Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break: I Hardly Knew You

It was a long 68-day wait, but I finally went to Utah this past Friday the 13th to pay my man a visit. You know how they say anticipation is half the pleasure of a thing? Well, I think I would have enjoyed the trip just as much without all the time to anticipate it so take that, Anne Shirley.

Instead of just throwing random pictures and anecdotes at you lovely readers, I am giving you a handy top ten list. I may or may not have stolen this idea from my lovely man.

10: A Wedding! A Wedding!
We stopped in Salt Lake on the way back from Logan to check out my friend Jaime's wedding reception. It was delightful in many ways and included some very tasty eclairs. Speaking of eclairs, the father of the bride told a guy at our table that I made all the food. We thought this fellow knew it was a joke, but...somewhere there is a guy thinking I made every food item at that reception.

9: Shamrock Shuffle!
Things started off with a bang in Logan where we did a chilly 5K. Silly me, I forgot to pack my running pants in my excitement over new running capris.* And yes, his Mum ran it too and she totally beat me. At least I was capable enough to beat his Grandma, but she's still way more hardcore than me.

8: What the pho?
We ate pho (or fawm, if you prefer) at the Saigon Noodle House. It was very tasty and noodle-ly. I tried eating it with chopsticks, but apparently I can only eat things like cupcakes with chopsticks. Drew showed off his chopstick skills and I used a fork, as you see here.

7: School!
Technically we were at BYU together already, but it was more fun to do it knowingly. I hung out in the hall and fell asleep on the grass (hello, sunburn) while Drew was in class and then we made out on the grass like all those other BYU couples. OK, just kidding about the making out. Just replace "made out" with "ate bagels and read the newspaper."

6: Get LOST!
I have been hearing about this LOST club for months on end. They eat gummi bears and sticky rice and cookies! They have t-shirts and assigned characters! And finally I got to be there and it was just as good as I had been told. Gummi bears, red velvet cupcakes and yes, I got myself a shirt with my character name on it (Juliet).

5: A birthday! A birthday!
So far we have been apart for all the important dates (aside from New Year's) so it was nice of spring break to include his birthday on Monday. We may have missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's, but dang it, we got a birthday. The celebrations included Hmong egg rolls, a delectable chocolate cake and my first outing of laser tag. I hit the birthday boy 10 times, which did wonders for my score.

4. Going forth!
One of the best things about proximity is that you get to do things. Together. In the same place. I mean it was fun and all watching movies at the same time in different states, but this was much better. We went to many exciting places like Wal-Mart, the gym, Borders, Bajio and locations in general. Did I mention the Bean Museum? It was very exciting and we took a lot of pictures there (we had a goal of taking more pictures).

3: Various and sundry peoples!
I finally got to meet some of the people I have heard about (and corresponded with) for many months. Plus I got to get better acquainted with people I met only briefly in November. Unfortunately I have this problem where anytime I leave my primary base of operations I'm tired all the time and need 10 hours of sleep. I..did not ever get 10 hours but hopefully I wasn't *too* lifeless and dull. Anyway, it was great meeting more of Drew's friends and family and then shooting some of them at laser tag. Speaking of which, can I play the Wii?

2: All manner of togetherness!
OK, so maybe this one is kind of similar to #4, but it's totally more encompassing. Watching movies and TV, eating meals, driving about, taking walks, conversating...all of these things were great because we got to do them together for once. No webcams required. Even when I thought I was going to die of suffocation in the gym's steam room it was okay because I was trapped in there with my favorite and my best.

1: Other forms of togetherness!
Some things you really just can't do with a webcam. Like this:

Only ## days to go!

*Except I totally did pack those pants as I discovered days later.



    More comments to follow...

  2. What a fun trip! And how lovely to spend time together.

  3. YAY! It was fun to intrude on your togetherness during our moving times. You can play our Wii anytime, just come on over . . .

  4. Time for my promised further comments.

    I love these pictures. My what an attractive couple we are. You picked good ones, especially the liger one. That is my most charming expression. The pho WAS delicious, and LOST was not the same without you. And beware next time we go laser tagging. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

    Also, eurgh, 68 days?!? What a nightmare. And no, they did NOT fly by, people. Not nearly that many until May though.

    Ummm... that last picture makes my heart go pitter-pat.

    That is all.

  5. I'm totally going to make out in front of you now.