Friday, December 16, 2011

A minor aside...

Do you remember that episode of the Office called "Drug Testing" (season 2)? In it, Michael Scott says "I hate drugs, I hate them." Okay, so that's a really short thing to remember, but I've seen that episode like 15 times. ANYway, I feel that way about computer viruses. I just hate them.

To back up, last night little Quinn got attacked by some kind of stupid virus thing. It completely confunded avast!, slowed things down and kept my Internet from working, even after a boot scan took care of a few files. I wound up doing a system restore and so far that seems to have fixed the problem. But it is so so so annoying to me that instead of working on the things I planned to do last night I had to instead do a bunch of scans and restarts and fussing, all because some girl with a lip ring (see the aforementioned episode) made this stupid virus.

Anyway. This vexes me, but in the interest of ending on a positive note, here's a gif.


  1. Don't worry, she seems to be perking right up! By the time you sit down at her again she should be ready to respond to your every whim.

    Also, to that .gif... HA HA HAAA. Oh that Harry, so self-conscious.

  2. Fact: In 29 years of having Apple computers in my home, there have been zero virus incidents.