Friday, December 12, 2008

The Days: They Pass

(Song for this post: "Hogwart's Hymn")

So, another semester has come and gone, and with only one more to go, my days in Indiana are rather numbered. I could probably do some math and figure out just how many days, but I'm not that motivated. Anyway, during my last year at BYU I found myself taking note of all my last times for things...last Fall Fling, last time seeing the tree in the Quad, last pumpkin thing at Jamba Juice (what was that name?), last time smelling those crazy trees that I love* and the like.

So, around October this year I started doing the same thing here. Last fall scenery at Brown County, last Halloween with Ferskner, last December breakfast for the program (mm, bagel), last work shift with Marcue and such. Basically I am being preemptively nostalgic half the time and the other half of the time I'm counting down days until things like Friday, the day I go home, Christmas and oh yeah, the 26th. Not to mention things way more in the future like the day I graduate, the day I get my tax return and the day I finally see Half-Blood Prince.

I can't really remember the point of this post except to say that it's hard to be full of anticipation for the future while still reveling in the moment and all the while sighing over things I'll miss in six months. Even though I'm excited about the future and all of those plans, I'm already getting sad to move. At least I will have plenty of time in the car to cry my eyes out with only a small audience.

*Bradford pear trees! People think they stink, and maybe they do but I love that smell. They're my favorite part of spring at BYU. I want to inhale the smell right now, but all I can smell is my bagel.


  1. jamba juice is awesome xD

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Ever since October I've carried my camera around campus with me. I had to capture the beautiful Fall leaves that I may never see again. The habit stuck. I still carry my camera around with me. I used it today even--to take a picture of those weird limestone rocks with the hats on them. I keep toying around with the idea of blogging about such things so I'll remember them always, but that would require creating a blog, wouldn't it?

    And yet, while I'm getting all nostalgic about where I am right now, I'm also excited about the possibilities of where I will be a year from now. Here's hoping all of BOTH of our dreams come true!

  3. I had this same feeling earlier this year in Appleton. Started noticing and counting my lasts (last district meeting, last Christmas in WI, last companion, last etc. etc.) but the important thing to remember is that life goes on, and it should, and it must. Just enjoy things while they're happening, and yes, look forward to the 26th.

    Cry your eyes out... That's something I gotta see.

  4. I'm EXACTLY the same way - it kind of drives other people nuts, so I'm glad we can all participate in it together. Last British Sunday of 2008...hehehehehehehe!

  5. I think you should write a poem about your nostalgic feelings and then let me read it.

  6. guruburu: Yes. Yes, it is.

    DeskSet: I need to carry my camera around more often. I'm still sad I missed those little pepper plants.

    D-Rew: Next week!

    Ferskner: I wish our last British Sunday of 2008 had been a little more exciting...

    Missing smelly trees
    Nostalgic for olden days
    Time is a river

  7. O wow! A haiku!

  8. Even the wisest cannot tell...