Oy. I can't wait to see this whole mystery be unravelled. I am hooked.

And now I am hooked into the idea of going to bed. Night, y'all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Face Your Enemy

Well, it's that time again. Time for everyone to notice how long it's been since the Green Bottle's been refilled. Tsk tsk.

So today on they were boasting about having an EXCLUSIVE first picture of Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four. Yeah, maybe this would have been cool if it weren't just a picture of Mr. Nip/Tuck in a nice suit. That's why got this "exclusive"--no one else wanted it.

OK, this is really weird. The bass from the subwoofer is making a spot of on my leg vibrate. Just a spot. Time to move that leg.

Well, Bryan Singer cast Superman. It's some guy named Brandon Rockemsockem with the impressive credits of One Live to Live and Will and Grace. Score! Can't wait for that. I suspect Lois Lane will be played by Lisa Brenner, formerly of Another World. "Here's your precious baby, Superman!"

I saw my first ten minutes of Walker, Texas Ranger today. Yes, it was as bad as I thought it would be, and yes, it did have some of the worst fist fight SFX I've ever heard. Like someone slapping a raw steak with a spatula.

Lost is on on Wednesday! It's so close I can taste the polar bear now.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Flourish and Bloxxes

Ah, what a fine day Friday is. I wish I were at home right now to enjoy it. But campus is my second home so I guess it makes sense but maybe.

I'm so very hungry. I've hardly eaten anything all week except crackers, Honey Bunches and the occasional ramen. D'ohs on me--I need to go grocery shopping.

So there are these new official POA style Gryffindor purple and gold. Doofs.

I have a great quote from school this week (from a live person, not readings) and I just want to hear some guesses about class and context. This was totally on topic by the way, not some crazy tangent. Here it is:

"This is menstruation envy!"

Any guesses?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

All Your Weight, it Falls on Me

Hoorah! Collective Soul is releasing a new CD on November 16th called Youth. I wish Colplay would follow their example. My roommate's birthday is somewhere around Nov. 16th, and I think I might just have to get myself a present. This is the best news of the day!

In related news, I don't know where my copy of Seven Year Itch it is, and it makes me sad because I like the "left me for the government" song. D'oh!

Lost is on tonight. Maybe some unlucky sucka will get eaten today. As long as Dominic Monamerry and Mercutio get off the island I will be happy so Lady Beastie can have a field day. I kind of miss Mercutio's dreads. Cutting them off aged him at least five years. Maybe that was his point, but it won't get rid of the image of him in drag, singing at a Capulet party.

If anyone here hasn't heard Collective Soul's Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, should.

See's Candy is so yummy. I wish I had some.

Hot Topic came out with a new Harry Potter shirt this week, with the most unlikely character. Oliver Wood, aka Sean Biggerstaff! I want that shirt! I mean, OLIVER! If only they had a Hermione shirt. Come on, Oliver gets a shirt and not Hermione? *Sigh*


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

49 Away

So I don't know what's up with everyone being "too cool" to blog or whatever. Some people think you actually need "something" to talk about. Pfft on them.

I've had Jekyll and Hyde music running through my head since Friday night. I'd probably be going crazy if I didn't like it so much. I still can't believe it was filmed on Broadway...with David Hasselhoff. With that thought, here, everyone, have a shudder.

Breaking news! It's Hugh Jackman's birthday! Hurrah for Hugh Jackman being born.

So Bryan Singer keeps going on about how he's going to cast an unknown for Superman. That's all well and good but I wish he would hurry up and do it just so he can stop saying that. I'm still a bit bitter about him dropping X-Men at soon as Supes came up. I'm voting for Joss Whedon doing it, because I really his writing in Astonishing X-Men.

If any of you might be thinking Jekyll and Hyde isn't worth your time, check out this enthusiastic Amazon review:


Monday, October 11, 2004

The Old Gray Mare...

...she ain't what she used to be.

