Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sunset Station

I just took the first final of the season. I guess it was okay, but I'll find out for sure on Monday.

This probably isn't surprising, but I'm getting kind of tired of these bugs crawling all over my window. They always seem to get inside my room and crawl where I do not want them. I'm also kind of tired of seeing them mate on my window too. I mean, don't they realize that everyone can see them? No sense of decency in bugs these days.

I was reading some of my old blogs the other day and I used to impart a lot more upcoming movie info. So, here's some taste of the old blog flavor:
-In a sign of the Apocalypse, writers are now working on a Baywatch movie.
-On May 7th, Chamber of Secrets is airing on TV along with the first clip of Goblet of Fire! (That makes up for the Baywatch news)
-Bruce Willis has that the only Die Hard that has any "merit" is the first one. My question is: why did he do the others?
-I won't deny that I want to see Kingdom of Heaven. I guess that counts as news.

In another toast to the old blogs, I have a fan fiction sound byte for the day. It's from a super sweetbees fic about Hermione and Draco getting together after Hermione becomes a skank. I mean gets a makeover.

Ginny and Hermione changed clothes and went to Hogsmeade. They went to "Sophania's wardrobe" and there were lots of trendy muggle clothes.

Ginny and Hermione exchanged excited looks and started choosing. Hermione chose tube tops, spaghetti strapped shirts, sleeveless shirts, mini skirts and shorts, plus a black evening gown for the end-of-year ball. She bought them all and started wearing one of the mini shorts and tube tops. Ginny bought mini dresses, low-cut jeans and sleeveless shirts. She also started wearing them too.

They held large shopping bags and walked to the "Shoes for girls like me" shop. They each chose three pairs of shoes. Hermione bought high heel boots , high heel slippers and sneakers. Ginny bought boots, slippers. Hermione started to put on the high heel slippers, Ginny also.

After that, one thing was left. Their hair. They went to "The Girls Hair Salon". Hermione straightened her hair and dyed it blond and streaks of black and brown. Ginny dyed her hair light brown and trimmed an inch. They walked out and people started looking at them, trying to figure out who they were."

I don't even know where to start about that.

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  1. You've got bugs in your brain. and Hermione is just expressing herself in new and trendy ways. She does have a muggle parent, you can expect not to feel the pull of her muggle roots for trendy muggle clothing and tube tops.