Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The Poppy is two months old!  Let me answer the most pressing question first: NO, there is still no sign of cradle cap.  I am happy about this every single day.  I love her dark hair so much.  Lately it seems to be growing in lighter and she has these sparkly, light roots, but we'll see how it shakes out in the end.

Aside from this great accomplishment of no cradle cap, she continues to be a delightful, happy baby in her second month.  We are so lucky to have had such happy babies.  She is snuggly and cute, happy to observe the world and always ready to give a smile.  Seriously, she is so smiley and coo-y and it is so cute.  Cute cute cute.  Did I mention that she's cute?

Not her most active tummy time...
She's spent the last month getting bigger and LONGER.  At her check up yesterday she weighed 11.56 pounds (70%), her head measured 15.6 (69%) and she measured 25 inches long.  That's 100% for height!  And not that percentiles are the end all be all, but hey, how often does a baby hit 100% right on the nose?  

(Honestly I have no idea how often that happens.  Hey, maybe it happens all the time.)

After saying last month that she had settled into a pattern of waking up at 4 AM, she immediately worked to prove me wrong.  More often these days she wakes up around 2:30, but you never know for sure.  After the second time she wakes up--between 5-7, depending on the first wake up--she usually winds up sleeping next to me until 7:30.  This never happened with the Speck, but it works this time so I'm going with it.  Even though sometimes she flails around and hits me in the face (a lot).  

My morning view.

Speaking of the Speck, I think he loves her more than ever.  He's always ready to pop her binky back in or sit next to her.  Also squeal really loud in her face.  He loves to sit with her on the chair and has tried to pick her up a few times (emphasis on "tried").  Lately in the morning he comes up to her, squats down to her level and says "Hi, baby!"  

Matching expressions

This month we also had her blessing day, but that will get its own post because THE PICTURES.  Oh man.

Hey!  Speaking of pictures...

One of my favorites from this month.

Oh those kids.

What can I say?  I like that boy, and I like that girl.

I like it all!

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