Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crushing Cans

Some people think I don't blog anymore. I don't know why this is since I blog just as often as others who blog as often as I do. But whatever. Clearly I am still blogging.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to blog about today. I've been drawing Firefly characters lately, which is fun. I also took four Firefly character quizzes and I got Wash every time. Rock on.

In other news, I find it funny that Dreamgirls gets the hype for most Oscar noms but THREE of those are songs. And we all know movies that would not be nominated for anything else often get into the song category. So, really, it's got five nominations which is not the most of any movie. This whole paragraph really probably stems from my disappointment that Casino Royale got nothing, including no song nomination.

Speaking of Casino Royale, I had a dream last night that Daniel Craig had made another Bond before CR. But it wasn't as good.

Has anyone else traded in for the new Blogger? It is kind of cool but not extremely different. In other computer news, I want to play the Sims 2.... I wish you could trade in Sims 1 for it. That would be a sweet system.


  1. As an Academy member I nominated you for a best new vocalization of an inanimate object Oscar, but if you don't think that counts, well, I'll just take it for myself.

  2. I noticed that you spelled nomination wrong. You spelled it noms, when it's actually nomination. Why don't you ever blog anymore?

  3. How come I haven't seen any of your Firefly art? It's not in your gallery!