Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Whomping Willow

I just finished watching Prisoner of Azkaban (which I haven't watched in AGES but I think may be in my top favorite movies) and I had a thought towards the end. As we all know, JK Rowling has said that that movie has foreshadowings/clues/etc. in it about future books, and occasionally I try to figure out one of them. Besides the prominent crow population, I haven't found anything. BUT tonight I had a little idea. So, it was at the part when the Lupinwolf tries to attack the trio and Snape is blocking but is knocked aside. A lot of people read that as Snape will save Harry! but I just don't think Snape is that good. Maybe he will, but anyway that's besides the point. What I was thinking is maybe Lupin will kill Snape and here is why that would be cool: James and Sirius were the main Snape tormentors and Snape has outlasted both of them. Wouldn't it be cool if Lupin, the "nice" Marauder, was the one who finished Snape off in the end? It would be so ironic. Of course unless Snape turns out to really be a traitor, I don't know why Lupin would kill him. But anyway, it was a thought. On a related note, I hope Lupin doesn't die (unless the alternative is a Tonks marriage) but if he does I hope both Peter and Snape die as well. It just wouldn't be fair if either of them (Snape or Peter) outlasted the last true Marauder. It also wouldn't be fair if ALL the Marauders were dead. Anyway.

In other news, everyone is out of town now so it's kind of boring around here. And I don't want to go to class tomorrow. Though there are only two weeks of class left so it can't be that bad right? Except I have an oral in French on Tuesday and that will be potentially bad. But hopefully good. We'll see.

In other news...I guess that's all the news really. Oh, the good news is that I got chocolate brownie ice cream yesterday and it's super tasty. I've already eaten too much of it. And I started Return of the King today which is exciting. I think I may read all the Harry Potters again when I finish it. Anyway, I think I want some more ice cream now.


  1. I enjoyed your ideas on the foreshadowing of the Harry Potter/Snape end of all things. If you would please incorporate more of your musings like this one into future posts, I would be much obliged. Great ideas, seriously, I hope that no matter what, we all feel much much much amounts of closure of all the topics in Ms. Rowlings world.

  2. Why do you hate Tonks so much?