The only way to improve that song is to have dozens of old men sing it with their pants down. Yep.

Shark Tale was number one at the box office again. Maybe it's good?

I'm supposed to be doing some homework right now. Oops.

So I saw Jekyll & Hyde this weekend and it was so good. Except his wig. That was very bad. But the good far outweighed the bad. Far far far. I bet no one hear knows what movie that's from. Hah! I have the ultimate power!


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Whoozy whatzy?

OK, I just read something astonishing. A new movie of The Merchant of Venice is coming out this Christmas (as far as I can tell, it's not been modernized) and guess who's playing the lead? Al Pacino. Yeah. That Al Pacino.

In the words of that crazy guy in A Mighty Wind: Hey, wha' happened?

Paper Socks

Well, it seems like everyone is too good for for blogs again. But here I am, faithful as ever...

So, in the movie news today. Yet another Asian horror flick is being remade by the US, this time it's The Ghost. The main character is a girl with amnesia who realizes a group of people are being killed of by a "vengeful ghost." Hmm... maybe it's just my amnesia going away, but doesn't that sound familiar?

So. It's going to happen after all. They're making a Wolverine movie and planning on Hugh starring. Mmmm, tasty.

So Shark Tale was number 1 this weekend, which surprised me. I've heard mixed reviews and am not planning to see it. I'd probably rent it, but I can't think of a reason why. Hmm.

I'm excited to watch Lost tomorrow. Maybe another polar bear will show up. The producers swear the big hungry creature isn't a dinosaur. So my next guess is Jim Carrey.

JK Rowling updated her F.A.Q. about Harry Potter stuff. It's the next best thing to reading a new HP book, since whatever she says goes, rather than "I have to do a decision but maybe." If anyone's interested, here's the link (text only version).

*sigh* I miss my bed.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Wotcher, Harry!

I just "read" a chapter about nuclear atoms. Thinking back to that time, all I remember is the name "Rutherford" but don't ask me what he had to do with atoms of any kind. I had high hopes of getting all my homework done for the week tonight. Didn't happen, on account of plane-ticket-buying interlude (still trying to figure what my means of transport to the airport will be *hint hint*), demoreel interlude and loud roommates long interlude.

Speaking of roommates, we've got a significant other here tonight, his first trip to the Hacienda. Now, this isn't about how he's here after curfew. Pfft. But they're going to watch The Fifth Element. OK, I love that movie, the Twins love that movie...the significant other is not initiated. This is the kid who covered Twin #2's eyes during Bagger Vance kissing (OK, so he did that b/c he thought she didn't want to see it...ho-kay!). So now he gets to watch FIfth Element, you know, the movie with Ruby Rhod and naked Leeloo. Yeah. Good luck with that. (This is the kid who though Paycheck was pretty good, BTW)

I received an indirect challenge tonight. Twin #1 saw Ladder 49 tonight and reported: "I HATED IT! DON'T SEE IT." and various other spazzes all relating to an "unnecessary" death. What does this mean? Now I have to see it at some point and not be a) impressed and b) upset about any kind of death, just to prove I can. The Twins in general believe me to be "heartless" when it comes to movies because I don't cry over them. (Just for the record, Bear is the only one that's managed it) I gotta keep my image up.

In a related story, I haven't had anything to eat tonight except a bowl of cheerios and some saltines. I'm starving but I don't really feel like eating at 1 AM. Pffffft. Well, I do feel like eating, but I don't feel like venturing forth into the world. Dang, I want some Velveeta though. Mmmm. Best cheese equivalent food ever.

Oh, story of the night: saw what is perhaps the most random movie ever last night. Shaolin Soccer. Man, what a great movie! I love watching a self-aware ridiculous movie. So refreshing. I recommend it, especially if you enjoy weird, random, hilarious Asian movies.

