Friday, June 17, 2005


I received an angry gletter today, insisting that I show my blogging prowess to the whole world. So here I am. Bow to me. That movie is so sweetbees.

I caught a spider on Animal Crossing, something no one else has even dreamed of doing. I also caught about four eels, so I don't know quite why they're rEELy hard to catch.

In more exciting news, Hugh Jackman is starring in and producing a Wolverine movie. This means that it's actually going to be made, and I would suspect it would be made right after X3 is filmed, since he'd already be in character and whatnot. In the bad X-Men news, Halle Berry is back for #3, with an "expanded role." Maggie Grace (Shannon on Lost) is signed on to play Shadowcat. So, whatever...that will only work if Boone is there to give her a hard time. And of course Juggernaut is in the mix too, and I don't really know how I feel about that. It seems like there are a few too many cooks working on this stew. Let's check the roster, shall we? We have the full X-Men roster from #2 (including Nightcrawler and Jean Grey) with the addition of Beast and Shadowcat and an expanded Storm. On the bad side, we have Magneto and Mystique (I assume Mystique) and now Juggernaut also. I think I heard some other villain mentioned also... So... many cooks. Of course, X2 juggled a lot of characters very well so I will be optomistic.

Blah blah blah... anyway, Cho Chang is an evil Ministry imposter.



  1. I think it's funny to say Hugh Jassman. Hahahahah. Hugh Jass. Hahahahahaha.

  2. Hahahaha, that is pretty funny.

  3. is shannon the blonde from Lost that had her babie? Or the chick from the "Livelinks" commercial?