Monday, August 07, 2006

The Bad Beginning

This is a pretty small image but it's what I'm going to be writing my research paper on right now. It's hard to see the details but all of the animals are painted in a very realistic way while the people are painted in the traditional Egyptian way (though more natural than in previous years). Why is this? I don't know but hopefully I will have some idea by the time I finish the paper.

Anyway, so here I am, working or something. Well, I haven't started yet except making an outline and titling my paper "Nebamun and the Kumquat of Power." I have exactly five classes left until graduation, a week left of classes, a week until I pick up my robes (I love saying robes because it sounds like a Harry Potter reference) and less than twenty days left in Utah.

In other news, I am really upset about this new Fast Forward TMNT show. First I'm confused. Is this replacing the regular series for a season? If so, why? It's kind of weird because the voices are the same but there's a new opening and Leonardo doesn't have his attitude or shell damage. And the animation is like 10% simplified and all of the characters are exaggerated. The whole thing is sillier. It's so disappointing. I want my regular series back! I want to know where they were going on that leaky boat. I want to know what happens with those elemental guys. *sigh*

On a related note, Half-blood Prince will be out on November 21, 2008. Sweet! Which would mean the last movie would be out in the summer of 2010. That's a crazy number. Well, I suppose this paper isn't going to write itself. Maybe You Know Who would write it for me.

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