End of Transmission

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Feelin' Mighty Fine

Today's a pretty good day. I have a slide quiz in an hour for Maya Art. I probably wouldn't feel so nervous if I had been able to find pictures of half of them. As it is, I'm hoping to recognize them by my notes....

So I went on today for any interesting movie news, and I was confronted by the poster for The Grudge and the words "Do you have a Grudge?" The same image is here, and you can see the Japanese poster, which is even worse. I know a certain beh who will be seeing that flick with me, after Oct. 22. Mainly because I could never see it by myself and know no one brave enough to venture forth with me.

HBO is making a 12-part series called Rome for next Fall. *drool*

Has anyone watched Lost? If so, does anyone share my opinion that that show is on crack? I mean, a polar bear? I've heard the theory that maybe a plane crashed there with the bear, during a transport to a zoo or whatever. If so, this must have been recent b/c, as I learned from the Ewan MacGregor polar bear documentary, polar bears have to cool down while living in Arctic land. So on a tropical island? Hmm... doesn't look good for that theory. And Dominic Monaghan's character is a crack-head. *tears* He's going to have a problem now because I think his supply is all used up.

Gah! Accidentally opened the window with The Grudge site open. Yeesh.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Super Shway!

How far away is December? And HOW COOL is that Minas Tirith?!

What a fine Day to be a Gladiator

I watched Gladiator last night. Let me just say that I am so happy that movie didn't fall into so many of the pitfalls movies are prone to fall into. No cheesy humor, no cheesy violence, no cheesy nothin'. Cheesiness (unless cheese is intended) is a movie's worst enemy.. but anyway, that movie is awesomeness. There's a shortage of movies with real meaty drama that doesn't go overboard, and I think this is one of them. By drama I just mean movies that include Gladiator is a drama with a lot of action, and Moulin Rouge is a romance with a lot of drama. That kind of thing. John Q is just straight drama and straight drama often shifts into melodrama.

Speaking of movies with drama and those without, I think that was Vanity Fair's greatest flaw--lack of drama. It had a good cast, and a reasonably good story (the skeleton of it). It just lacked that real emotional drama that I think it needed to make you really care about any of the characters. It never really built up to a climax either. In retrospect I see what it was, but only because ten minutes later it ended and there was no other climax candidate. The trailer made it look all emotionally intense but then it fell on its face.

So The Forgotten was number 1 this weekend, which I for one didn't expect. I've been checking for the complete spoiler all weekend, and it's the only one without it yet. D'oh! I want to find out about these crazy aliens.

I have finished my first round of Christmas shopping. Yep, already. I want to pace myself so I don't end up penniless in January. So this month I ordered all the nephew presents. I just ordered them so I haven't gotten them yet but I'm excited anyway. I think I made some good picks.

On the nephew front, this weekend I discovered the secret potion to making my nephew love me and I got all kinds of smiles. This potion consists of: a plastic caterpillar, poking of the double chin and rubbing of the button nose. Of course, at one point he just smiled at me for no reason and that was even more exciting. All kinds of good things.

On a sidenote, my roommates are driving me up the wall with their snipe-iness (to each other, not me). One said she wouldn't live with the other one next semester, but I don't feel inclined to live with either of them if they're going to be emotional 6 year olds with each other. I don't get why siblings treat each other worse than people they hate. Why is that?

Currently I am grooving to Sagat land music, or, as it has been called, "Neutral territory" or "Fake making out land". It's pretty sweetbees. Remember First Aid Bison? Gay Bison? Good times, good times. Man, this game was sweetbees! Sweetbees to the sugarcube!

Tiger Uppercut!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I don't know how many of you watched Lost last night. Visually, I really liked it. I like the cast (Hel-lo, Dominic Monaghan). Anyway, so if you would like to find out what you missed, I found this handy-dandy, hyper summary for you reading pleasure.

