Thursday, March 08, 2012

I'd Rather Kiss a Wookiee

Since I made mention on this blog of when Frank Frazetta died, I thought it only fair that I mention Ralph McQuarrie, who passed away on March 3rd.  He was a concept artist for a number of science fiction projects, but his most notable (and first) work was for the original Star Wars trilogy.  Does any of this look familiar? 
You can read more about his influence in those movies via the link above, but in short, many of the designs were his, including Darth Vader and his breathing apparatus, and his  concept art helped get funding from the studios to make A New Hope.  He didn't work on the prequel trilogy (he was "out of steam"), but it's interesting to wonder how things might have looked with his involvement.  

As a teenager, I checked out The Illustrated Star Wars Universe many times from the library, and if you're interested in Ralph McQuarrie or Star Wars, I highly recommend it.  It showcases various planets in a tour guide sort of way, but of course it's worth a look just for the art.  My very favorite painting in the whole book comes from the section on Alderaan.  Every time I look at this painting I just want to crawl inside it and live there.  Doesn't it look so warm and green and peaceful?

I think it's time to make a trip to the library.


  1. ....I too spent some quality time with those paintings, although I don't think that book was out yet when I was obsessively into Star Wars.

  2. Comrade, it still amazes me that you were into Star Wars! It seems so...not you? I mean, it's not even British, haha.

  3. That Alderaan looks kind of like Naboo. I can just imagine giant unwieldy creatures frolicking on it and an awkward couple rolling 'round in the fields.