Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The End of Days

School days, that is. At approximately 2:45 AM today I finished my last assignment.* Last week my last class was scheduled for Friday afternoon, and it was going to be with my favorite SLIS professor. My very first class was with him so it seemed like such a lovely way to bookend my graduate experience. I was guaranteed to have a great last class with doodling, funny things from M. and probably some good librarianish information to boot. But it was not to be! On Thursday afternoon he sent an e-mail that said he was cancelling class for health reasons.

So instead of my last lovely class with M., my Tuesday class became my last class and I had spent that class Facebooking and not paying attention to presentations. That was my last academic experience? Not a note taken? Not a single doodle drawn? All I have to show for it is a few photo comments on Facebook and chat records. Sad. I feel a little incomplete about it still. Where's my closure? I guess I will get that on Saturday afternoon when I get to wear my $80 rented robes and get a yellow (yellow! *grumble*) tassel. I'm sure I'll blog again about the conclusion to my long affair with the academic world when I have pictures of myself as an official librarian, but it seemed like I should mark these occasions too. Well, as Norrington would say, consider them marked.

*My emotions on that project are a little mixed...I'm glad it's done and I'm relieved that I don't have to act like I care about it anymore. I'm also a little peeved at myself not realizing part of it was supposed to be done and turned in a few weeks ago...d'oh!.** A few years ago I think I would have cried when I figured that out, but I seem to have matured. Or something.

** In my defense, this date was not on the syllabus or anywhere else, except a form that I didn't even need to fill out or anything.


  1. Class is over, whether or not it was memorable. Revel in that! And congratulations on finishing grad school, my stars. And just be glad your tassel isn't brown! WTH?

    And although I was surprised, I had to enjoy your refreshing change in blogpost title format.

  2. I hope M feels well enough to attend graduation! Now that you've mentioned the idea of saying goodbye to him one last time, I think I will feel the same way you did if I don't see him then.

  3. Phewf! Just be glad it's over. I'm pretty sure my last class days were pretty non-academic. I always feel bad about not quite finishing a project I worked on as a research assistant. I was engaged, I gave up. Whatev.