Sunday, April 09, 2006

You Spin Me Right Round

You know what I haven't read in a long time? A good fan fic. Fan fics are just kind of a summer-y thing, I think. Bad writing is generally more acceptable and more entertaining in the summer. But maybe I think that just because I rediscovered fan fiction two summers ago and wound up reading it all night with some hagan daas. Anyway, ice cream is good but fan fics are more entertaining. And that, as Chuck Norris would say, is the rest of the story.

No matter how many times I see it I still like the Honey Nut Cheerios bistro commercials. But I never like those Prego commercials because they're so annoyingly dramatic.

So, let's see, what's new. Well, in Harry Potter news: Order of the Phoenix is set for July 13, 2007! Which is so totally soon. Also, Tonks still sucks. And so does Ginny. But not Harry.

I watched Spider-man 2 again last week. I forgot what a sweetbees movie it is. I think, in terms of human drama, it is the best out of all the superhero movies. But I still don't approve of the frequent de-masking scenes, and that melodrama on the subway train with unconscious Spider-man is still overkill. But it's still sweet.

I saw this What Not to Wear a few weeks ago and the lady actually refused to have her hair cut. That was really unfortunate because her hair was so long and scraggly. I heard that Christopher Robin is being kicked out of...Hundred Acre Woods? Well, anyway, I hear he's getting the boot and will be replaced by a girl. I don't know why because Christopher is perfectly respectable.

In conclusion, I'm still irritated with stupid Tonks. Stupid Tonks getting together with Lupin. Pffffft.


  1. I heard about Christopher Robin like infinty ago. Nice try Jan.

  2. Is it because she's with Lupin that you don't like Tonks? Please tell me that's not the only reason.

    You are right on about Spider Man 2. It's an amazing human story, which is what makes it the best. It doesn't hurt to have a villain who's a little less lame than the Green Goblin, too.