"So, if you missed the Lost premiere.... What basically happened was that Matthew Fox woke up in this bamboo forest and wandered out and found people wandering around staggering and screaming and bleeding on this beach amid plane wreckage and so of course there's a pregnant lady having contractions and some guy with a recently occurring severe leg lackage (MMM DINNER I LOVE PIZZA!), and Matthew Fox saves some lives but some moron gets Darwinned into the plane engine and vaporized and everything BLOWS UP REAL GOOD!, and Matthew's all like, @#$! that shit, and he goes back into the bamboo and has to get this random girl who is clearly his love interest (and weirdly reminds me of Kate Beckinsale for no good reason) to sew up the bamboo wound in his back, 'cause he's a doctor but he's not, like, that hardcore, and he's all like, "What's your name?," and she's like, "Kate!," and I'm like, "I KNEW IT!" And there's some weirdly possessive Asian guy who's telling his woman not to talk to anyone else, and there's some toenail-painting bitch who won't even eat a Snickers that her boyfriend lovingly salvaged from the wreck because she is clearly a TOTAL HOR, and Harold Perrineau is there with a kid, but he is vastly underutilized so far. And Dominic Monaghan is there, and he has a much bigger part than I thought he would. And all the actors are unusually chunky, because they need to be able to look starving in about six episodes. And then it rains. And there's something freakishly but invisibly huge moving in the jungle, and everyone's like JURASSIC PARK OH NOES. But the front part of the plane is out there so Matthew Fox, who is magically also a flunked-out pilot, wants to go in and get the transwhatamawho, and Kate's all like, I AM GOING WITH YOU, and Dominic Monaghan is like OMG ME TOO, and Matthew Fox is like, "Who the hell are you?" And Dominic Monaghan is all like, "I'm Charlie," and then they get into an argument because Matthew is all like, "No, dude, I'm Charlie, you're Merry!," and Dominic is all like, "No, dude, you're Jack and I'm Charlie this time, and just be glad you've got a new TV gig, all right?," and Kate is like "EVERYBODY STFU RIGHT NOW." So they go into the jungle and crawl up in the plane wreckage for like fifteen minutes and you just know one of those dead bodies is not going to be dead yet, and one of them isn't dead yet, and it's the pilot, who I am 99% certain is Greg Grunberg--Hey, it's Greg! Hey Greg! We love you, Greg! Tell Felicity I said hey, Greg!--but he gets eaten by the Giant Invisible Thing within, like, thirty seconds, which is awful and tragic because I was hoping he'd become a regular or something, but not before he gives Matthew/Charlie/Jack the transwhatamajig, only the transwhatamathing is totally @#$! up but knowing Dr. Pilot Matthew/Charlie/Jack, he probably took some transwhatamastuff classes at ITT Tech right after he flunked out of pilot school, so keep an eye out for that one. And then the Giant Invisible Thing starts chasing them through the jungle and Dominic falls down and gets caught in That One Tree Root That Is Always In The Middle Of The Path and Matthew saves him but then Matthew and Dominic disappear and Kate loses her shit and then Dominic turns back up and seriously, I think he was doing drugs in the airplane bathroom, y'all, but now Matthew's missing and then Matthew turns up and then they find Dead Greg all mauled up in a tree and they're like OMG WHAT COULD DO THAT?, and besides a heartless invisible dinosaur immune to the charms of Greg Grunberg, I dunno. And the previews are all cracked out with a brawl and some guy trying to get with Kate and then pulling a gun on everyone and Harold Perrineau finds a pair of handcuffs in the jungle, like, Dude! The invisible dinosaurs are into S&M, man! And Dominic's all like, OMGWTF IS THIS PLACE? And I'm thinking, this is J.J. Abrams, man. Y'all are probably in some secret CIA experiment to engineer invisible mechasaurs or something, only they've taken over the world so the CIA went back in time and stranded y'all on a tropical island so you could perpetuate the species, only now the mechasaurs have found you, and you know what? Them bitches are hungry. "

I have done a decision!

