Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lots of Movies

I've watched a good number of movies this week, most of which I haven't seen. Here's how they stack up:

Marie Antoinette: Better than I expected, less MTV-ish than I expected, the last half hour was the best.

Stranger than Fiction: Very good. Good acting, good story. It's kind of low-key and not as laugh-out-loud funny that I assumed it would be.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Good popcorn movie. For pure fun entertainment, the best of the week.

The Island: Some good, some not so good. Djimon Honsou cool as always. It seemed like it wanted to be more intellectual and thought-provoking than it actually was.

I think I saw something else but now I can't remember. I still haven't watched Blade Runner, alas. I need some more future-set movies. The Island didn't deliver enough on that score. Fortunately, Fifth Element is in the itinerary for Sunday. Hurray for meat popsicles!


  1. I can't believe you watched The Island over Blade Runner. I bet even Ewan wouldn't have done that.

  2. I didn't like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It's too bad, since I'm a fan of Brad Pitt. I think most guys are turned off by him because so many girls think he's hot that they're embarrassed to admit they're fans, but let's face it, he's an amazingly talented actor. Fight Club settled any last doubts I may have had.

    I want to see Stranger than Fiction, but I've been turned off big time by Will Farrell movies. Such a disappointment after he was so hilarious in Zoolander, not to mention SNL. Maybe I'll rent it someday.

    Fifth Element is very cool (I'm glad you recommended that to me way back when). Don't see Blade Runner, it's overrated and boring. If you really want to see a great future-set movie, watch Children of Men. If the language and violence aren't too much for you, the storyline is incredible as is the acting, and it's one of the most moving... movies I've ever seen. It's now tied with Serenity and Fight Club for my favorite all-time movie.