Thursday, February 21, 2013


...I'm reading Divergent and it's all dystopian and dramatic and what have you.  So far, there are these three teenage main characters, but I don't think my mental pictures of them are *quite* what the author had in mind.

For instance, Beatrice, the main character.  She comes from a simpler society and wears her hair in a braid, with loose clothing.  This is what I've got in my head:

And then there's Al (Al? Really?).  If you wanted to be cliche about it, you'd call him a gentle giant.  Big and broad but he cries into his pillow at night.  You know, someone like this:

Lastly, Christina.  She's a bit mouthy (or honest, if you prefer) and knows how to use eyeliner.  And she's got chin-length black hair, "pinned back with silver clips."  You know where I'm going with this:

So far, reading Divergent feels a little bit like reading this:
There's even a make over involved!  And of course you know how I'm picturing Four, the angsty dreamboat (staple of the YA novel):

Get it?  Get it, guys??  Because he IS Number Four!  Oh ho, my wit.  

Just kidding.  This is really how I picture Four:

(Is this all a sign that I've watched the same fifteen minutes of Mean Girls on TV too often?) 


  1. Whaaaa? A YA novel being in any way unoriginal?? ;) :*

  2. Hahahaha.... this is pretty much awesome!