As I promised a few moments ago, I have a truly wonderful sound byte for the day. This comes from a story about something. Harry probably. And romance. And Hermie. Something about detective work. Anyway, I've got several selections for you and here is the opening paragraph.

"It was over but I still felt some sorrow in me. I needed a cure and I needed it fast. Voldemort was gone, gone forever. The Wizarding World was at peace, yet I still felt some despair. I needed love and I needed it fast. Life was at ease yet again but I felt miserable somehow. I needed someone and I needed you two."

*sigh* I would just like to say that if you replace "cure" with "hit" the sentence is funnier. Next, a poety interlude.

"I am,
Little bit of loneliness,
A little bit of disregard,
A helpful of complains,
But I can’t help the fact,
That everyone see the scar,"


"I couldn’t believe my eyes. You have changed your eyes to someone else. Why? Am I not good enough for you? We’ve been together for several years and you just looked at someone else. You looked at him; you looked at the most popular guy in the world. Am I not a special guy like him? Why? Why not me?"


Bless my Beautiful Hide

Greetings. What a fine day it is. At the top of the list today we've got movie news to make fun of. Let's get started.

Ashlee Simpson is starring in a movie opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie wins the "Most Ironic Title of the Day" award with the name Wannabe.

Milla Jovovich is going to star as Billy Bob Thorton's wife in Fade Out, a so-called Hitchcockian thriller. The mystery at the core of the movie will be how these two people ever got married. Billy Bob's exes are being consulted by screenwriters trying to find a plausible explanation.

Russell Crowe is considering directing and starring in The Long Green Shore. This movie is set during WWII and focuses on an Australian battalion charged with getting the Japanese out of New Guinea. What? A World War II movie... that's all beh needs to know.

Alexander has been moved to the end of November (as opposed to the start of the month), thankfully delaying the day when blonde-haired Colin *snark* Farrell will be seen by the masses.

That's all the interesting movie news for today. What else have I got in my drawers... The silliest bit of news for the day is the Robert Downey Jr. is coming out with his own CD. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, he is a "brilliantly gifted songwriter who writes lyrics that are wise and moving." He also has a "burnished, smokey voice." Pfffft.

I found a fantastic sound byte for today, after a long absence of bad writing (I know, sorry), but it's so special it needs its own post.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Chacha hammas

If anyone can tell me what movie "chacha hammas" is from I will be very pleased. You won't get anything except my pleasure. But that's still pretty cool.

I'm hoping my internet comes today. I have to go home and check the mail. The next time I blog it may be from my room, where I can make fun of people at my leisure.

On the GOF news front today, Percy will not be making an appearance. The actor (Chris Rankin) was contracted for POA and one more HP movie. He doesn't really have a role in OOTP so maybe in the 6th movie he'll turn up. John Williams may not be doing the score for GOF, which is okay in my book. I enjoy his themes but otherwise he's rather dull. Anyway, Patrick Doyle is rumored to be doing it. I think he did the music for Sense and Sensibility. Fabulous movie...

Tom Felton (Draco) turned 17 today. 17! When did any of them get that old? As my Maya prof. would say: Dang.

I'm approaching the halfway point in The Grim Grotto. I am so confused now. I had numerous theories before I started reading it, and now they've gone down the Stricken Stream, along with the sugar bowl. *Sigh* And that other submarine! Who was in that one? The man with no hair but a beard and the woman with hair but no beard? It must be... Who are they though? And are the eagles with them still? Probably not... Hmm. I hate it when school gets in the way of my recreational reading!

I had a dream the other night about contact lenses. Contacts are always the same in my dreams--bigger than my eye and kind of thick. I always pick them up and say, "Were they always this big? How do they ever fit in my eye?" and then spend about 15 minutes trying to get these horrible things in my eyes. It's so nice to wake up and see the little floppies in their pool of saline.

