Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things: We Do Them

I know, I know, I'm really going to write a post about the Titanic exhibit but first I want to do this one, since I've been plotting it for weeks now. Onward.

So, as you are all probably aware, much of the dating period for me and Drew consisted of webcams, phonecalls and heaps o' pining. And while long distance does allow for plenty of conversation and games of Solitaire Showdown, there are a lot of things that are impossible or not the same (watching the same movie at the same time is not the same as watching it together, this we learned three times over). Now that I've been here for a few months we've had some time to fill in some gaps. I like to think we're balancing out all the unconventional aspects of our relationship with a bunch of normal, everyday activities. For example:

We go to the dentist.

We read books.

We shop at the local Walmart.

We exercise and get really sweaty.

We work in our home office.*

We agonize over what to get from the blue Red Box.

We celebrate memorable occasions at memorable locations. (And drink too much root beer)

We enjoy cheap Chinese food while dressed in our finest (mmm,chow mein).
(I know, it's the same one. I just like the pictures. Look at that boy in argyle! So dreamy.)

Of course, we do a lot of other things together too like make pies (technically "pie"), patronize the local theater, go to movies, take walks, have thumb wars, play card games, flail over Half-Blood Prince and, as always, argue about who's prettier.

Not to mention things like buy lanterns for centerpieces, look at fancy cakes, discuss the necessity of guestbook pens, injure digits for love's sake and the like. My, what a busy summer it's been.

*All right, so technically we borrowed IKEA's home office. What else are we supposed to do when we have no home and no office?


  1. Yes, I see you are selling a few things in your office. You must've been hit by this bad ecomony. Well, I was wondering if I could buy some items. Have any cribs?

    Also, who decided to make a redbox blue?

  2. Look at you, being all normal and brushing D-Rew's teeth for him! Hooray for normalcy and togetherness!

    And of course . . . "We have always lived in the castle. We have always lived in the castle. We have always. . . . "

  3. You have always lived in the castle!!!

  4. Yes, I'm glad you do things. Things are good.

  5. I finally remembered to add your blog to my bloglines feed and I am so glad! Now I can really get to know you through your fun and funny blog.

    These things remind me of the ones Jonny and I used to do while engaged. I have a picture of us brushing our teeth together, but not me brushing HIS teeth. You guys have way too much fun.

  6. Those are some great pictures! I love the blue Red Box, and the shopping for Hannah Montana stuff, haha. I almost bought a Hannah Montana notebook to use as my field notebook for my geology field camp class just for a joke. I should have done it... Oh, and you should get a tripod so you don't have to bend so low to your food for a picture. ;)

    I skimmed that Twilight short version, it was very funny. I laughed very hard when I read the header "The Part Where the Plot Shows Up". Awesomeness.