Monday, October 09, 2006

Fluffy McFluffy

Well, I've been done for a while yet, but I still dream about school and writing papers. It's pretty awesome. More importantly, I don't dream about being at work, thank goodness. There are some people there I will be happy to never see again, especially in a work setting. Hurrah!

I haven't seen a movie in the theater since August....25th. It's been so long! Of course there hasn't been anything to see, though The Illusionist intrigues me. Last fall had more good movies in it than this fall though, for me anyway. I am excited about The Prestige. Or is it just Prestige? Anyway. I wonder if Christian Bale will die in the end. Hopefully Scarlett Johanssen won't make it to the credit roll.

In other news, the first pictures from Order of the Phoenix are out and I am generally impressed. Umbridge looks as good as I knew she would. I think Harry's hair is a little too short now...the POA hair was perfect, they need to go back to that. But Ron's improved hair balances it out I guess. Luna looks very young but otherwise I have no complaints.

In non-movie news, there's not much to say. Applying to school is a bore and I would rather play video games and mess with the iPadlet. Oh well, I guess life has requirements.

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