Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Life Lately, in Pictures...

...plus some words.

A crib!  In a box!  The best place for a crib to be!

 Browniesssssssss (husband made!).

 Our Speck stash!  Lest anyone think we are actually prepared.
(Yes, those are girl outfits...they are the product of my niece's prediction)

 These are my friends.

I...will maybe explain these later.

And here is a series of pictures that my Mama has been asking for:

 I'm just ready to burst...

 Awwww, a baby pillow!  Just what I always wanted!

 Okay, there's the real thing.  Oof!  I don't really feel big until I see pictures of myself...
 Then Drew made me take one of those sideways, tummy cradling pictures.  I felt kind of stupid but I guess I also felt obliging. 

(For anyone keeping score, I hit the 28 week mark today.  ...!!!!)

This is not a picture per se, but it has been going on lately, ever since I finally got the Hobbit soundtrack on my iPod last week.  I know--me, binging on a song?  Wacky.  It's grown on me so much and suits the movie so well.

(In case the video doesn't show up, you can go here to listen)

Ah ya ya ya!


  1. Hooray!! These are among the first pregnancy pictures you have posted! You should really be sure to take lots, because after not being pregnant you really forget what it was like, and like to look back.

    And those brownies look SO good.

  2. Aww! You are beyond cute! I can't wait to come see you and pat your tummy! Thanks for posting the pictures :)

  3. Love the belly! And the brownies!

  4. What a beautiful pillow baby! I'm one proud father.