My roommate got locked out the house the other night. She didn't take her keys and came back sometime in the wee hours. She almost never takes her keys, even though she's been locked out before (all night on one occasion). Maybe it's just me, but it seems like common sense to take your keys with you when you leave when you know your roommates will be asleep when you get back (or they won't know you're gone)...


Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I find these intensely amusing.



Wedding rings for men that include diamonds are fugly.

Popol Smuh

Just an update on my oh-so-intriguing life.

I had a lot to do on the computer today. I think I have done perhaps 40 % of it. I really should make lists...

I watched Shallow Hal last night for the first time, with the roomies. I never would have guessed how complicated that movie was, but every five minutes: "Is that what they really look like?" "Why do they look different?" "Is that so and so?" In the words of Mr. Dynamite: Goshhhhh.

OK, enough complaining for the day. What else is new... I had the most depressing dream the other night. I was watching ROTK and Frodo had destroyed the ring but (years later) nothing was better. The world was all grey, barren and dead. There were no plants, trees and hardly any people. I could go on about this for a while, but, in short, it was so sad!

So in movie news today... I read something about a location for a Quidditch scene in GOF. I can't remember the wording, but it made it sound like a match at Hogwarts. Clearly there must be some error here since there are no Quidditch matches in GOF. In other news, it was Hermione's birthday a few days ago, and I MISSED IT!

Also, there are new pics of the Fantastic Four crew. Already I can tell that this movie is going to be one that will make me laugh. Hard. Horatio in spandex... how great is that?

In related news, The Grim Grotto, book the 11th in A Series of Unfortunate Events was released today. It is in my posession and I am thus far a chapter into the grim-ness. The mystery has deepened and I am grimly intrigued. I'm sad Sunny is growing up though and speaking real words. I loved it when she talked incoherently and was the size of a watermelon. *Sigh* Such is life.

I have gmail, a phd and Pops and I are going to do some human sacrificin' at Christmas, now that my Maya professor has declared it to be a "beautiful process."

Monday, September 20, 2004


Don't you love those times when the people you live with annoy the heck out of you, just for sitting on the couch or saying "Whaaat?" to everything you say, seemingly regardless of whether or not they heard you? It annoys me.

I finally found an artist to write about for my Modern Art class. I flipped through my book and picked the painting that I liked. His name is Chirico, and I like his style. I guess he was part of the Surrealist movement, but his style (what I've seen) isn't as "modern" as, say, Rothko or Kandinksky. Which is appropriate since he eventually switched gears to a Classical style (something the other Surrealists didn't so much appreciate). So now I'm finding books for the paper, and trying to write a paper about the Maya creation story and thinking about my paper topic for my research paper on Maya art. Is there any thing in the Maya culture that I think I could talk about for 10 pages? No, not really, but I'm open to suggestions anyway.

So I didn't really do squat this weekend. I wanted to watch Gladiator so so so much, but Conspiracy Theory on and is apparently a better movie... Or something. Pffffft. Remember that annoyance thing with roommates?

We haven't gotten our Internet, which is too bad. Hopefully by Wednesday. That would be fabulocity. Not that I'll have time, since I have three tests between Thurs. and Fri. Yes, thing could get worse, but, to quote Ms. Austen, those who do not complain are never pitied.

Time to get down to business. The lab is "experiencing a high level of usage" and those without an "academic purpose" are encouraged to leave. Like anyone will. HAH, suckers!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Paranormal She-Devils

Let's get the really really bad news out of the way first. Alvin and the Chipmunks is going to be made into a movie. I couldn't read the article long enough to find out if it's going to be live-action or what. Any form is bad enough. Moving on.

