Friday, December 12, 2008

The Days: They Pass

(Song for this post: "Hogwart's Hymn")

So, another semester has come and gone, and with only one more to go, my days in Indiana are rather numbered. I could probably do some math and figure out just how many days, but I'm not that motivated. Anyway, during my last year at BYU I found myself taking note of all my last times for things...last Fall Fling, last time seeing the tree in the Quad, last pumpkin thing at Jamba Juice (what was that name?), last time smelling those crazy trees that I love* and the like.

So, around October this year I started doing the same thing here. Last fall scenery at Brown County, last Halloween with Ferskner, last December breakfast for the program (mm, bagel), last work shift with Marcue and such. Basically I am being preemptively nostalgic half the time and the other half of the time I'm counting down days until things like Friday, the day I go home, Christmas and oh yeah, the 26th. Not to mention things way more in the future like the day I graduate, the day I get my tax return and the day I finally see Half-Blood Prince.

I can't really remember the point of this post except to say that it's hard to be full of anticipation for the future while still reveling in the moment and all the while sighing over things I'll miss in six months. Even though I'm excited about the future and all of those plans, I'm already getting sad to move. At least I will have plenty of time in the car to cry my eyes out with only a small audience.

*Bradford pear trees! People think they stink, and maybe they do but I love that smell. They're my favorite part of spring at BYU. I want to inhale the smell right now, but all I can smell is my bagel.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


I bought new sunglasses tonight...

Aren't they great?!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Food: I like it

Thanksgiving is good for a lot of things--family gatherings, good sale prices, sweater weather. It's also good for a few of my favorite foods. Are they favorites because I only eat them 1-3 times a year? Perhaps. Either way, all I know is that I talk about them a lot and hound my Mom about it every year. "And yams? We're having yams right? You got the marshmallows? And the beans? Did you get the right beans? They have to be the right beeeeeans!"

So, as that may have tipped you off, two of my favorite T-Gives foods are green bean casserole and yams. And of course, the T-Gives Food Crown goes to pumpkin pie but that one is so expected I decided to focus more on the others because they are tasty.

I love these yams so much. They are pretty traditional and maybe boring that way but seriously, if it's not Baroque broke, why fix it? I know some people like big chunks of yams and that is good too, but these ones just melt like delicious yam-tasting butter.

Ahh...forkfuls of delicious creamy, crunchy beany goodness. First I have to explain something here. I always always always always make this with French cut frozen green beans but apparently Wal-Mart didn't want to please me because I couldn't find a trace of them. So I had to settle for the pedestrian cut green beans, which are not as good I realized. I like the slivers of green beans better than fat hunks of them. Anyway, it's still delicious and I wound up eating 75% of it myself. Also, cream of mushroom soup is the best thing Campbell's ever invented.

In summary: Thanksgiving foods are delicious and delectable.