Monday, June 19, 2006

Quaker with a Vengeance

"They are fighting Quakers; they are Quakers with a vengeance." Moby Dick was the last book I expected to find this line in. Ever since all I can think of is this: Is this where the idea came from for the name Die Hard with a Vengeance? Is this the first instance of X with a vengeance? Has anyone done any research on this? Today I read a blurb that said Moby Dick was great except that it needed 70 chapters edited out. These are the sort of things that make me lose respect for people.

I just ignored a HP theory that referred to "Serveus Snape." That's what we call a warning bell that this theory is not going to be very good. Speaking of good, I'm watching Scary Movie 3 on tv right now, and it's just so dumb and funny. "The dogs are acting weird!" Hahahahah. Comedies are always better when they're spoofs. Speaking of funny and Harry Potter, this is a good site. I bet there's some real gold in those title executions.

I remember when I saw this movie the first time. Gosh, this movie is funny. I think I ate pistachio ice cream and phish food ice cream too. Probably some cherry limeade IBC soda, which is one of the best soda flavors ever. That was a good night. I haven't had any of those things for a while. I'm hungry and I don't want to go to work tomorrow because it just bites. Teenage boys are a pill. A big messy pill.

Speaking of pills, I'm out of Advil. Donations of any size would be welcomed.

"The Sad Green Eyes of the Boy Who Lived"...That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

"Harry Potter and the TimeTurning Hippogriff"...I knew JK Rowling could have done more with Buckbeak.

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