So Kiera Knightley is in this movie with Adrian Brody called The Jacket, but, no, this isn't going to be a what makes a movie title stupid. OK, so this flick is about some war vet (Brody) that is accused of murder...or something...and he's trying to prove his innocence and can like see in the future all this stuff...or something. Hopefully that would make sense in the actual movie... But, back to the point, Kiera plays the girl that he's known since childhood. So... how old are these people supposed to be? He's at least 10 years older than her in real life. But more to the point, they like get involved and stuff, apparently. So the question is: what is up with Kiera Knightley getting it on in movies with older guys? Like Clive Owen? That was one of the most awkward love scenes ever put in a movie. Looks like that title is going to be challenged. (We won't get into the fact that Adrien Brody isn't even ATTRACTIVE)

In other news...there's been no good Harry Potter news for weeks! Just casting rumors and such. Apparently a two-legged dog was up for a part. *crickets chirp*

I read the Maya creation story yesterday, but I have no idea what the creation part was. Lots of talk about rubber balls and bat houses. And somewhere in there...something probably significant happened. Or something..

Time to go find out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just so Y'all know...

...I just downloaded a bucketload of Rohan, Shire and Rivendell items, along with some Minas Tirith wall. Yes, I will be going to town.

Smiddle Earth

While I have been out of the commission the last two days, sneezing my brains out and such, I have been all kinds of productive. I wrote a paper for Maya art, which didn't turn out very well due to low levels of mental capacity on my part. Oh well. More importantly, I have begun the building of Middle Earth in one of my Sim neighborhoods.

First, I build a piddling Minas Tirith, then Moria (complete with the lake and the fabulous door) and a hobbit hole (INSIDE A HILL--I so rock). Today I rebuilt Minas Tirith, complete with a table and fruit bowl, just for Denethor. Then I began construction on the Golden Hall in Rohan. It's even on top of a hill, with a gold roof. Yes, my friend, my transition to complete nerd-dom is complete. Now I am on the hunt for more Rohan items and such. I am still trying to find hobbit skins for kid-sized Sims. Everyone makes them adult, since kids are usually 1/10 as useful as adult Sims. BUT they apparently don't have the magic door that gives kid Sims all the adult Sim actions. Anyway, Middle Earth is coming, folks. Rivendell is on the way. Just in case anyone was interested.

My head is on the verge of exploding, in case anyone was interested in that.

So I've been online now for over a half hour and I haven't talked to anyone on Messenger. Does anyone realize how bizarre this is? I feel so isolated, so cut off, so... alone. Ah, my mental capacity is draining again. Good times.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hinkers, Winkers and Wonkers

This is just a random post for anyone at all interested in what I'm doing right now.

I got out of a meeting just now about volunteering at a current art exhibit. There are two options: coat check/ticket taking misc. stuff and actually leading packs of rabid school children through an exhibit. I have a week to decide what I'm going to do. Let's look at the pros and cons.

1. The Misc. Work. Well, it's not such a big time commitment. You come in, you take coats, you go home (not with the coats). But you don't get the experience of leading tours and such, and that could be very cool.

2. The Tours. For starters you get to wear a costume (always exciting) consisting of a safari hat, khaki vest and messenger bag (courtesy of the Israeli army). But it requires a lot more work because you have to learn about so much art work, you have to shadow a few tours and give a few mini-tours for the staff before you're let off the leash.

I actually have homework (quite a bit) this semester which makes the whole having time thing a little iffy. They only ask for a 2 hour minimum of either work so that's not a big deal. Still... Deep thoughts are being prompted. So, do I break out of my well-established box and have a (potentially) great experience, creating a hectic schedule for myself in the meantime? Or do I take the easier, less time consuming way and still get to hang out in the museum? Either way I have to go to another meeting next week so for now my plan is to take a look at my schedule and then see how things sound next Thurs.

Anyway. Moving on. I have a between-work-and-school schedule that lives with a very delicate balance. I have to be in the shower at 11:45 in order to catch the 12:15 bus (which I do at least two days a week). Two days in a row now, my fabulous roommates have cut into my time. This is very vexing to me.

