Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lots of Important Things

I started rereading The Prestige again last night. It is good. I think it's cool how the movie kept the same kind of story but tweaked it into something different. I also read a truly abysmal Star Wars novel last week and it was so wretched that it's put me off the genre. I was also unfortunate enough to read another by the same author and it wasn't very good either. So, clearly, the man needs to go back to writing fanfix. If he does this, he should not use the word 'genuflect' so often just because most people probably do not know what that means.

I was thinking about writing a fanfiction the other day. I was thinking of this as an alternative to coloring arts, since I can't do that now, but then I remembered that I typically write things on my computer. It's been so long since I've had to share computer space that thinking about it makes me paranoid or something. I am thinking this is probably an irrational reaction on my part.

I watched the Best of Masterpiece Theater today and was kind of surprised at the top 12. I guess I expected more recent ones to come up, but probably just because I haven't seen any earlier than 1980 and any before 1995 are pretty rare. I was glad to see Bleak House come in so highly. And Guppy won for best scene stealer! Woo hoo for Guppy! I already have plans to, whenever I should get it, name my next laptop Mr. Guppy. It has a nice ring to it. I keep thinking I should name my mouse too, because it seems like it would like one. It may be jealous of the iPadlet having a name (Harvey).

The point is that I have still not seen Blade Runner but I remain thoroughly intrigued.


  1. The real point is that your computer is broken and it was your greed and lust for power that did you in, just like the Romans and the androids.

  2. But you named her Vera!

    I was really sad that I missed the Best of Masterpiece Theater. I keep hoping that it'll turn up somewhere on DVD because there's nothing I love more than a list. Except perhaps Mr. Guppy.

  3. Don't watch Blade Runner. I was similarly interested, so I watched it, and it was boring as Hell. Seriously lame. Don't watch it! Or maybe watch it, you might like it even though I didn't. Who knows.