Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crafts are for Babies! (pt. 3)

I followed up my first sewing effort with an infinitely easier project!  I wanted to sew something for the Speck so I could later say "Hey, you, don't spit up on that nice thing I made for you!"  I hunted around the internet's tutorials but never found anything easy enough suitable.  So I gave up on that for a while, until I happened across a super easy tutorial for a super easy blanket (showing here).  And what can I say, it was as super easy as it looked! 


(Sometimes when I just glance at those little whales I think their red cheeks are eyes and they look scary.  I'm sure the Speck will be wiser than me.)

There is some question as to who this blanket belongs too...but I must say that I had the first nap with it.  Tis cozy. 

Consider this a sneak peek into our maritime/aquatic/oceanic airlines themed room for the Speck.  And by "themed" I mean it has things in it that made us say "Hey, it's oceany!  Let's get that one." 


  1. Very cute! How fun to make something for Speck yourself!

  2. so cute! I totally laughed when i read, "hey baby, dont spit up on that nice things i made you" i can perfectly picture you saying it! :) cant wait to meet the speck cuddle in his adorable and cozy blanket from his sweet mama :)

  3. So crafty these days :) I love them all- and it's funny cause I have a craft blog coming up next! Such cute blushing whales :)

  4. It is ever so cozy! I can attest to this. And The Speck will love it so! It looks perfect in the crib.