In a related story, I had a dream last night that I got 2100% on my first Maya art short paper. In actuality I got a 9 (out of 10), which isn't quite a 2100% but I'm getting there. I also dreamed that the extended ROTK came out on Dec. 2. The extra special edition came with something called "Haldir's X", "X" meaning the word I can't remember and which probably does not exist, but started with C. It was some kind of wall hanging from Gondor (I protested this, of course, as he is not from Gondor) combining a natural rock formation and swords. It looked cool in the dream but would probably not translate to real life. In this same day me and Moms were shopping at Wal-Mart and she bought all us kids lunch boxes. My brother got a Spider-man one. She also let me buy the first season of Reboot on DVD.

Well, kids, it's that time again--time to catch the bus. I'm reading Airframe by Michael Critchon and I'm going to read some more on the bus. It's pretty good, definitely better than some of his other books (Congo, The Lost World). Anyway, time to go home and do...*drumroll* homework. Over and out.

(PS: Word is Goblet of Fire will be 2 1/2 hours. Wha' happened?)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sound bytes and Cookies

I wish I had a cookie. I wish I had a good substance of any kind. I had some Triscuits about a million years ago. *Sigh* Man, life is boring right now. What's wrong with September that makes it so frazeaking boring? And why does Mayan art have to be so frazeaking ugly?

Well, moving on. Oh, suprise of the week. Hero beat out all the new movies and took the #1 spot again. Only 11 mill but still surprising. Vanity Fair (good, but lacking intensity) was #8, another surprise. Still, it had 8 mill, not a big difference, and a budget of only 23 mill so it should pull through ok.

Moving on again. I hope to have internet at my house by the end of the week which means more bloggses! Hurrahs! Well, here is the sound byte for the day. This fic reveals all of Hermione's thoughts during the course of the books! I would just like to take a moment to praise its accuracy in depicting Herms. Or something.

"the train
12:02 am
Stuck on this stupid train in this stupid compartment with two stupid guys. Well, and Ginny, of course. Can’t forget Luna...she’s here, too. But why must Harry and Ron be here? I still can’t believe they’re my best friends. They’re such idiots.
Luna and Ginny are whispering in the corner, and Harry and Ron are eyeing me strangely. What dorks.
12:04 am
I wonder if I’ll be single all year again. Just like every other year.
12:06 am
Oh my gosh, what if I am? I had Viktor a couple years back...
12:07 am
I may just die with shame."

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Brady Bunch Movie

Greetings, y'all. I recently received a challenge to make a movie cast of my family. I don't know if that made sense. Here is what I came up with. This was oodles of fun and probably there are better people out there, but I was just thinking of casts in movies that came to mind. The link for the first names will take you to their listing on (for the unfamiliar) and the last name will send you off to pictures (also for the unfamiliar).

Pops Brady: Eugene Levy
Moms Brady: Blythe Danner
Greg: Paul Walker
Greg's wife: Romola Garai
Peter: Aiden Gillen
Peter's wife: Alex Kingston
Marcia: Jennifer Connelly
Marcia's husband: Steven Waddington
Myself (Jan): Ideally it would be Emma Watson, because, you know, she's Hermione. But "realistically" I chose Alison Lohman.

A few notes of explanation:
  • Alex Kingston is, of course, older than the real deal but whatever
  • Marcia and I have long had the opinion that Mr. Marcia resembled Duncan from Last of the Mohicans.
  • About Alison Lohman. I picked her since she's like in her mid-twenties and she's played teenagers. What does this have to do with me? I was recently asked if this were my first semester at college or (earlier) if I were here visiting family while on spring break (like high school spring break).
  • Casting is based on looks, not movies. Because some of them have made sucky/weird movies indeed (No, I'm not talking about Fast and the Furious because I enjoy that movie).
  • As for Peter, if I were casting Peter of the universally-praised tale "Greg's Tree House" he would, naturally, be played by Vin Diesel.
  • Paul Walker. Hahahaha.

    So there you have it, folks. The brilliant, Oscar-winning cast of the Brady Bunch Movie. Hurrah!