Sunday, February 12, 2006

Copley Copley Copley

John Singleton Copley is great. We've spent a lot of time together recently. That's his half-brother, Henry Pelham, on the right. Nice kid, had an ear problem and died in an accidental drowning years later. This was painted in late 1765, the third portrait of that year to include a squirrel. Of course, at the time squirrels were pets and were emblems that signified patience. But of course this no mere portrait; heck, it wasn't even commissioned. No, it done by and for Copley himself and sent off to England to impress Sir Joshua Reynolds (oops- Mr. Reynolds didn't know what that animal was). This is one of two profile portraits Copley did the entire time he lived in the colonies (until 1774). Yeah, we've been spending a lot of time together. (I love that pink satin, I really do.)

In other news, I have a three-headed Fluffy bobblehead that keeps me company. I also have a box of drumsticks that will keep me company later. I saw some good movies this weekend called Big Trouble in Little China and The 'Burbs. They're both crazy and funny at the same time. This weekend I also made a little set of legs from a hershey kiss wrapper. They stand up and everything. They're kind of like a Copley mascot, just like me.

Well, to round all this out, here's the requisite Harry Potter discussion. Current casting: how much longer do we have to wait for young Lupin and Sirius to be cast? Speaking of OOTP, will Grawp be included? Wouldn't it be lovely if that whole plotline were completely bypassed? Heck, they can just cut Hagrid out of the whole movie and I won't complain. Back to the discussion, I'm happy to hear the dementor attack is going to be in the movie because that part was pretty good. In book news, why why why why does Peter have that silver hand? It's got to be important because, you know, it's a silver hand. He's not going to kill Lupin with it, we know that much. But he has to do something with it. Maybe Voldemort will take it back or maybe Peter will donate it to charity.

Speaking of which, it's Valentine's Day this week, which is always exciting. It's going to be pretty exciting this year, featuring appearances by the chocolate drumsticks and The Lion King. As for now, Copley calls.


  1. That bobblehead is a grit. Do yourself a favor and make like a tree and Friends Forever.

  2. i found this blog interesting :) really, i did. the 1 question though is who would YOU cast as a young Serious and Lupin?