Wednesday, August 09, 2006


My blogging rate always goes up when I have a paper to write. I just can't suck it up and do it without being distracted. *sigh* It's going okay, I guess. I don't feel very organized, probably because I'm not. Blogging right now...probably doesn't improve that. My fingers are itchy for a pencil and my sketchbook but instead they have to go to work in the Egyptian slave trade.

*sigh* I really don't like deviantART's new layout. It's so...BIG and the information/links are harder to get to. I liked the neat little boxes of thumbnails with all of the other links at the top in that nice box. It makes me want to spend less time there. Equally vexing is when good artists disappear. It's so sad to not see what things they could come up with. I wonder if I did commissions if anyone would pay me anything. Not that I even have an account or that anyone's even seen anything of mine.

I was walking with a ghost in Paris today and her name was Antigone. And she's the most irritating little Greek brat I've ever had to read about. I don't care about the canon elements of tragedy or existentialism. She's dumb and that's really all there is to it. Pffft on dumb Greek girls in French plays.

This is kind of a negative blog. Let's find something nice to talk about. I'm looking forward to wearing a headband tomorrow and maybe wearing my ROCK THE LIBRARY! t-shirt since I haven't worn it yet. Then coming home from class and slaving over The Paper until the wee hours. And then going to French. And then going to the Last Day of Work! And then slaving over French. And then watching What not to Wear. And then going to bed. And then watching the angry-fying TMNT Fast Forward. Followed by a French test. Followed by a French paper. Followed by beaucoup de questions. Hopefully interspersed with the zoo? *sigh*

I think it's really dumb how people add "le" or "la" in front of words. "Le sigh" Why would you write that? And why do people write "teh"? Haha, funny typo for like .005 seconds. Whatever. People write dumb things with keyboards.

Oh yes, something good. Let's see. Oh, I did eat a vanilla drumstick a while ago. That was good. And I had a dream about some international mystery with clues in letters from Russia, Keane song titles and skylines of national monuments. I'm not sure what these clues were adding up to though. This dream also involved a small plane flying on the streets and a break dancing baby. You can't make this stuff up.

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