Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Leaf Baby

My scrumptious little Babycakes turned an illustrious four months old on Saturday.  He is getting more fun all the time (though I will confess to missing his tiny, fresh baby stage sometimes).  *sigh*

He also had his doctor's visit today, which confirmed the fact that he is growing like a weed and is very healthy.  It also confirmed the fact that he does not like shots.  But we learned from last time and gave him some medicine before the appointment and hopefully by keeping him dosed up the rest of the day we can avoid the evening meltdown this time.  Anyway, back to weed growing, he is currently 27 inches long (97%!), 16.27 lbs (76%) and his head percentile is 56%.  So he's about doubled his birth weight, and I think the only reason he doesn't look like a big ball of baby fat is because he is so long.

Here are some things he has been up to over the last month:

More Seven Peaks time!  Now that he's big enough for swim diapers, I think pool time is going to be even more fun.

Sleeping on his binky.  Ah, so comfy.

He loves to survey the land from atop my legs.

 Still loving his caterpillar friend.

 He's GENERALLY happy.

He does his best to squish his Pops.

 He wears out-of-season jammies...

...and does not approve.

He sits on his throne with his Sovereign's Orb.

He always sleeps at night in his crib and takes most of his naps there too, but I can't resist a snuggle nap sometimes...
...especially because it means I get to see expressions like this.  Hello, little old turtle face.

Step 1: Get something in hands.  Step 2: Put in mouth.  Step 3: Repeat.

Sometimes he and his wee-er cousin have the same outfits.  They also share an interest in the Sovereign's Orb.  

Sometimes no one smiles for the camera.

Sometimes he folds himself in half AND eats my finger at the same time.

Here are just some cute pictures, no additional explanation necessary:

Other tidbits from this month: He puts everything in his mouth.  He had his first sniffles but was happy throughout.  He gets a bit overstimulated sometimes and doesn't always like to be held by anyone but me or Drew (it's flattering to me, but a bummer for other wannabe holders).  He giggles a lot, sometimes for no apparent reason.  He still really loves bath time (see also: giggling).  He grew out of size 1 diapers.  We started going to the baby storytime at the library and he enjoys it?  I dunno, he's there and that's about the extent of his reaction.  Over the last few weeks he has really settled into a routine of: three or four naps a day, asleep in bed by 8:00, dream feed around 11:00 and then waking up once around 4-5:00 to eat, then back asleep until 7:30 or so.  I can dig it, baby.  

Anyway, the gist of this is that he is more fun all the time and is getting more aware of the world every day.  He recognizes things, chats and sings and is generally very happy most of the time.  Our battle with cradle cap continues and after a long hiatus, he started rolling again on Saturday.  Hey baby, you grow so good, baby.

Whew.  Well, that was a long update.  Maybe I should blog about him more than once a month??  Oh all right, if I insist.  

(Yes!  I do.) 

(Okay, one more.)
(Fine, two.)

(The end.)


  1. I loved this post so much!!! I never wanted the pictures to end! Luckily the subjects of them (if not me) are at my immediate right in the bouncy seat and at my immediate downstairs on the couch. Anyway, yes, great update, I probably don't even need to do one myself now.

  2. What a fun update! He has such a documented life! He's becoming more like himself all the time, too.

  3. I loved ever picture of it, I mean every sentence of it :) He is adorable, and that smile, seriously could he be any cuter?