Sunday, April 10, 2005

Blog to Infinity

I was planning to be the first back on the blog bandwagon and I got outfoxed.

I had some chow mein tonight. It was the best chow mein I have had in the history of my entire existence and I liked it so much I took two hours to eat it. I followed it up with the best water ever and threw in some best ever Cheetos too. The memory of that chow mein will keep me going. Mmm.

I watched Ninja Turtles this morning, as usual. Bishop got impaled on a hook, which was pretty rad. But somehow he got off and escaped again. Clearly the man has some kind of superhuman getting-off-the-hook abilities. My strange fascination called W.I.T.C.H. has disappeared so I didn't get my Saturday morning anime fix, alas.

So I caught some I Want a Famous Face tonight about a girl who "always had a passion for acting." I don't know what kind of movies she wants to be in though since she's planning to break into the biz through Playboy. That's not a passion for acting that's a passion for getting attention. So, this led me to a conclusion. 95% of new actresses don't want to be actresses, they just want to be celebrities. So now more than ever, the future of serious film lies in Bollywood.

Sad news. I checked out Ebay to scope out the elusive and awesome Unleashed Boba Fetts. Apparently he is the Harley Quinn of the Unleashed world because the man is going for $100. So far my solution is to say to the world: if you ever corner the elusive Boba Fett in a store, buy him. I will not only pay you back but will also give you a sticker.

I think I need more best ever water and possibly some crazy fun Star Wars pop-tarts.


  1. Yeah, that's right. You got outblogged by the blogking. Sweetbees.

  2. Are you going to watch WITCH? I can get you all the WITCH fiction for cheap.

  3. That would be super sweetbees. Then I would know what was going on.