Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I went to Chicago, something no one else has done. It's a pretty sweetbees place. I saw stuffed man-eating lions, a Caillebotte painting, fellow Harry Potter nerds and a lot of granola bars. I also had my picture taken with an amazingly accurate Snape and Dumbledore, which was sweetbees. I also missed seeing Harry and the Potters play at Borders, which made me as angry as a chizpurfle.

In other news, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was possibly the most fun I've had at the movies all year. The cast was great, I loved all the Buckets, the music was so Danny Elfman and Willy Wonka had a great coat. Visually, I think it was Tim Burton's lightest movie. It still had all his wackiness though--phew! The worst part was that I missed almost the entire (new) trailer for Corpse Bride.

I read Kidnapped and Treasure Island a few weeks ago. Both were good, but Treasure Island was definitely more exciting and entertaining. It almost makes me want to see Treasure Planet again since now I know what they changed. But I think seeing Captain Smollett as a female cat would be rather disappointing now.

I've grown a powerful hunger for lasagna.

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  1. Hi Sportacus. Bing Bing biddle-liddle doo.