Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stuff: It's Happening

How funny is it that I'm getting married in about 2.5 weeks? Pretty funny. Anyway, after spending many an hour on craigslist for the past month or so, we finally found a place to live! And better yet, we got a contract and we signed it and we're moving into it in a few weeks. (As opposed to finding a place and wanting a contract but not getting it until weeks later because why would a manager want people to fill out contracts and rent their properties? Right?)

We looked at a lot of places, and we took pictures of quite a few of them (sadly there are no pictures of the Tiniest Studio Ever). So, here are some pictures of three places. Can you guess which one we got?

Place #1:

Place #2:

Place #3:


  1. It's like House Hunters!! I love to guess. Sadly, I know the answer now. DANG backwards posts!

  2. I can guess. The one in the middle.