Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why is Obi-Wan Wearing my Bathrobe?

Sometimes I'm accused of not liking funny things, but I do actually like funny things a lot. I like them a lot more than backrubs or corn tortillas. Here are a few of the funny things I like:

X-Men: Last Standing Ovation

Jeeves and Wooster: "Minne the Moocher"

Star Wars Episode 3 MTV Movie Award Spoof

See? Funny!


  1. Jeeves!!!! That's one of my favorite clips too.

  2. Just a warning: I will probably comment on every single one of your posts. I really have nothing better to do. So look forward to plenty of sometimes lengthy comments to read!

    The X-Men clip doesn't work! That Jeeves thing was pretty funny, I've never seen any of that before. Now I have something new to look up.

    I love the Jimmy Fallon Star Wars clip! That movie was so awful that I tell my friends that all you need is that parody, it's more worthwhile than the movie by far. "Did you hear me say I like The Notebook? Because I don't!"

    Here's another clip for you:

  3. You can comment all you like. I may not respond to ALL of them, but I'll read them all!

    Jeeves and Wooster is so lovely and British! I just discovered it this past year myself.

    And yes, that Star Wars spoof is one of my favorite MTV movie spoofs. It makes me laugh everytime.

    And did you hear me say I like Episode 3? Because I do! A lot. Heh heh.

  4. Naturally, I wouldn't expect replies to all. I just don't want you to think "yech, he's stalking me on my blog!" I'm just so bored, and your blog is very entertaining, and it's nice to catch up with an old friend. It's also nice to have some more summer reading; between Heinlein, your blog and a couple others, I should be able to keep myself busy!

    It's okay that you liked Episode III. I'm the only one in my family who didn't, and I really, really didn't. The entire prequel trilogy felt to me like very bad fan fiction. But I don't want to take away your enjoyment of it.

    I must warn you, I'm very good at backflips!