Thursday, February 18, 2016


First, the answer to the big question: no new teeth this month.  

I wish I could say that that means she's slept through the night 100% of the time, but she still likes to get up in the wee hours now and then.  I don't mind too much though really.  And she does go to bed happily by herself.

Just a little static... 

Naps are getting a bit better.  She still doesn't like going to sleep on her own, but she will usually oblige me by falling asleep with me pretty quickly.  The times I have gotten her to sleep on her own for naps she will wake up after 20 minutes or so, caterwauling.  So at this point I am fine with rocking her to sleep...

(How could I mind this??)

She loves her food.  In fact, she loves it so much she sometimes whines through all of dinner because she is not getting it fast enough.  Favorite foods are still bread, bananas and cheese.  If she sees that I have cheese for her, she will often reject everything until she gets it.  I understand, my girl.  The cheese love is strong in you.

The big event of the month is that she started waving and it is super cute.  Still no clapping, but she has gotten very good at playing peek a book, which is also super cute.  She's also gotten ticklish and giggly and loves to be chased.  She will zoom away on all fours, shrieking.

Other favorite things: books, cars, puzzle pieces and anything she can play peek a book with.  Animals also delight her and she will squeak at them with delight.  This month she and Mr C have been cracking each other up so much and it is fun to watch.  I can't wait until she starts trying to say his name.

I think I can say now that she will say "mama" intentionally these days.  She often says it as she crawls onto my lap at least.  Otherwise she just babbles all day and while she doesn't say words, I think I can hear repeated sounds that she seems to associate with people.  Like in the morning when she hears Mr C or at night when the garage door opens.

What else can I say?  She is just a beautiful baby, with a happy, funny manner.  

And I can't believe she's going to be one in just a few weeks ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!